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Your Questions About X100

May 31, 2012

Jenny asks…

Which Is A Better Camera? The Toshiba Camileo X100 or The Toshiba Camileo X200?

Please do not state other cameras like the Canon. I want to know the comparison of these 2. Which would you rather buy? Please answer, I HAVE SOMETHING SPECIAL FOR THE BEST ANSWER!

Administrator answers:

Toshiba Camileo X200. Definatley
The Toshiba Camileo X200 camcorder features 1920 x 1080p full HD video resolution, 16-megapixel interpolated stills and, honestly, it’s at a really good price. You can get them at target for $140.00

The X100 is $160.00 and is high resolution, but not HD. It’s battery life is also shorter, and it has a shorter shelf life.

I hope I helped

Mary asks…

Activia song with the girl x100 dancing ?

I’m searching the song in the activia yogurt ad. The one with the girl in white in multiple copies….

Administrator answers:

I’m not sure of the artist but it’s def a cover of Buddy Holly’s ‘Everyday’.

Michael asks…

My panasonic x100 cellphone says no network, doesn’t have a signal. Whats wrong?

I already went to differrent cellphone repair shops, and they do not know how to repair it.

Administrator answers:

Hi Rjen,

I think you answered your own question. If the repair shops can’t fix it then it is time for a new one.

Take the old phone to your cell phone provider. They will probably give you a low end refurb free.


Lisa asks…

How would u calculate this % Error= I(3.3- 2.7)I/ 2.7 x100% whats the answer?

i need this, i did it and got 0.22×100% which is 22% …i’m i right

Administrator answers:

Hai ghankid,

It depends on the reference value.

If the reference value is 2.7(i. E., if the actual value is 2.7 and the measured value is 3.3), you are right. In fact, it is 22.22222….%.

If the reference value is 3.3(i. E., if the actual value is 3.3 and the measured value is 2.7), then the error is 18.18181818….%.

Wish you an ERROR-free vouyage!!!!

Chris asks…

a question about the Toshiba Camileo X100 Full HD camcorder?

does anyone on YA know how to turn the audio recording level up on the camera when recording? the audio is extremely quiet when looking back at the clips, also the same goes for the zoom speed, its either really slow or none existent, thanks

Administrator answers:

Camcorder microphones are good to up to 4 or 5 feet away, then the drop off is quick and painful. Does this Camcorder have a mic input? If not, visit to get an idea what you need to do to get good audio on you videos. You need not get a big recorder like BR600, there are smaller ones out there. What the BR600 provides for me is it’s ability to transfer the audio file into a file my computer can understand. I can then mix that with video in my video editing program.

Maria asks…

how much would a 60′x100′ steal pole barn cost?

someday i want to buy some land out in the country build a huge pole barn and just kind of build rooms inside of it as I please!! Call it a pole-house if you will…

Anyway i was just wondering how much a standard rectangular pole barn of this size would cost??? I hear you can construct them yourself in a few weekends with the help of a few friend and a crain!


Administrator answers:

In WVa. It would run about $25,000. That includes a concrete pad.

Ken asks…

how to make yourself psychologically strong X100?

10 Points plus a big thank you.

Administrator answers:

It is to stay mentally strong 24/7. Block out what people think of you in your mind. Care less if you get in trouble;dont worry about it and move on. Be positive because it is what keeps our emotions stable. Being negative “clouds” the mind and makes emotions unstable. Care less what life throws at you and dont let life break you! Be hardworking and focus on your goals period. You ARE a champion. Gain confidence by trusting yourself. You CAN do anything if YOU put your mind to it.
Good Luck,

Paul asks…

do I need to buy lens hood and adaptor ring for the fuji x100?

I have ordered the camera. I am confused if I need to get ther lens hood or not. Does it help to produce the better image? And I would like to ask, if I attch the adaptor ring with filter on the lens…can it still fit the lens cap?? So I could use the lens hood whenever I want without taking the adpator ring in and out…

Administrator answers:

The lens hood stops lens flare and is useful as it stops light coming in from other places, so yes it will improve pictures but you will not be able to put the lens cap on while the hood/adapter ring are on, or be able to put it in the case. But the lens hood isn’t needed that much :) x

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