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Your Questions About X11 Mac

February 28, 2013

Laura asks…

How to Set Up A Turtle Beach Headset With A Xbox Connected To A Mac?

I have My xbox 360 connected to my iMac 21.5 inch(Late 2011 Model) but how do i set up my Turtle Beach X11‘s so i can hear game volume and talk to my friends.
Remember Im On an IMac, Not A TV

Administrator answers:

Plug the usb into your xbox. POWER
plug the black jack into the controller. VOIP
plug the green jack into your TV’s headphone jack. GAME SOUND
plug the red jack into nothing becasue that’s all it’s good for.

Yeah it’s ghetto

Mary asks…

Can I use operating system GUI design in a web page?

I want to create a blog relating to computers and operating systems. Would I violate any copyrights if I took screenshots of the graphical user interface of operating systems (Mac classic, OS X, Windows, Linux) and imitated them in the graphical design/layout of my blog? What are the copyright policies of GUIs anyway?

Administrator answers:

Most X11 desktop environments are licensed under the GPL, so you can safely use Linux desktop styles.

John asks…

How to install the gimp on a mac?

I would like to use the gimp but I have no idea how to install it on my mac someone please help me

Administrator answers:

The Gimp requires Apple’s X11 which is included
in the “Optional Installs” package on the OS X
install disk.

After X11 is installed, you can download and install the Gimp from

Donald asks…

how to create your own version of windows?

I know a little c++ and am willing to learn anything else I need to accomplish this. to my understanding when windows boots, the loading screen and login screen are all just programs that use the windows dll’s just like any other program someone might write. my idea was delete all the files and programs that do anything more then load the kernel. I would then write everything else myself. i wanted to know what thoughts anyone had on this and where i could find documentation about what controls each part of the OS.

Administrator answers:

The Windows kernel – the part of the OS that controls all your computer’s hardware – is “closed source”, meaning that you don’t get to know how it works without painstaking reverse engineering.

Probably an easier option, if you’re trying to make an operating system from scratch, is this project:

As far as the boot process, for Windows and Linux, it’s basically this:

- your computer looks for a program in your hard disk’s Master Boot Record (near the beginning)

- that program turns around and runs another program based on your input. This is called a “boot loader”. An example where you’ve seen the Windows boot loader: when it asks you to put your computer in “safe mode”. Many boot loaders can be “chained” together.

- your kernel is loaded, and all your hardware is initialized

- all startup programs are run

- your display server is started so you have graphics

- your window manager – the part you interact with with your mouse, that has the start menu and windows – is loaded

The part that you probably want to re-design is that last part, the window manager. Learning how to do that is a separate skill from learning how to build an operating system, even though Windows does a good job making those seem like the same thing. For that, you’ll want to learn one of these two technologies, both of which work on Windows as well:



And if you want to make a full-fledged window manager yourself, you’re going to want to learn some X11 as well,

I would definitely start with LFS, though. That will help you better than anything to gauge whether you’ve got the room in your life the rest of what you’re after is going to take. What you’re talking about isn’t impossible, but it will take a lot of time, hard work, and dedication. I would honestly give myself two years to do this, and that’s if you have a part time job.

Charles asks…

How do I delete GIMP COMPLETELY from my imac?

I jsut downloaded GIMP, and I couldn’t be more confused. I tried to drag the icon on my desktop to the trash, but then an ‘eject’ button shows up, and a pop up says “The disk Gimp could not be ejected.” Why is it calling it a disk, i installed it online?
Anyway, I want to know how to delete all of it’s files completely. I’m having hard time deleting it.
Also, if I delete it, will it free up some space or once it’s downloaded is the space gone for good, regardless if you delete it or not?

Administrator answers:

It sounds like you have launched Gimp and that is why you can’t Eject it. Quit Gimp and try ejecting. If it doesn’t work then logout, login and try Eject it again. If that fails, reboot your Mac and try again. If you have installed Gimp to your Applications directory, then just drag it’s icon to the Trash and delete.
Deleting Gimp will get back the space it used on your hard drive if you didn’t install it to your hard drive. If you have installed it to your hard drive and deleted it, there will be a few KB worth of files left over, usually .plist files. If you want to delete them all you have to do is search for gimp with Spotlight.
Did you know that you have to install X11 from your Install Disk before installing

A couple of uninstaller apps you might want to get.


Daniel asks…

What is the best Mac freeware alternative to Adobe Photoshop CS4?

Administrator answers:

GIMP is available for OS X. You will need to install Apple’s X11 environment from the OS X install disks, or use macports.

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