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Your Questions About Bmw 3 Series

April 13, 2013

Michael asks…

I have a BMW 3 Series and when driving it feels a bit bouncy? The gap from the top of the wheel to the?

I have a BMW 3 Series and when driving it feels a bit bouncy? The gap from the top of the wheel to the wheel arch is not huge but it a bit big.

How much does it cost to get a car lowered nowadays?

If I buy the kit myself and get a professional to do it, how much would we be talking? Thanks.
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Administrator answers:

£59 for a set of lowered springs
£100 – £200 for a set of shocks (standard or gas filled)
I’d expect to pay my local friendly tyre fitter about £150 – £200 to fit the lot.

Charles asks…

What color are the interior lights of a BMW 3 series?

for example in my 08 JETTA SE, the lights are red and the audi.and I love it. I was just curious about the colors of the interior of a BMW 3 series!!?

Administrator answers:

The dash lights? They glow red. It’s a BMW thing.

Maria asks…

BMW 3 series coupe suggestions and comments from owners.?

I am planning on buying a bmw 3 series coupe next month.I want to get the 6 speed manual transmission and i chose this car because of the driving experience. I just wanted to confirm my choice by asking owners for their comments or suggestions on why this car is good or bad. Any information is appreciated.Thanks.

Administrator answers:

I own a 2006 325i coupe. And for me it is just fine for day to day driving. It isn’t “fast” but in manual it will be much more rewarding, mine is auto and a bit boring, even in sport mode. The 335 (if its in your budget) would be the most rewarding drive
if you get 19″ alloys expect it to effect ride quality. (you feel every bump on the road)
Black or silver will be best for resale
if you want a window tint, get it done elsewhere, you save $
oh and if your a music lover, upgrade the audio system, you will not regret it!

Sandy asks…

What is a better car, a BMW 3-series, Mercedes C-class, or an Audi A4?

I just got my permit yesterday and drove a BMW 3-series, and I was just wondering what out of the German cars in it’s price range are the best car in general, especially which has a better ride

Administrator answers:

Good question. Here is my personal opinion and experience.
Mercedes: Wonderful comfort, looks awesome, very smooth.
BMW: The 3.0L is designed for performance, handles wonderfully, lots of power, looks awesome.
Audi: V-8 performance, but more weight, looks better as popularity gains, handles nicely

If you want a SMOOTH ride that looks great then Mercedes is great. If you want to leave a Mustang in your dust and still look nice then BMW upper 3 series or M3 is my pick.

Any of the three are great, and their customer service is where the extra $ comes into play.

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