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Your Questions About Bmw M3

August 29, 2013

Charles asks…

Should i drive my bmw m3 in the winter time?

I have a 2002 bmw m3. should i drive it in the winter time? i am going to put 4 blizzak snow tires.

Administrator answers:

Even if you put snow tires on it, it still sits very close to the ground. That front air dam makes a wonderful snow plow, making the tire’s job even more difficult trying to push snow. Although the Blizzaks are wonderful tires, on this car because of the size of the brakes, they are still mounted on a large wheel, which requires them to be low profile. Fat, low profile tires are not good in the snow.
In the end, it would be better than with summer tires, but not great. Keep the M3 at home when it snows, and with tires that belong on it, high performance ones. Drive something else. The price of those tires could buy you a cheap beater for the winter.

Donald asks…

How do you feel about bmw m3 changes?

I like it when car companies and models stick to their roots. So apparently the new 2014 BMW M3 will first be realeased as 4 door automatic only!! Then once the 2 door is released it will be titled the M4! What is the cause of this odd disappointing change. And if they do make the m4 are they still going to make m3

Administrator answers:

Just stopped by to let you know that the other answerer “Gary” is a total BS. In his other answer, he stated that the repair bill for a bmw is “expensive” which is a total BS. If you ever owned a bmw you would know that unlike Mercedes and porsche, the maintenance cost is the not expensive at all. I just checked btw that there is likely that the stick is available on the upcoming m3/m4.

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