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Your Questions About Bmw 2012 M3

May 8, 2013

Richard asks…

Which is better the 2012 BMW M3 or 2012 Lexus IS-F?

Which looks better?

Which would you personally choose?

Which has a more comfortable interior(leather seats wise)?

Cons and Pros of both?

Administrator answers:

I think the Lexus looks better. The M3 has gone downhill in terms of looks since 08.
I would choose the Lexus because of looks and because it has three more horses than the M3.
The M3 for me has a better interior than Lexus. The M3 is still a BMW and well Lexus is owned by Toyota so of course the styling inside will be won by the german manufacturer.
I dont have any cons on either of these cars. But if you had said a M5 vs a Lexus Is-f then it would have been different. Or god forbid…. A 2012 Audi A6

Laura asks…

What should I get? 2012 BMW M3 or Jag XFR. Yea yea, but really I just am wondering what everyone thinks?

Administrator answers:

The Jag looks ALOT nicer. If you want speed get the BMW if you want comfort get the Jag.

Charles asks…

BMW X5 50i 2012 or BMW M3 2012? Alaska?

I have 4 months to decide what car I want. I want the M3 but i live in alaska and i don’t think i will drive it a lot in winter. The X5 is nice but it only has 400 horse power and i would like a fast car that i can race others in and race. What do you guys think. I know that the m3 is only 14 horses faster but would that make a difference? If you lived in Alaska what would you chose. Please wright a long answer, thanks.

Administrator answers:

Well to tell you truth it depends on where in alaska you live. And also how much you are going to race. Before i tell you what car i think you should drive i want to answer your other questions, in terms of horse power 14 isn’t much, but one engine is moving a very light weight sedan and the other is moving a big suv, so odiously the m3 will feel a lot more powerful. If these are the only two cars you are considering i would have to go with the x5, driving around in the snow in a light weight sedan with a huge engine just sounds light a slippery time. But let me put this into your mind, the 3 series sedans are very nice, look very similar to the m3, very fast (i just bought a 08 335i and love it), and some you can buy with all wheel drive, so in my opinion i would get a 335xi because it has enough power but you aren’t going to suffer when snow comes your way, and you won’t have to drive around in a huge suv.

James asks…

2012 Lexus IS-F vs. 2012 BMW M3?

Hi!(: I was really curious which one is better in looks,performance, and electronics such as navigation etc!(:

Administrator answers:

Looks are subjective, personally I would go for the M3 for two reasons – I much prefer the looks and it’s available with a manual transmission, the IS-F is automatic only (with a manual mode of course). Also everything I’ve read says the IS-F has a harsh ride but doesn’t handle any better than the M3, probably not even as good. The M3 was faster around the track on Top Gear too.

I would expect that the Lexus would be more reliable, however.

I would not judge a high performance sports sedan on electronics at all, it’s all about the drive.

Mary asks…

2012 Hyundai genesis r- spec or 2008-2010 BMW M3 With manual trans which would you choose?

Can’t make up my mind on which one i want!?

Administrator answers:

It’s very hard to compare the two because they are VERY different cars…the Genesis R-Spec is a 5-series competitor, and thus, has a very different kind of driving experience (large, luxurious, soft riding, quiet, comfortable…even with the R-Spec package).

The M3 is BMW’s sport king, and because of such, its a more brash sport oriented experience. The suspension is firmer, the wheels are wider so you have a much less comfortable ride and the car is definitely not quiet (from the burl of the V8 through the quad exhaust to the wide tires all around, you’ll certainly hear a lot more of the road than you would in the Genesis).

The Genesis would be a fantastic car for road trips, comfortable daily driving and certainly a more luxurious option…the M3 is more of a drivers car, especially with a manual transmission. You just have to decide which one is more important to you, the BMW will treat you with a better driving experience, the Genesis with a better comfort experience. The Genesis will not perform any where near the M3 on a track or just spiritedly driving on the road…the M3 will not be anywhere near as comfortable to drive.

That said, as much as i really like the Genesis Sedan (really any of them, not just the R-Spec), I’d personally choose the M3 because i like the sport vs. The comfort, and I’m a BMW fan above everything except Porsche, so it also goes without saying, i’d side with the M3 over almost anything in the price range.

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