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Your Questions About X5

June 30, 2013

Donald asks…

What metal detector coil is better? A sef 8×6 butterfly or a Sunray X5?

What metal detector coil is better for trash areas using a Minelab Safari. A sef 8×6 butterfly or a Sunray X5? Really could use some experienced advice. Searching in California. I have a standard 11″ coil already.

Administrator answers:

Is this an upgrade to your last metal detector,? I have a metel detector with a 6 inch full ring and it is really good goes down 2.6 feet i would think whichever is the metal detector with the deepst alarm would be best depending on what kind of material your digging i get 2 foot 4 inch in dry sand but 3 foot 8 in wet, that is the one to go for.

Mark asks…

Can someone please convert a Corel Draw X5 to X4 for me?

I have a file from work that I need converted so I can open it at home. Can someone please save it as an x4 instead of x5? Plz provide your email address and I’ll send it right away.

Administrator answers:

Make Ctrl + Shift + S, (to save a different name)
You can change the drop-down version of the window

good luck..

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