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Your Questions About Black Cat Bmw

June 25, 2013

John asks…

Simple Survey ~ This or That?

1- black or white
2- tiger or lion
3- hen or rooster
4- water or fire
5- Audi or BMW
6- google or yahoo
7- dog or cat

thanks :) )

Administrator answers:

youre welcome.

Donna asks…

title of this movie?

this is mostly what i remember:

well, basically, there’s this white guy, who has an apartment, and he teaches a black kid how to write. he tells the black kid to not stop. so he starts writing about a cat, it climbs up a tree, etc… one day, the black kid is getting ready to go up the apartment and he meets a dude with a BMW. he tells a story about how BMW got it’s name; 3 brothers, initials made BMW.

anyone know what movie im talking about?

Administrator answers:

It is Finding Forrester.
Here is a link below to information about the movie. :)

Helen asks…

My friend’s house is disgusting and I don’t want to go there anymore? (long)?

So I’ve slept over there 3 times before and I really don’t like it there and now she keeps asking me to come over and I really don’t want to go.
I know this sounds SO mean, and I really love her as a friend, and I really don’t want to hurt her, but her house is literally unhealthy.
You can smell the house in the driveway, and by the time you get to the door there’s a broken screen door hanging off the hinges, an old bike on the steps and a bunch of junk all over around the garage. Then when you go in the mud room the stench is UNBEARABLE. It’s where the cats pee, and they usually miss, so you have to keep your shoes on.
Then you’re in the kitchen and the cupboards are broken, there’s old food EVERYWHERE, they don’t own a trash can and just keep the trash on a bag on a floor, and then there are gross dishes and residue everywhere you look. There’s cat hair that makes my allergies flare up all over the place, and my allergies don’t act up usually but they just don’t pick up after their animals. There’s dog poop in the house and cat poop on the counter tops. Then the dining room is an old table with a ton of clutter on it and a dirty grimy computer. They don’t eat at their table, they eat on the couch which is covered in dirt and hair. The carpet should be white but it’s a brownish black. There’s old laundry in piles everywhere in the living room and cigarette butts everywhere, so it smells like smoke all the time too.
Then the hallway is just dirt, food, and laundry and the bathroom has clothes everywhere, both sinks dont work so they don’t bother with hand washing, and then the bathtub is filled with grime and there’s cracks in the walls.
My friend’s room is kind of clean, but when I’m there she makes me use her 8 year old brothers pillow (because he’s usually away when my friend has friends over) and when I got it, it was damp. I ate breakfast there and I got dog hair in it and my friend told me to stop complaining, even though there was a huge clump of dog hair in it.
I really love my friend and care about her, but I don’t know what to do. I come home smelling like cat pee and smoke, sick because everyone there is sick because they don’t wash their hands, and bit by fleas that are in her house.
I can’t tell her point blank or drop hints because she’s easily offended and will get very upset. She just doesn’t seem to notice?
(Also, she’s not poor, because her family just bought a brand new BMW and a treadmill with a built in speakers and fan, and her brother just got a brand new racing bike.)

Administrator answers:

You have 3 options.
Tolerate it.
Don’t go over anymore.
Clean her house for her.
Life is fun when we have choices.

Charles asks…

Plot line advice for a Harry Potter world fan fiction,?

Voldemort, portrayed as an amnusing character with plenty of swearing within his dialogue, has decided to kidnap one of Harry Potter’s (not so) close friends. The girl in question, Lyra Reade, in a different story, was made the bounty hunter of the devil’s son and regularly hunts for damned souls in order to get her soul back (which she sold to save the life of her father- who then died in a Quidditch accident the next day). As reward for saving Harry Potter’s sorry kaboose, the Devil (Lucifer or Luci) offered her a quicker way to get her soul back- to marry her boss, the devil’s son. This is also a part of a bet the devil made with the Summer Lady (goddess of summer) that he couldn’t marry off at least one of his four children. But before the Winter Smith (god of winter) could carry out the marriage, she runs away, thinking of Damon (the devil’s son) as more of a brother to her. Taking with her her winged pet shadow cat, Skittish, she almost gets mugged at a petrol station. Also at the petrol station, is Gio Hapschatt- a seventeen year old black kid with attitude and a wide sense of humour. Gio has been travelling with his friend, Demitri Valour, the BMW camper van that they’ve been driving around in’s owner. Gio being a half-blood, he’s escaping his crazy mother and Demitri is a Muggle-born- supposedly as he was abandonned as a baby, trying to outrun the Death Eaters and Ministry for Magic. Saving Lyra’s life, Gio takes her into the camper van where Demitri drives away before the muggers can catch up. After verbally insulting her, Demitri and Lyra end up falling in love as they drive on. In the end, Demitri is forced to rescue Lyra from the Death Eaters who ended up kidnapping Lyra before carting her off to Hell again. Damon admits that he doesn’t love Lyra in that way and does asort of blood-brother thingy where he is basically counted as a son of the devil and therefore able to marry Lyra. Which he does. Any help ideas?

Administrator answers:

“Voldemort, portrayed as an amnusing character with plenty of swearing within his dialogue”

I pretty much gave up at this point. If you don’t want to actually write HP fanfic then don’t. Write original fic. If you _do_ want to write HP fanfic then consider what Voldemort’s actually like.

