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Your Questions About X11

May 31, 2013

John asks…

Has anyone tried to run battlfield 3 on windows xp?

I had to run bf3 beta on windows xp with a direct x11 graphics card and it didn’t work :( (yes I know you need windows 7 or vista)

Is the actual game the same? Like through origin and all that.

Administrator answers:

I hate to break it toyou but u can probably do nothing on xp with all the latest games coming out. Id rather u get windows 7 its a really good software but if i were u i would buy bf3 for ps3 or xbox360 if u have any of those. Everything is the same but in multiplayer u can only have 24 players in a game as supposed to comp in which u can have 64 players.

So to wrap it all up, sell this bf3 and get it on a console if u have one. Ifnot get a console or update ur windows version.

Paul asks…

What turtle beach headset should i get?

I want a turtle beach headset but i dont know wich kind i should get x11, x31, x41 i dont think i should i should spend much on a headset and i hear different things about each PLEASE HELP!

Administrator answers:

I want a Turtle Beach also and i cant decide either but i would say,
Turtle Beach x11 or x31.
Get x31 if you have enough because its surround sound and wireless.
But if you want to save some money get the x11.
There both good either way

Thomas asks…

Can i plug turtle beach headphones into ONLY my TV and controller?

Hi, i’m considering getting a set of turtle beach’s and the thing that turns me off is having all these wires going from my Xbox 360 controller the headset and the TV.
My TV is quite close to me so I usually just plug my headphones into the jack on the side of my TV.
But they are not efficient, so can i just do the same thing with a set of turtlebeaches?
I’m considering getting the X11 model BTW.

Administrator answers:

No you can not do that. Turtle Beaches have certain cables that you either have to connect them to the USB port and also your controller.

Daniel asks…

How much should I sell my Xbox for?

Xbox 360 slim 250 gigabytes
2 wireless controllers
1 purple after glow controller
1 pair of turtle beach x11‘s
The 5.1 Dolby sound box for the headset to enhance it.
Black ops

Everything is in perfect condition so how much should I sell it all for?

Administrator answers:

Wow,over 270$+

Donald asks…

Difference between Turtle Beach x11 and dx11?

Which one should i buy? and does the dx11 is same as the x11 but with Surround sound?

Administrator answers:

The dx11 comes with earforce dss, you plug x11 into it and you have surround sound

Joseph asks…

can i just plug in my turtle beach x11 into headphone jack?

hi, i would find it more convenient if i could plug my x11 (once i get them :D ) straight into the tv’s headphone jack rather than doing all this red and white output business. also i am using HDMI. if you can just plug it straight into the headphone jack, will this affect sound quality. by the way it is ok if i can not plug it straight into headphone jack because i goggled it and my tv can do the red and white thingy… XD

Administrator answers:

Yes, you can plug them into the jack, just make sure you plug in the USB too because they need power. Sound quality is the same over 3.5mm stereo or red/white composite stereo.

Susan asks…

Which xbox 360 turtle beaches should i buy?

I was thinking x31 px21 or something or else the x11. I don’t know if there is a big difference between x11 and x31 and px21. Can someone who has experience with some of these headsets help me?

Administrator answers:

Trust me get the x11′s there better price AND not wireless dont need to worry bout that shitt.

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