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Newport: BMW introduces new model

April 30, 2012

Article by Brian Tavares

Newport: BMW plans to introduce a new model to America sometime later this year. The release date of this model, the new BMW X1, is a little hazy and has already been pushed back once this year. The reason for the delay is not, however, because BMW needed more time to make this vehicle worthwhile. Rather, BMW pushed back the release date of the new X1 in America because, after several incredible receptions of the vehicle around the world, BMW realized they have designed a masterpiece and the reaction in America will likely be no less enthusiastic. Therefore, BMW was forced to move back the US release date to be certain that their supply could meet Americas demand.
Therefore, the question of what makes this vehicle so great begs to be asked. Well, to start, the size and shape of the vehicle is extremely appealing, especially for residents of Newport. BMW took styling cues from the existing X3 crossover and the 1 and 3 Series sedans. Therefore, it offers drivers the best of both worlds from life as a sedan and life as a crossover/SUV. So what is it exactly? It is safe to describe the X1 as a baby crossover, and therefore its sizing is not too big, not too small, but just right.
Aside from the shape, the styling, lines and features of the BMW X1 are in keeping with the auto manufacturer

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