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Your Questions About Bmw 2012 3 Series

July 25, 2013

Lizzie asks…

When is the next BMW 3-series face lift schedule for? 2012?

Administrator answers:

Yes 2012

Betty asks…

I need help designing a bmw related tattoo?

I’m entering a contest to win a 2012 BMW 3 series car.
To win, I’m going to be getting a (fake) tattoo. Maybe real. I dont know.
I need a tattoo design that has the bmw logo, 2012, and somehow the numbers 5.9 in the design.
If you have any ideas, PLEASE let me know. ;)
I might be able to pay whoever designs it..
btw. I’m a girl, so nothing too manly. Hahaha.

Administrator answers:

My own recommendation probably isn’t going to be something that immediately psyches you out or anything at first. However, I may be able to help you reach into the corporate mind a little. If that is who is judging the contest, it will at least help a little bit. However, if the judges aren’t corporate, disregard this. BTW, it would be a good idea to research into the company, it’s structure and the people you will be appealing to. ALWAYS do your homework on the people you are trying to please. If you get into their minds when you design it, you will have a better chance at winning.

The BEST thing you can do is to keep it simple. A corporate executive is the kind of person who deals with everyone’s work and ideas (including artists and designers), and goes through tons of designs, paperwork, etc. Every single day. Peoples’ ideas tend to be elaborate, simply due to imagination. So something that is going to appeal to an executive (and most people) is an elegant simplicity. Many of your competitors will be going overboard on the design, making it look super elaborate because we have this odd, natural feeling that complication equals beautiful. It doesn’t. On the other end of the spectrum, other competitors will be doing something oversimplified. For instance, basically copying and pasting existing designs. This wont have a great deal of appeal, either. What you need to do is find the middle ground. Something between complicated and overly simple, but that gives off an air of original simplicity upon being viewed.

In addition, you are going to want it to look really slick and cool. You don’t want to go with the usual stuff that people picture when they think of tattoos, like thorn-roses, tribal designs, or any other things that give off the impression of a biker bar. Remember that you are dealing with a worldwide corporate auto manufacturer, one that is from Europe and designs very sharp, cool, modern-looking vehicles. I am doubting they are going to be greatly impressed with the aforementioned designs.

Avoid doing the car itself. That’s kind of tacky.

I would probably figure out some simple, sharp design that features the beamer logo, while incorporating a tad bit of your own art and those numbers worked into the same single object. Keep in mind balance. When we view something, we first look right to the center (well, actually a tad bit above the center, for whatever reason). If the focal point isn’t centered, it will look odd and unbalanced. So you want the focal point to be there, and then outwards from the center have things that also impress. Think it out logically, think about the message you want to communicate. If they look at the center and then outwards, is there a way you can have your design sequentially communicate the message from the center outwards? That’s up to you. But regardless, actually put a LOT of thought into the ordering and balance and sizing of everything in the design, as well as the overall design itself. You can bet that all the other top competitors will be doing the same thing. There may even be some actual designers in the contest.

The last tip: please design this yourself. Don’t try to buy someone elses’ design and then enter it. If you can’t draw it, which I highly encourage you to do regardless of your abilities, then at least come up with the entire thing yourself and work with someone very closely to get it as close to what is in your mind as possible. Make a bunch of mockups, as best you can with your ability. This will help you work on it, because a design will look different visually than it does in the mind. But once again, don’t just try to pay someone else to produce something for you, because that just isn’t cool. The judges and the people putting on the contest want to see original art from people who can create it (whether you draw it or not it should be yours) because, well, that’s the whole point of this thing; they aren’t just looking to give out a car, they are looking for cool, original new ways to see their brand and logo, and potentially looking for someone to employ. You might even get into some doodie if you try to pass someone else’s work off as your own (by the original designer or by the company or by both). And why would someone else do that anyways, if they could just send in THEIR design for themselves and try to win themselves a car? Point is, it should come from you.

Charles asks…

Should I wait for the new BMW 3 series coupe or get one now?

I have had my current car for nearly 6 years and have been wanting to change it for quite some time. I have my eye on the current BME 3 series coupe but I know the new 2012 saloon is coming out next year. It seems the coupe isn’t coming until 2013. Should I just wait another couple of years (at which point I may be married and not be able to splash my cash) or live for the moment and get one now?

And purchasing one now and then exchanging in 2013 won’t be an option as I intend to keep my car for another 5 years min as I will be buying a fairly new one. (Not brand new), but it will depreciate greatly.

Administrator answers:

Wait for the new model! If you will not be able to afford it after you get married in 2013 then you can not afford it now.

Sandy asks…

Should I trade my 2008 BMW 3 series (V8) for a?

Mercedes 2012 C300 Sport C-Class (V6)? Can you give me the difference between the two and more information
Thank you! Very appreciated!

