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Your Questions About X10

January 31, 2013

Robert asks…

What is a good light and durable lacrosse head for defense?

I’m a defender freshman in high school, and i’m getting a krypto pro diamond dpole. This is a very light shaft, and i’m looking for a light stiff head that wont crack and morph easily. I DON’T WANT THIS STICK TO BE TOP HEAVY, SO I NEED A LIGHT WIDE HEAD. I was looking at the super power, proton U, and x10. Any suggestions would be great.

Administrator answers:

Either Warrior Revo 2.0 or the x10 in my opinion x10 warps pretty easily.

John asks…

Can the Sony Ericsson Xperia x10 fit into iPhone 4 cases?

I’ve been looking for cases for my new Xperia x10 & came across a deal on Amazon where you can get 10 silicone cases, but it’s currently unavailable. I did, however, see the same deal for the iPhone 4 & was wondering if my phone would fit those. Does anyone know?
@ joe.attaboy I’m WELL AWARE of that, Sherlock. If you’re going to be rude/a smarta**, don’t answer!

Administrator answers:

No, because the Xperia is not an iPhone.

Susan asks…

Should i buy the sony ericsson Satio or wait for xperixa x10?

Hey I really need a new phone, can’t stand another minute of my t-mobile free phone crap. So i narrowed my phones to these 2 … Satio and Xperia x10. I would get the sation from If you know this company some info about them would be gladly appreciated. So in a nutshell….SATIO or wait for X10? Money is also an issue.

Administrator answers:

Here is a full compare between them:

as you see the X10 is better in processor and screen while Satio is better in photography, please consider that the X10 is not yet released thus its data sheet doesn’t yet completed, I think it will be released within a month so if you wait you may make a better decision

Good luck1

Sandy asks…

Just moved to the south and putting in a veggie garden?

I had a young man dig a 10′x10‘ area in the sun, he roltatilled good earth in. I bought some haystraw and started making furrows. I have lots of squash, carrots, beets, radishes, corn, watermellon and so on. I have never worked with such clay earth before (red clay). I did have a 75′x25′ garden in the high desert in Ca but the south is so different I was hoping for any suggestions. I am blending the haystraw into the furrows as the rain has been less than average and was told this was best. Any help is appreciated. Thanks. oh, anything else that grows well here?
edit. I am wondering as I have been told that fake snakes will keep out the rodents and squirrles thus keeping snakes away. I had heard that sulfur and limestone worked too but that the best way is to keep the rodents out and the snakes will stay away that way.

Administrator answers:

Well, I live in Lawrenceville,GA. Oh lord knows I have the worse red clay ever!! I have planted so many damn vegetable s but nothing works. But it seems like you got some good earth in there. I am pretty sure the watermelon with grow. Cause that’s the only thing that grew in my garden. And go with cow manure. It works

Jenny asks…

How do I install my applications into the external memory card on my android phone?

I am using Xperia X10. My phone memory is full and i want to install applications into the external memory card. How can i do it?

Administrator answers:

Firstly you must update your Android OS to 2.2.

I think you can find anything (games&apps) you want. ALL FOR FREE!

go to the download page and you can find everything you need?

Hope you like it?

Richard asks…

What would you use your home surveillance cameras for?

I’ve got an X10 system that lets me control my cameras online. I like to check up on my dogs. What would you/do you use yours for?

Administrator answers:

To spy on hot chicks when I invite them over :)

Lizzie asks…

Deciding between a Sony Xperia X10 and a Blackberry. Any reviews?

I love the look of the Xperia X10 but I have heard some not so great things about its functionality.
I know Blackberry’s are a safe choice otherwise.

Any advice?

Administrator answers:

Get on whatever serivce you have, such as and they will have some reviews. I personally like the blackberry.

Laura asks…

Should I get the xperia play or xperia x10 mini pro?

I like the xperia x10 mini pros keyboard and size, however I like thy xperia plays game pad and weight. I was wondering if you could tell me clearly pros and cons for each and which is better. Also I would appreciate it if you could tell me where to buy them.

Thank you :)

Administrator answers:

Hi.just go to cnet or phonescoop and look up the phones there.Click the review tab to read the pros/cons.Which ever phone has most greatest feedback go with that

Lisa asks…

Can i still use Rogers features after i unlock Rogers x10 ?

i want to unlock the X10, im just wondering what’s the different between locked and unlocked for this cell phone, and i also want to know if i still can use the Rogers Unlimited Social Newtword Browsing and other internet stuff (timescape mediascape….. etc ) after i unlock it?????

Thank you for your reply!!

Administrator answers:

It’s simple…In Unlocked Mobile Phone You can use Other Network GSM Sim Cards…But in locked mobile You cannot use the Other Network GSM Sim Crads.After Unlock the mobile You can use Other Network sim cards…Then GSM Network Locked mobile Phones can be Unlocked..CDMA Network locked mobile cannot be Unlocked….For the Internet,Data Plan you can call the Service Provider…But Locked or Unlocked mobile If the Internet Service is there You can use those service,i unlocked the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 using the Unlock code in here

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