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March 31, 2013

Betty asks…

Solve by factoring and using the principle of zero products (x – 10)(x – 6) = -3?

Administrator answers:

(x – 10)(x – 6) = -3. Expand out the brackets on the left hand side to get
x² -16x + 60 = -3. Add 3 to both sides of the equation to get
x² -16x + 63 = 0. Factorise the left hand side. Are there two numbers that add to -16 and multiply to +63? Yes, there is, -7 and -9, so the equation factors to

(x – 7)(x – 9) = 0. Since two numbers can only multiply to zero if one (or both) of them is zero. But x cannot have two different values at the same time, so they can’t both be zero.

So either x – 7 = 0 (and therefore x = 7) or x – 9 = 0 (and therefore x = 9).

Your solutions are therefore 7 and 9.

Sharon asks…

solve by factoring and using the principle of zero products (x-10)(x-6)=-3?

Administrator answers:


X^2 -10x – 6x + 60 = -3

x^2 – 16x +63 = 0

What two numbers multiply to give 63? 7 and 9

(x-9)(x-7) = 0 (check that this is correct)

x = 9 or x = 7 are the 2 solutions

Michael asks…

Best Skin care products? x 10 points?

Hii x well i wna buy sum new products for my skin (face wash, toner n moisturizer n possibly sumfin else if u advise me 2) x my skin is kinda wierd lol sum days its combination (moistly oily in areas such as the nose) n nw mst recently its been rlly dry.. so i dnt kno wot 2 get! n also ive started to get loadz of spots! :( cnt b cause of my diet coz im quite healthy n i exercise so i dno wot 2 do..

So please suggest a good face wash, toner, moisturizer or sumfin else dat u fink its gd 4 spots :) x

Thank yoou x

Administrator answers:

Facial cleanser: Clean and clear Daily Pore Warming Scrub or Eskinol Facial Cleanser
good face wash/soap: dove whitening soap or skin white powerwhitening soap
toner: Clean and Clear Deep Cleaning Astringent
moisturizer: Clean and Clear Dual action moisturizer

…this should do…this is what i used and i got nice results after 1 month…before you go to sleep wash you face woth either of the soap i recommended…then apply the toner…then in the morning wash your face with the facial cleanser…then apply moisturizer…

..i got results with continous use…hmm…hope it helps…just give it a try..and u”ll see some improvements somehow.

Donald asks…

Superdrug original products..x 10 points best answer?

Hi everyone x im thinking of buying ‘SUPERDRUG CLARITY RAPID RESULTS SPOT TREATMENT PEN ‘, has everyone ever used this? does it work? im thinking of buying it but i wanna kno if it actually works so i wnt jus waste my money

Thanks x

Administrator answers:

I have used Superdrug face washes and stuff in the past, and I’d say that they are pretty good :)

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