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Your Questions About X1 Tuning

September 30, 2012

John asks…

How is my Yu-Gi-Oh deck and would it be good enough to compete in a tournament?

I am a veteran YGO player who had stopped playing and got back into it. Unfortunately, I had to trade, and buy from friends and new boosters to get my deck. I feel it’s competable. What do you think? (By the way, the deck might look random and spararic but most attributes are Light, and most types Warrior/Dragon.
And, also please ignore all forbidden/limited cards. I will exchange those out later.

MAIN DECK: (60 Cards)
—Normal Monsters:—
Alien Shocktrooper (x1)
Beta The Magnet Warrior (x1)
Blue Eyes White Dragon (Old version) (x3)
Cyber-Tech Alligator (x1)
Elemental Hero Burstinatrix (x1)
Gagagigo (x1)
Red Eyes Black Dragon (x1)

—Effect Monsters—
Ancient Gear Gadjiltron Dragon (x1)
Armed Dragon LV5 (x1)
Black Luster Soldier – Envoy Of The Beginning (x1)
Crystal Beast Topaz Tiger (x1)
Cyber Dragon (x1)
Cyber Gymnast (x1)
Dark Driceratops (x1)
D.D. Assailant (x1)
Destiny HERO – Diamond Dude (x1)
Destiny HERO – Plasma (x1)
Eclipse Wyvern (x1)
Elemental Hero Bladedge (x1)
Elemental HERO Prisma (x1)
Goggle Golem (x1)
Golem Sentry (x1)
Grasschopper (x1)
Herald of Creation (x1)
Jain, Lightsworn Paladin (x1)
Kaibaman (x1)
Lightpulsar Dragon (x1)
Man-Eater Bug (x1)
Morphtronic Clocken (x1)
Necro Gardna (x1)
Prime Material Dragon (x1)
Rump, Lightsworn Hunter (x1)
Top Runner (x1)
The White Stone of Legend (x1)
Call of The Haunted (x1)
Compulsory Evacuation Device (x1)
Destiny Signal (x1)
Enchanted Javelin (x1)
Negate Attack (x1)
Sakeretsu Armor (x1)
Thunder of Ruler (x1)
Wall of Revealing Light (x1)
Advanced Ritual Art (x2)
Black Pendant (x1)
Burst Stream of Destruction (x1)
Charge of The Light Brigade (x1)
Crystal Release (x1)
E-Emergency Call (x1)
Fissure (x1)
Heavy Storm (x1)
Inferno Fire Blast (x1)
Lightning Vortex (x1)
Lightwave Tuning (x1)
Monster Reborn (x1)
O-Oversoul (x1)

Black Luster Soldier (x2)
Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon (x1)
Lycanthrope (x1)
Black Rose Dragon (x1)
So how about it?

Administrator answers:

U don’t really need an answer :)

what u need is to go to the tournament, sit it out, and watch some games


then u’ll begin to understand how the competitive game side works

sry man but it’s too early/bad build to go for a tourney right now:)

ps: don’t take this the wrong way, but i’ve seen u asking questions and ur answers r all completely wrong to the core(that doesn’t mean that u r an idiot ofc, it just means that u’ve been away from the game for long propably). The only thing that i’ll tell u here is that bls – envoy of the beginning has been unbanned for quite a while now ;) hope u get adapted to the metagame soon ;D cheers man:D

Betty asks…

my Yugioh Beatdown Deck?

Please rate my deck

21 Monsters
Mobius the frost monarch x1
Junk sychron x1
Garoth, lightsworn summoner x1
D.D assailant x1
Necro gardna x1
The creator x1
Gladiator beast Andal x1
Marshmallon x1
Gemini Elf x1
Chaos sorcerer x1
Gear golem the moving fortress x1
Blade knight x1
Destiny hero defender x1
Brain golem x1
Gorz emissary of darkness x1
Breaker the magical warrior x1
Twin headed behemoth x1
Jain, lightsworn paladin x1
Raiza the storm monarch x1
Caius the shadow monarch x1
Kuraz the light monarch x1

Spell Cards 16
Brain control x2
Lightning vortex x2
Mage power x2
Natural tune x1
Lightwave tuning x1
Creature swap x1
Pot of avarice x1
Enemy controller x1
Heavy storm x1
Monster reborn x1
Scapegoat x1
Spell absorb x1
Mystical space typhoon x1

