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Your Questions About Bmw 3 Series

January 8, 2013

Sharon asks…

What parts frequently break on a BMW 3 series?

Besides regular maintenance like brakes and oil, what parts on BMW 3 series sedans (E46 so 1999 to 2006) frequently go bad? Thanks.

Administrator answers:

My husband has a 3 series and he had problems with the window motor. Airbag sensors, electrical problems. Like the other person said it is expensive to get work done on a bmw. Where i live we have a garage that only works on bmw and mercedes. If it wasn’t for that we would have to drive 30 miles to the dealer for repairs. Not many places here to get work done. Sometimes i wish he never bought that car, but he like it.

James asks…

How to get OEM factory radio out of 1992 BMW 3 series 4 door sedan?

I am having trouble getting out my factory radio out of 1992 BMW 3 series 4 door sedan Euro Spec, I can’t figure out how to pull it out and replace it with a Kenwood X7091. Need step by step instructions?

Administrator answers:

On either side of the radio there is a small flap that opens up. You can use anything with a point to do this. You will see a small slot to put a small pointed object into an open the flap outward. Once the flaps are open insert an allen key(cant remember the exact size but its fairly small) into the exposed holes on either side and uscrew the lock screws. The radio will slide right out.

Helen asks…

Is a BMW 3 series or 1 series better for a first car. Or is the lexus is a better first car?

Is a BMW 3 series or 1 series better for a first car. Or is the lexus is a better first car? Or is there a better car similar to these ones?

Administrator answers:

No question a BMW 3 series is a better car than a 1 series, which is why it’s also more expensive than a 1 series…..

I personally like the Lexus IS.

Donald asks…

How much difference is there in driving performance & comfort between Ford Ka and BMW 316i 3 series?

I am upgrading from a Ford Ka (1.3l) to a BMW 3 series (1.6l)

I was wondering how much difference i would find for any of the following..

1. Comfort
2. Driving handling
3. Power
4. Top speeds
5. Acceleration


Administrator answers:

As others have already said, the 316 is in a different league.

The Ford Ka is technically slower although being smaller and less refined may well feel faster. It will also be a bit more fun to drive. The Ka handles like a roller skate and even with the lack of power compared to the BMW would probably be faster on a twisty road.
The 316 is a heavy car with a small engine and I personally wouldn’t buy one.
I’d run a Ka until I have saved up enough cash to buy a 325/328/330.
The 316 will however feel like a limo compared to a Ka. Smooth, comfortable and quiet.

Oh and I agree with JG until he said the Ka would cost more to run. I can’t over emphasise how wrong this is. Fords are a lot more reliable than they used to be and BMW’s aren’t as reliable as people would have you believe. To be honest neither are bad in terms of reliability but for routine servicing any BMW, even a 316, is going to be far more expensive than a Ka. Tyres will be more expensive, insurance will be more expensive and it will get worse MPG.

I can’t get over how silly anyone who thinks a BMW of any sort will be cheaper to run than a Ka is!
I got rid of a BMW and bought a Ford Focus two years ago and for my wife’s birthday this year I had saved enough on running costs to buy her diamonds. I think that says it all.

Susan asks…

I am thinking about buying a bmw 3 series?

I am thinking about buying a bmw 3 series? Is it a good buy? Is it better to lease than to buy the bmw 3 series? Is it good on gas? How much does the maintance costs?

Administrator answers:

First of all, BMWs do not have V6 engines. They are inline 6. My M3 gets at least 25 mpg on a regular basis, unless I drive it hard for a whole tank of gas. I have hit close to 30 on long interstate drives. Not by the computer, but actually dividing the miles by the gallons on the pump.
You will love a 3 series. Maintenance is free for 4 years or 50K miles. I buy my cars, if you think you’re going to keep it a lease is more in the long run. Lease = rent.
Also BMW service is top notch. I just replaced my battery today, warranty long over, they replaced it for free and did full electrical check. Turns out it was just a bad battery.

Laura asks…

How do you fold in a BMW 3 series coupe’s wing mirrors?

We have just got a BMW 3 series with electronic wing mirrors and the manual says there is a button inside the car that folds them in automatically. We have tried many times with no luck. Is there a way to fold em manually?

Thanks alot

Administrator answers:

If its a right side drive bmw, the button should be to the right of the wheel next to the light dimmer switches etc.
Sometime depending on the BMW design, its certainly possible to close them manually. The mirrors usually fold upwards, as oppposed to folding them inwards

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