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Your Questions About Bmw 3 Series

July 5, 2013

Daniel asks…

the onboard computer on my 2000 bmw 3 series just shows the time?

the onboard computer on my 2000 bmw 3 series just shows the time,i’ve checked the fuses in the glovebox and everything is ok.any ideas?

Administrator answers:

If it used to show other details and now doesn’t, it needs to go to a dealer or a specialist.

I hope that helps,


Betty asks…

How come there are lots of 2008 used (almost brand new) BMW 3 series ?

How come there are lots of 2008 used (almost brand new) BMW 3 series on used car website? I mean even BMW 5 Series too. Are there any problems with BMW 3 series? are BMW‘s initial quality bad?

Administrator answers:

There was a problem with the 3 series especially the 335i with that cause a fuel pump failure.

Many 3 series were affected and many people when to the dealer many times for the same problem.

Some people people want it to lemon the car however what BMW do is that they buy back your car at about the same price that you buy it originally ( when you filled a lemon it damage the company reputation).

The problem is solve mow but it originally affects most if not all BMW with the new twin turbo engine 335i 535i

that’s why they are so many used on sale.

This cars will not be lemons they will show on the VIN that BMW north america buy them.

They have good deals

Jenny asks…

what is a the difference between a normal bmw 3 series, and the e9x?

my mate has the bmw 3 series e9x, its 2008, just wondered what the e9x represents?

Administrator answers:

What do you mean by normal 3 series?
The E9x IS a 3 series. Every 2008 3 series IS an E9x.
E90- sedan
E91- wagon
E92- coupe
E93- convertible

Previously, the 3 series was an E46, E36, E30 or E21, depending on what year it was made. Now there are four of them, but they are all still 3 series.
The E means Entwicklung, German for development. When a platform- such as the 3 series- goes through a major design change, it gets a new number.

Lisa asks…

How long and how much to install a starter in a 1997 BMW 3 series?

How long and how much to install a starter in a 1997 BMW 3 series. i was looking on youtube and it looked pretty simple. but the mechanic i went to said about 4-5 hours???? which MEANS $$$$$$$

Administrator answers:

That mechanic was only covering his ass… Its a fairly simple job and anyone who has any experience replaceing the alternator on your M50 should be able to do it in about 1-2. The price depends on the hourly wage and how much you were charged for the part.

I couldn’t find a DIY article for that particular job so what you found on Youtube should be a good indication of how long and easy the job is

John asks…

What’s the Best Year for used BMW 3-series?

I am in the market for a used BMW 3-series. I heard that the 2003 models are among the most reliable for the 3 series. Is that true? Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

Administrator answers:

No one can realy help you. All Bmws where made to last. I personally like anything from mid 80′s to early 90′s 3 series. Its all up to personal preference.

Joseph asks…

Is there anything wrong with buying replacement parts for an older BMW 3 series at Autozone, etc?

I have been using autozones parts on my toyota and they are pretty good. they’re not expensive and do the job.

I am looking at older BMW 3 series (e36) and some people say that replacement parts are expensive.

is it bad to use autozone parts or something? they’re not expensive. they have parts for pretty much every car in america.

Administrator answers:

There is nothing wrong with that. They have some service-related parts such as oil and air filters, and even brake rotors and pads. But they do not have too many parts available, and you would probably find online parts retailers such as a lot more cost effective than most places.

Paul asks…

Would you buy a 2006 BMW 3 Series manual or automatic?

I personally don’t know how to drive stick, but i want to learn. I hear its easy to drive stick with practice. Now would you buy a BMW 3 Series manual or automatic. I hear most people don’t go stick with luxury cars they go stick for sporty cars. I don’t live in the city i live in the suburbs.

Administrator answers:

The auto just because its easier just turn ignition on and away you go no hassle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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