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October 31, 2012

Charles asks…

How do you solve square root (x2-x1)squared + (y2-y1) squared for y1?

How do you solve square root (x2-x1)squared + (y2-y1) squared for y1?

Aka this is the distance formula. How do you solve for y1?

Administrator answers:

Let x2 = a; x1 = b; y2 = c; y1 = y; distance = d
solve for y

sqrt[(a-b)^2 + (c-y)^2] = d
(a-b)^2 + (c-y)^2 = d^2
(c-y)^2 = d^2 – (a-b)^2
c-y = sqrt[d^2 - (a-b)^2]
y = c – sqrt[d^2 - (a-b)^2]

Linda asks…

How do you solve square root (x2-x1)squared + (y2-y1) squared for y1?

Aka this is the distance formula. How do you solve for y1?

Administrator answers:

D = ?((x2 – x1)² + (y2 – y1)²)

Square both sides…

D² = (x2 – x1)² + (y2 – y1)²

Then, rearrange the terms to get…

D² – (x2 – x1)² = (y2 – y1)²
±?(d² – (x2 – x1)²) = y2 – y1


Y1 = y2 ± ?(d² – (x2 – x1)²)

Good luck!

Chris asks…

How much would a tattoo in the dimentions of 1″x1″ or so big cost?

I want to get a maple leaf in the style of the one on the Canadian flag on my neck.

inb4 it varies on the tattoo parlour.
I’m more than likely going to have it all red with a black outline.

Administrator answers:

It REALLY depends on a lot of things. Your location, the artist, etc. On average, a tat that small would be the minimum cost, if the tattoo parlor in question has one, and those tend to be $30-$100, depending on your city. Most places will give you a cost estimate for free (and take a small deposit that comes out of the total price to hold your appointment).

Paul asks…

How do I connect my Turtle Beach X1′s?

I want to get turtle beach X1‘s for my xbox 360. I am currently using an HDMI connection instead of composite cables. How can I keep my HDMI set up and get my headset connected?

Administrator answers:

The X1 connects to the stereo RCA (red/white) jacks on the XBOX. Some HD TVs have RCA audio jacks so you can connect the headset RCA plugs to these rather than to the XBOX AV cable. If your TV doesn’t have these, you need to connect the XBOX AV cable RCA jacks to the X1 and the XBOX connect the HDMI cable to the TV for HD Video.

If your XBOX AV cable covers the HDMI socket, you can buy the Microsoft AV cable that doesn’t cover it or break off the plastic cover on your cable. Search YouTube for “HDMI Xbox 360 adapter hack” for videos that show how to do this. Also search for “Turtle Beach HDMI” for videos on how to hook up your headset to the XBOX with HDMI.

Here are links to a couple of videos:

Helen asks…

In 6th grade (2 years ago) i came up with an alternate method to right triangle [(A+B)/2]x1.41=C Does it work?

So it is the average of A and B, times the square root of 2, i know it does not always work, so i am wondering when it does, (it does not work with one side at 10, and the other at 1). So if someone could tell me when it does work and when it doesn’t ,mathematically, that would be great.

Administrator answers:

The equation for finding the hypotenuse of a right angle triangle is (Pythagorans theroem)

a^2 + b^2 = c^2

(a^2 + b^2) ^1/2 = C

Comparing to your eq.

(A^2+ B^2) ^1/2 = [(A+B)/2] x 2^1/2

(A^2 + B^2)^1/2 = (A+B)/ (2^1/2)

square both sides (possible as both A and B are positive)
(A^2 + B^2) = [(A+B)^2]/2

2A^2+2B^2= A^2 + B^2 + 2AB
A^2 +B^2-2AB =0

Thus your eq is true whenever A=B (ie, equilateral right angle triangle)

Richard asks…

its right after x mas and im looking for the Turtle Beach x1 headphones and i cant find them anywhere?

i thought i’d easily find it online but still havent im asking for someone to lead me to a web site that has them in stock. that would be really helpful. also if you really want to help me you could tell me if the headphones could go through hdmi audio outputs or would you have to change it over to the red and white audio settings on x box 360? is that even possible? haha . thank you for your time.

Administrator answers:

If those are those huge headphones that block out sound i believe i saw them at best buy.

Ruth asks…

What is the partial derivative of 12 – x1^2 – (x2-x1)^2 with respect to x2?

Having a little trouble with these, been staring at them for too long!

And then what is the partial derivative of 12 -(1-x2)^2 – (x2-x1)^2 with respect to x1?

Administrator answers:

Diff(12-x1^2-(x2-x1)^2, x2) = – 2*x2 + 2*x1

diff(12-(1-x2)^2-(x2-x1)^2, x1) = 2*x2 – 2*x1

Susan asks…

How do you get the Red Bull X1 in GT5?

I want to know how you unlock the Red Bull X2010 in Gran Turismo 5. Any help would be appreciated.

Administrator answers:

There are two ways in which you can get your hands on that car.

The first is to reach level 30 in A Spec mode, when you do a new special event will appear, winning this will give you an X1 for each medal you get, so if you get all golds you get 3!

The other way is to reach level 35 in B Spec and you will receive one as a prize car, which is a lot easier than winning the special event which is a real pain to do.

Maria asks…

How can I get rid of Buzzing Noise for the Turtle Beach Headset X1?

I just got this yesterday and today when I started playing, there is a buzzing noise that makes the mic go on even if I have switched it over to mute. Does anyone have any experience with this? Also DO NOT send me to their support website, because it does not help at all

Administrator answers:

Ok, so i had the same problem with the wireless x3. I bumped into a website that had the same problem but with the x1. They said to use AA batteries, do not use wired controller, and do not use a play and charge kit.

The website is here. Http://

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