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Your Questions About Bmw 2012 Price

August 24, 2013

Helen asks…

BMW 2007 335i or 2008 528i?

I am currently looking for a used car, i was wondering which to get. right now i am interested in 4-door 335i, 2-door coupe 335i, or a 528i. The price range the 335i’s are 2000$ more expensive than the 528i. This is going to be my first car so i dont know which is better for drive to school. My parents already own a x5 so i dont think convenience for my family is out. I was swinging towards the 335i but then the 528i is more luxurious and higher class. ALL of them come with every package including NAVI and are under warrenty.

335i 4-door is 20000 ~
2-door is around 23000~
2008 528i has until 2012 or its around 38000 ~

the warrently for BMW is 50000/4 years

Administrator answers:

If I were you I’d definantly go for the 4 door 335i. That car has wayyyy more power then the 528i and will have a much much better resale value than the 528i. Look at it this way, the 335i in coupe or sedan for is more of an enthusiasts car because it is the highest quality 3 series (apart from the 335is and the m3) rather than the 528i which is an amazing car no doubt but it has a little less horsepower. My parents gave my the same choice for my 16th birthday. I chose a 2001 530i. It was a great car but now I just turned 17 and they let me trade it for something sportier. Now I drive a 2000 328i with the M-Sport package, new ecu performance chip, aftermarket cold air intake, body kit, rear lip…you get the picture. I assume the only reason you are considering a bmw is because you value driving and because of the I’d say get the sporty 335i. Now I’d personally want the 4 door because it’s just easier to haul your friends around…but if you can take your parents x5 alot I’d say 2 door.

William asks…

Audi A5 Coupe or BMW 328i Sedan?

I’m buying my first car and I can’t pick between the two, these two cars are relatively around the same price so don’t use money as a factor.
Which one should I pick and why?

if I get the A5 I will be purchasing it in black with a pearl finish, as for the BMW, I’m not sure what color yet! (If you choose BMW what color would you pick?)

!!!Both will be 2012 models!!! as they will be brand new

If it helps I’m a girl, about 150cm (really short)

Administrator answers:

I’d say go with BMW, they are betting built quality and reliable, for the color i would say go black for the exterior or dark blue. Go to the dealer and see what colors they have and ask if you can see them on cars, they do have many cars with alot of colors so its possible. Dont forget to go by more than one dealer so you can get the best price.


Carol asks…

Insurance on a Bmw 328i?

I want to get a car when I turn 18 a 2008 Bmw 328i that’s $30,000, manual transmission :
I’m a B student, took driver’s ed, and the defensive driver’s course.
considering the fact the I’m going to get it in the year 2012 January to be exact….
does anyone know maybe a general price I might pay for a insurance my be, I don’t want a site to find out right now I just want to know guessing does anyone have a guess on how much inusrance might be monthly
*oh and if i were under my parents insurance

Administrator answers:

@18? Hmmm I would put it at about 140 a month. I’m 24 and have a 330i and pay 95 a month. But I had an M3 in high school and under my parents policy I paid 230 a month

Betty asks…

On a scale of 1 to 10, how crazy would I be to buy this as a primary vehicle?

I could use another vehicle when needed.

1999 Jag XK8 convertible

Administrator answers:

Stay away from the Jag- Ford owned them and they were not well built and are very expensive to maintain

Laura asks…

What car should I get!!!?

I’m so excited lol!!!. Okay so my mom and dad said that they will buy me a new car.I don’t want to sound like a snub but don’t worry about the price my dad got that. I was thinking about the 2012 BMW x5 or the cadillac escalade Ext.
Also I’m a 17 year old boy.And which do you recommend for a boy that is 17.

Administrator answers:


Go for the Escalade EXT! The 2012 Cadillac Escalade EXT owns the full-size luxury sport-utility truck competition. It has versatility and a commanding V8 performance to make it a great investment. The EXT is a 5-passenger SUV that can transform with ease into a 2-passenger luxury truck with an 8-foot bed, making it easy to haul friends or cargo. If you need help locating a dealership or have any further questions feel free to ask!

Thank you,

Evan, GM Customer Service

Sandy asks…

Should I get a brand new Jeep Grand Cherokee 4×4 or BMW 335i xsedan blacked out (either car blacked out)?

I’m turning 17 years old in a couple of days. So, I want to finalize my car selection. I live in NY, and plan on going to college at Rutgers,Uconn,Penn State. Here’s my comparison:
Jeep costs $9,000-$12,000 less than the BMW
Jeep has 16/23 MPG City/Highway, BMW has 19/26
Snow/rain you want jeep
nice weather, you might not like big gas guzzler car but i put on ac anyway hate converts.
safety is jeep
both have big touch screen gps,jeep has back up sensors and camera, bmw only has sensors
jeep, above road feeling, your elevated more than a car, see the road better,etc.., bmw your low to ground not good vision
speed: Jeep: 290 hp BMW:300 hp
seating: Jeep: 5 BMW: 5
Trunk space Jeeps bigger
insurance: cheaper on jeep by $775
The only killer, is the Jeep has terrible gas miledge 16/23. So, Gas prices better come down. I aint paying $60 every week for gas thats rediculous. Hows the 2012 jeeps audio system, I was thinking to put in bose system??? I’m leading towards: Jeep comments,opinions

Administrator answers:

If you are betting on the gas prices coming down, you are wrong. Gas prices are heading nowhere but up. Partly because of worldwide demand for crude oil, partly because crude is priced in dollars and currently US dollars are being devalued due to US debt and current fiscal instability.
Oil close at nearly $100/bbl today, I expect it will climb higher next week.