If you took out the HP terms from this, nobody would ever guess it was supposed to be HP fanfic. At which point…it isn’t really fanfic, is it?

Jenny asks…

What do you think of my Short Story?

Crisp and Clean

A retired Janitor named John May sat drinking and smoking on his front porch. His faded stone blue eyes scanned the road for his guest if you could call him that. His lips trembled slightly and his hand wasn’t quite steady as he lifted his drink to his faded and dulled pink lips.
He wiped snot from his nose with his tattered flannel shirt. It looked like a silvery snail’s trail. John absently flicked his greasy hair from his eyes with one hard callused hand that held the glass of scotch. Scotch splashed onto his face.
“Bugger and damn” John said wiping the scotch from his face with his flannel shirt, the congealed snot was transferred onto his face. John didn’t seem to notice. He was never a bright lad as a kid and he still wasn’t to this day.
“Hey Beth get me another drink would you?” John said cocking his neck to the front door so his wife could here him better.

John loved his wife, when she sang her warm inviting honey sweet voice would bring John to tears of joy. John could here singing now in the kitchen ‘Hush now baby“ one of John‘s favorite songs that he loved her to sing. He had never laid a hand on her. Johns own mother had brought him up to treat women with the up most respect. John had a terrible temper but he had always controlled it around Beth, sometimes he would go out to the wood shed and bash piles of wood into kindling. The axe striking the block of wood always made John happy the way it sounded, so crisp, so clean. His hands would be has red as apples on some days and he would have blisters as big throat lozenges on his palms.
John decided that he could wait for another drink and he placed his glass down on the tiny chipped table an act that he had done so many times the past five years.

A car pulled up into John’s driveway a sporty red BMW it glistened like a jewel in the morning sun. It seemed to show off the mans immense wealth.
John eyed the man with vicious contempt. His eyes showed hatred and fear. The handsome young man walked up the steps his expensive shoes clicking on the cement. The steps made a tired groaning noise as the man approached.
“Good Morning Sir” the man said sticking out his hand.
John eyed the hand solemnly and with deep concentration (like it may curl into a fist and punch him.)
The fingernails were neatly manicured.
John slowly and deliberately raised his hand to be shook.
“Soft as a babies bottom” John whispered with a slight smile.
“Sorry?” Asked the man in the charcoal coloured expensive suit.
“Nothing” John said dropping the hand suddenly as if it had turned icy cold.
The man looked awkwardly away out towards the street were two boys were playing with water pistols. One was soaked like he had plunged into a pool still clad in his clothes.
John spat onto the veranda.
The man snapped his head back in a hurry.
“Why you here?” John said. Looking down his feet.
“I umm, am here to represent you in a court of law” the man who was obviously a lawyer said.
“Don’t need no lawyer” John then looked up and added “You know what I mean?”
“Sorry I don’t”
“Look here buddy, Beth’s inside making me lunch and I’m hungry” John then paused then spoke slowly and in a much quieter tone “Go away”
“Listen Mr May I know you are dealing with a lot right now but..”
“Shut up” John said leaping to his feet with surprising grace that even bewildered himself.
The lawyer cringed back like old man John was some rabid vicious dog.
“You come to my house in your fancy car and your crisp black suit” John was crying as he yelled
“You don’t know real work Mr, no sir”
“Mr May please be reasonable we can work through this” the lawyer crooned his face was an expression of revulsion and fear. But his eyes remained composed and wary like cat that had been sprayed with water by a young child.
“No you can’t help” John said shaking his head back and forth.
John opened his mouth to speak but he stopped half way through his intake of breath he paused. A tear rain down his cheek like a melted diamond.
“Yeah coming Beth, just dealing with this here man who will be going now” he said turning his gaze towards the Mr Fancy Lawyer with the crisp charcoal suit. The lawyer noticed that he was pleading for him to go not by mouth but just his eyes, they were blood shot and tired.
“Okay it seem that you’re tired Mr May, I’ll take my leave” The lawyer said eying John with no pity. He was glad he was leaving. The place felt eerie and sad.
John grunted a goodbye as the man got into his shiny red car.
John watched the man go.
He sat slumped over in his chair for half an hour he dozed in and out sleep. He could here Beth singing from the other room. Her voice sounded just like her mother’s when she used sing him a lullaby and kiss his forehead.
Johns stomach grumbled hungrily.
Beth will have lunch ready for me by now, John thought sitting up. His back and bony knees popped like a kids toy cap gun would.
John grasped the doors handle like he had done so many times
i cant fit the rest in but oh well
i can’t fit the rest in but oh well

Administrator answers:

Keep asking this kind of questions – money is one of the most vital factors of human life!

Robert asks…

Am I a geek? Sometimes I feel like I am but my hubby says I am not.?

I seem to get along with people older than me
I look like Sarah Paylin
I like country music
I drive a BMW 3 series coupe
I am 30 years old
I have three cats
I like to crochet
I get along on a work basis with my peers but they don’t usually invite me to do stuff after work
I like fashion
I wear classic style makeup either neutrals or black mascara with red lipstick.
The perfect outfit to go out in is a nice pesant top and my best pair of straight leg dark washed jeans.

Administrator answers:

Geek? No way. Maybe a little “grannyish” with the cats and crocheting, but otherwise very normal.

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