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Your Questions About Bmw 3 Series

August 2, 2013

Joseph asks…

What is the Average wait time for a BMW 3 series.?

I have booked my BMW 3 series here in Canada (328xi sedan to be precise) I would like to know what is the average wait time before I would be able to take delivery. I understand that the car comes from Germany.

Administrator answers:

It took my 328ci 7 weeks from Germany.

Good Choice in car.

Lisa asks…

The pros and cons of a used BMW 3-series?

Hey everyone, I just need a little help when it comes to buying a used car. I hope to eventually buy a used bmw 3-series (no older than 2003). My friend says not to do this because it is expensive to maintain and that brakes and other items are rather pricey. Is this true and would it be best to go to a private mechanic for repairs. I know nothing about buying used cars and any additional tips and information would be great. Thanks

Administrator answers:

Your friends know about expensive brakes but don’t let your “friends” scare you into NOT buying a BMW if thats what you want.

You should have the income, job, career to handle a BMW, because once you do, sure parts and big maintenance can be pricey, but its relevant to what you do, your finances.

I’m going to copy-paste a Y! Answer I gave a young lady about buying a first time BMW, here goes:

If you buy a well maintained BMW from responsible, mature owners you’ll be fine. Yes, the make is great for teens or older as a first CART … Because its got better safety rating. I as a parent would look into those and encourage my teen to think safety and real driving first, knowing how to drive and handle a BMW in any situation is key.

Your parents should be wary of maintenance costs. BMW can be pricey to fix because of their quality and intricacies. Something may need upgrading just as a maintenance like suspension, fuel pumps, radiators, thermo’s, shocks, etc.

I recommend really searching for a BMW that was owned by responsible people/owner with maintenance proof, not a BMW douched up by other teens or posers who may have tampered with the car to “mod” or “tune” it.

I’d also recommend a 3 series, and telling your parents you’ll help, half or quarter ways on any maintenance costs. You should at least start also being responsible and making sure YOU take care of basic stuff like oil changes, which you should do AT 3,000 no exceptions, fuel/petrol, … Etc.

One last tip as I’ve noticed this so much in the used BMW market and a HUGE mistake by newbs getting into the BMW way of driving – if the car over heats, always glance at that gauge, stop the car. Do NOT drive it one bit after it goes beyond the center mark or in the red. Do NOT attempt to let it cool down and drive it again. Just call a towing company, have it towed to a BMW specialist and or German car shop/garage. No exceptions.

One last tip – resist the urge to mod/tune it. But go OEM on parts, especially brakes and German replacement part names like Bilstein, Meyle, etc.


Donna asks…

What Car Is More Reliable; A newer Cavalier or a 95 BMW 3-series?

2000 to 2002 Cavalier with under 200,000 K or a 95 BMW 3-series with 200,000 K

Administrator answers:

With those mileages probably the bmw although that is not a guarantee.

-johnny wadd

Linda asks…

I’m a college student and I really want a BMW 3 series 2004?

I’m looking at a Used Black 2004 BMW 325i with around 90,000 miles on it.

I know I should be getting something like a beat up Honda Accord or something, but there is just something about the BMW 3 series 04 that really catches me.

I’m 19, got my California Driver’s License last December when I was 18.

What do you guys think.

Honest detailed opinions or comments are greatly appreciated.

Best answer gets 10 points!


Administrator answers:

I’m a college student in cali as well and I was looking at a 04 3series too. The main problem is the maintenance on a BMW is incredibly expensive. Not to mention you have to insure it and as a fairly new driver that could get pricey. I went with an 08 C class and I’m paying around 430 a month. That’s not even for full coverage on insurance. Then you have to factor in gas and since our age group tends to have a thing for upgrades you have to count that. Lastly since it’s a used car there probably gonna be a few things you’ll have to repair. Best choice would be either a Japanese car for cheaper everything or a new car within your price range

Nancy asks…

How much will maitaining a 2006 BMW 3-Series cost?

How much will i pay for maitaining a 2006 BMW 3-Series per year?
In average.
How much will i pay for maitaining a 2006 BMW 3-Series per year?
In average.

just the car maitaining fee.

Administrator answers:

Most of the dealers have a prepaid maintenance plan available. Mine covers 2 years and up to 100,000 miles for $1500. That includes oil service (115) (4 times so far) new brakes and rotors all around (1000) and AC maintenance evaporator replacement (680). Not to mention wiper blades at (30) ea and bulbs. The also flushed and filled cooling and brake systems. Almost forgot the serpentine belt and hoses as scheduled. Turns out to be a great deal! Pluss if it is in the first 48 months/ 50,000 miles it is free!

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