Mary asks…

All fueled automobiles to be off the highways by 2012?

Obama wants all fueled driven automobiles to be removed by 2012. Thus thrusting the american automobile industry into an industrial revolution again and retro fitting existing infrastructure creating new jobs that will support companies to carry health care for their employees, so long universal health care. Ford will be announcing their version of the Mustang for 2012 called the Mustreem, and Chevrolet will be a thriving once again with there version of the Corvette called, Bio Vetro. These new versions will come with no bells and whistles future look but dry inside, and top speeds will top out at 75mph. Now americans will have to buy only american newly made vehicles, prices for new cars will be starting at 10,000.00 for a Mustreem and 15,000.00 for a Bio Vetro. Now foreign auto makers will have to meet our import tax demands as well as or environmental standards to be able to sell in the auto market. This is a radical plan but can prove to be profitable for the country and to say goodbye to foreign oil. Would you be willing to give up your BMW, Mercedes, Lexus, Hummer? I would, I drive a Toyota

What car do you want to drive, ( Hypothetical question )

Mustreem by Ford?
Bio Vetro by Chevrolet?

Good Idea or Bad Idea

Administrator answers:

I believe the date is wrong or you may be mislead because that would be damn near impossible to enforce.

Lisa asks…

Approximate insurance rate for a 2011-2012 Chevrolet Camaro?

Alright so im just looking around and i saw the new lease for the camaro’s msrp is aprx 23k and that is a little in my price range. But i would like to know the apprx insurance rate. Im in a family plan with my mom and brother. My brother has 2 major accidents and my mom might have 1 ” both at fault ” accident. My age is 16 almost 17. I dont plan on getting the SS just the basic model ( auto ) our insurance company is mercury. I know i wont get anything exact im just looking for an aprx. And please no comments on im too young for this car. im just considering this option. BTW i was given a quote for $140 for a 2002-2004 BMW 325 coupe and i know American car insurance is usually cheaper?

Administrator answers:

This is just about the worst possible place to ask this question. About the best you can hope for here is a wild guess. You would be just as well off picking a random number out of a hat.

For one thing, there are too many variables involved for someone to even give a ballpark figure. Things like your age, gender, location, driving record, vehicle getting insured, local minimum requirements, coverage desired, deductibles, etc.

Keep in mind that if you finance the vehicle the lender will require that you keep full coverage insurance until the loan is paid in full. Your lender will be immediately notified of any changes to this vehicle’s insurance status.

Get up and walk away from the computer.

Walk over to the telephone.

Near the telephone, most people keep a large book

Many times this book will have colored pages, usually yellow

Open the book to the colored pages section and look for the heading Insurance

Here you will find the telephone numbers to people in your area who actually sell insurance. Imagine that.

Pick up the telephone and dial one of these numbers.

A friendly person will answer. This person will be either an insurance agent or a person that works for them. Ask this person your question. This person may ask you a few questions to get some added details. Have the VIN number of the vehicle getting covered by this policy handy if possible. If you do not own the vehicle yet and do not have the VIN then the year, make, and exact model will work.

In no time, you will have a quote on the price. HINT: A quote will be far more accurate than any wild guess that you might get here.

Write down some of the details on a piece of paper. Phone number, name of the person you spoke with, price, deductibles, coverage,etc.

Next, repeat the process using one of the other telephone numbers you found in the telephone book in the colored pages section under the heading insurance.

After you have spoken to at least a few insurance agents, you can start to compare prices, coverage, and deductibles. Then pick the insurance agent that has the best deal for you, call them back, and then strike a deal.

One last piece of advice. You are far better off going through a local insurance agent where you know them and they know you. Let’s say a few months after you get your insurance you get broadsided by an uninsured motorist. Who would you rather be working with? A local person that you know and knows you. Or hear “Press 1 for English”, pause “Your call is important to us. Please wait for the next available agent…” a very very long wait, then finally get someone from a far away call center that barely speaks English. Sometimes the cheapest insurance is not the best insurance. Think about it for a bit before you make your final decision.

Sandra asks…

2010 audi s4 price in 2 years?

hey my parents said they would buy me a used audi s4 in 2 years after i get into college, but our budget is only 23-26k. do you think in 2012 i would be able to find a used 2010 audi s4 with that kind of budget? im not sure if its 2010 or 2009 but i want the year model with the sexy LED lights in the front..
i was considering a used bmw 335i also but i like the look of the new audi. but if you guys have any other advice/considerations, what other cars would be good with the given budget?

Administrator answers:

The typical new car will lose 12% of it’s value every year. In 2 years your Audi will be worth around 24% less than it’s original value,

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