Trap cards 9
Draining shield x1
Trap Hole x1
Magical cylinder x2
Sakuretsu armor x2
Cemetary bomb x1
Radiant mirror force x1
Torrential tribute x1
Sorry i forgot to add a few cards and my synchro deck

Turbo synchron x1

Synchro deck
Black rose dragon
Tubro warrior
Stardust dragon
Red dragon archfiend
Sorry i forgot to add a few cards and my synchro deck

Turbo synchron x1

Synchro deck
Black rose dragon
Tubro warrior
Stardust dragon
Red dragon archfiend

Administrator answers:

Try to thin it out a little. You really need to add some spell and trap removal because MST is the only one i see in this deck. Or if u have them Dark Bribes or solemn judgment. BTW i see you are running Junk Synchron and Natural Tune but i dont see your synchro monster list

I can see it doing well

Sandy asks…

Please rate and improver my yu-gi-oh deck?

I got back into dueling for about a year my deck has been unbeatable and I was number 1 at my high school’s underground dueling. Then someone with a des frog deck beat me 3 times in a row sending monster back to my hand before I could obliterate him. So plz rate my deck suggest improvements, and also if you have a card I’m looking for and want to give it for free or trade for a card that’d be awesome! And quick brief:
My deck is a dragon friendly deck this ones weird though Instead of just brute force I made it to special summon powerhouses quicker and with synchros I can swarm the field easier and also can easily switch to defensive offensive or anything between
Total Deck: 49

Chaos Necromancer x1
Kuriboh x1
Turbo Booster x1
Winged Kuriboh x1
Sonic Chick x1
Majestic Dragon x1
The White Stone of Legend x3
Decoy Dragon x1
Quilltbolt Hedgehog x1
Sasuke Samurai x1
Spear Cretin x1
Synchron Explorer x1
Twin-Headed Behemoth x1
Junk Synchron x1
Masked Dragon x2
Shield Warrior x1
Trap Eater x1
Sand Moth x1
Debris Dragon x1
Spear Dragon x1
Herald of Creation x1
Mirage Dragon x1
Quickdraw Synchron x1
White-Horned Dragon x1
Blue Eyes White Dragon x3
Blue Eyes Shining Dragon x1
Winged Kuriboh LV 10 x1

Scrap-Iron Scarecrow x1
Torrential Tribute x1
Mirror Force x1
Starlight Road x1
Call of the Haunted x1
Urgent Tuning x1
Magic Jammer x1
Magic Cylinder x1

Scapegoat x1
Mystical Space Typhoon x1
Mausoleum of the Emperor x1
Trade-In x1
Pot of Avarice x1
Monster Reborn x1
Transcendent Wings x1
The Flute of Summoning Kuriboh x1
Polymerization x1

Extra Deck:
Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon x1
Formula Synchron x1
Junk Warrior x1
Turbo Warrior x1
Black Rose Dragon x1
Nitro Warrior x1
Junk Destroyer x1
Stardust Dragon x1
Majestic Star Dragon x1
Shooting Star Dragon x1

Pending till card for combo obtained: Future Fusion

Cards wanted: Five-Headed Dragon, Crimsion Dragon

Card Needed for combo:
Future Fusion (have)
Five-Headed Dragon (needed)

Thanks and plz only constructive comments. :)

Administrator answers:

Trap eater, winged kuriboh lv 10, and transcendent wings are dead draws especially in an almost 50 card deck. Add more dragons if you want future fusion and five-headed dragon to combo well. You REALLY need to make this deck 40 cards and cut down a little on the monsters. I used a simulator to try this deck against my disaster dragon deck, and your deck got eaten. Get more quillbolts, they’re good for synchros and get rid of Mausoleum of the Emperor or run 3 (not worth the space in my opinion). Get another stardust ESPECIALLY because it can’t special summon itself from the graveyard because it has to have been properly synchro summoned in order to special summon it out of the graveyard. Crimsion Dragon does not exist. If you meant Crimson Dragon, i need to slap you because it’s a character in yugioh 5ds, NOT A CARD. Notes when dueling your deck in a simulator:
-Nothing to really help get your Blue-Eyes out in one turn
-Never got Future Fusion
-Not enough dragons for when you do get Future Fusion
-Cards in your Graveyard almost never used (i suggest adding more junk synchrons along with quillbolts)
-Scapegoat only useful in stalling because tokens can’t be used to tribute summon a Blue-Eyes
-Almost never get needed spell or trap cards. Usually monsters that make a dead draw or ones that are will block 1 attack while the rest of my disaster dragon’s monsters wait to eat at your deck’s life points

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