Administrator answers:

The BMW 3-series only comes with a eight-cylinder in the M3 form. So I’ll give you the specs for the

4-liter V8 414hp

Mercedes C300
3-liter V6 228hp

There is a big difference. You’ll be going from 414hp to 228hp. Of course dropping 186hp is going to really show a difference in passing power and fuel economy. Only difference I can honestly say is the Mercedes is a more luxury car if that’s what you want. There’s also all-wheel-drive if you need the extra snow traction. Other than that, honestly I’d say just wait for the BMW 335i to get the all-wheel-drive option later this year. You’ll get slighlty better fuel economy than your M3 and the all-wheel-drive benefit as well. I love the 335i xdrive. I think its one of the best all-wheel-drive luxury sedans sold.

Chris asks…

Which 2nd hand car should I choose between a 2001 BMW 316(3 series) and a 2002 Ford Mondeo?

Which 2nd hand car should I choose between a 2001 BMW 316(3 series) and a 2002 Ford Mondeo?
Bmw is €2850, 102,000 miles 1.9 petrol engine saloon nct 02/2011
Ford is €2150, 159,000 miles, 1.8 petrol engine saloon nct 08/2012
Whats the best car in terms of fuel efficiency and ride comfort/handling?
Please help, will be greatly appreciated!!! Thanks
Ive opted for the Beemer. 102K MILES- NOTHING!! IS IT?!!!

Administrator answers:

The ford will be cheaper to run. Although the bmw offers better handling and comfort. I think you should go with the Beemer.

Nancy asks…

2012 Audi A6 vs Mercedes E350 vs BMW 535i?

So my uncle is interested in buying a new car. He already owns the 2009 bmw 3 series but does not find it comfortable. He asked me what kind a car best suits him and I came down to these three. I want to know the most comfy one and relaxing because he has problems in his neck and it is horrible. The 3 series did a horrible job it was cramped. However whicg one is the best and why?He also loves sporty cars thats why he bought the BMW but didnt do any good.

Administrator answers:

The ’12 A6 is super nice, but if he has the money check out the A8, that’s amazing. If not, the A6 is also nice, i’d still check it out.

I don’t know much about mercedes other than the C class so I can’t say there.

BMW 535i, nice car, but I’m gonna have to say the A6 is going to be a better option. The BMW might be a bit bigger if that’s better, but I think the A6 is going to have more comfort options in my opinion.

Really it comes down to his opinion after testing all of them..

The cadillac is probably a good option actually, I would recommend that, cadillac has come a long way and is sporty but still probably top of the line in luxury. Maybe even a lincoln?

George asks…

Should i get the bmw 335d right now, or wait until the new one comes out in 2012.?

Im looking to get a car. I like the 3 series but the 2012 model will be an overhaul model. And i beed a car right now. Should i get a car other then bmw? Or get the 2011 model?

Administrator answers:

Despite its age, the current 3 Series is still an excellent choice as a compact exec.
You might want to wait till the current 3 Series is about to be phased out, because that’s when the dealers would want to sell off the outgoing model cheaply.

If you are urgently needing to get a car now, you can go ahead to get the 3 Series. It looks have been sharpened up a notch by a minor facelift, and the build quality and drive is still pretty up there with the rest.
Perhaps you might want to consider the Audi A4, Mercedes C-Class, Lexus IS or Volvo S60.

The Volvo S60 is the latest contender in the compact exec market, and it boasts exceptional safety features coupled with good looks.

The Lexus IS is very refined and offers a fuss-free driving experience.

The Audi A4 triumphs in interior quality and has very attractive looks to make up for its slightly numb driving feel.

The Mercedes C-Class offers solid German quality, but it comes across as staid when compared to the sporty interior of the Audi.

Nonetheless, if you have already made up your mind on the 3-Series, it is still a great choice.
It is highly rated by critics alike for its superb driving dynamics.

Good luck!

Mary asks…

What are the best colors for these luxury cars?

1. Jaguar XJ (2012)
2. Mercedes Benz S65 amg (2012)
3. Bentley Mulsanne
4. BMW 7 series (2012)

+ What do you think is the best out of these

Administrator answers:

Silver is the best color for any car, especially those like you mention, which have great design aesthetic to them. Silver accentuates the curves and details the most, which is why car brochures often have silver cars on them.

Brown? Blue? Dark Green??

Sandra asks…

bmw 323i or cadillac cts?

i am buying a used car. i have found a 2006 bmw 323i for 16,000 and a 2007 cadillac cts for 14,500. i personally want the bmw because cadillac is pretty hard to park and back up because its big and the bmw looks better. but my friend is telling me that when the new model of the bmw 3 series goes on sale in 2012, this model is going to be a lot cheaper. i really need a car right now and i cant wait a year. but i don’t want to pay too much for something i could get for less next year. would the bmw loose alot of its value? if so should i buy the cadillac or something else. i want the car to be 20,000 at most including the taxes which i going to pay when i register the car. if anyone has any opinions or suggestions for me i would really appreciate the help.

Administrator answers:

You are comparing apples to oranges here. There is NO comparison in the cars. The Caddy is a typical GM pile of junk. Aluminum head, bad motor and horrible drive train.

Go with the BMW, you will NOT be disappointed!

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