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March 29, 2013

Joseph asks…

Whats the difference between Bmw 330i and 528i?

I’ve been looking at used cars and i saw a 1998 Bmw 528i and right next to it was a 2001 Bmw 330i. Whats the difference between the 2 they look the same. And which one would be more reliable to drive and i heard there high on maintenance is that true? Any way please help. Thanks.

Administrator answers:

What are you talking about?…. The 5-Series is much bigger than the 3-Series. They don’t even look a tiny bit the same. The both have different fronts and rears.

Susan asks…

Is the BMW Z4 an impressive car to drive for an 18 year old?

I bought a 2005 BMW Z4. It only has 50k miles on. I got it cheap because it was salvage and I am about to be completely done restoring it to “new” condition. My parents did not invest a dime in it and I worked so hard, for many weeks to get it done. Do you think the ladies will be impressed?

p.s. I also planning to sell it at the end of the summer and buy a 4 door car.

Administrator answers:

It is. I am 23. When I was 21, I bought a 2000 Porsche Boxster for $9700. It took me 5 years to save up for it through min wage jobs. I still drive it 2 years later. I don’t plan on ever selling it. It is too much fun.

However, you will get stereotypes and people will be jealous of you and always assume your parents bought it for you.

Donna asks…

Is it true that BMW engines are not unleashed to their full potential?

I heard the office gossips talking about the BMW 118i M Sport and the engine being a detuned version of the two-litre Valvetronic powerplant ?

How can you tune it to go from a 1.8 to the full 2.0?


And I don’t need stupid answers like oh rubbish car this and that.

Administrator answers:

People always assume the 118i is a 1.8ltr, it is NOT. The 118i engine is in fact a 2 litre engine (well 1995cc) and it is in a low state of tune 143hp. Even the 116i uses the same 2ltr engine at 122hp.

The 120i is the same engine but tuned to 177hp.

The cost and hassle of getting the 118 up to 120 will not be worth it. Just get the 120 or de badge the 118.

George asks…

How can i get the limited lock setting off my bmw without a master key?

Its a 1993 318is bmw. The owners manual says you need a master key( which i have no clue why the door and iginition doesn’t work) to unlock it from this limited setting, but i dont have one. Is there any way that i cna get the trunk open and unlocked without going to get it fixed?
I have been using the normal key, but it doesnt work for the trunk now. It works for the doors and you can still drive it though

Administrator answers:

As Krazy bob stated, you are using the valet key, you can open and close the doors and drive it but cannot open some parts. You need to find the master or go to the dealer and have one made. No other way around it

Michael asks…

What is a good website to download or buy a BMW owners manual from?

My car is a used BMW that didnt have the owners manual in it, where should i get one from?

Administrator answers:

Try this website

Chris asks…

What is the resistance on original speakers in a 1994 bmw 540i?

What is the resistance typically found on the speakers of an e34(1990-1995) bmw 540i? What are the ohms?I got a car radio system(just the stereo no speakers) and I believed I wired it correctly but the speakers aren’t working. Thanks in advance for your help.

Administrator answers:

Most are 4 ohms but some in the doors are 2 ohms
did you turn on the factory amplifier that is in the trunk ? Left side

Mandy asks…

How do I listen to my mp3 player through a BMW 320i?

I recently bought a BMW 320i (55 plate) and somebody told me that I could listen to my mp3 through the car’s speakers. I’ve found a sort of plug socket in the middle glove compartment that looks as if it should be a connection but theres no way of connecting it to my mp3. Is there some sort of attatchment I need to buy, or is there some other problem?

Administrator answers:

There are a few ways to do this. I don’t know what “sort of plug socket” you are talking about, because I don’t have nearly enough money to buy a BMW.
But one thing you could do is buy one of those radio transmitters. One end goes into your 9v dash hole and the other into your headphone jack and then it plays through your radio.
Another thing you could do is buy an aftermarket head unit. You can get a nice one for $400-700. These have direct inputs for your mp3 device.

Paul asks…

How hard is it to become a BMW auto mechanic?

I really like BMW‘s and I wanna be a mechanic after I graduate from high school. I heard UTI has BMW-specific classes. How hard is it to become a mechanic? Like, how many years do you need of class and how long does it take to become fully familiar the parts of a car and how to fix them?

Administrator answers:

I attended UTI in 1999 and 2000 and attended the BMW S.T.E.P. Program after that. If you just take the basic auto program at UTI you should be done with it in about 18 months or less. After that the BMW program took 6 months. I thing it has been extended to 7 months now.UTI was not that hard and the STEP program was not easy but it wasn’t that hard. Its just intense. If you have half a brain and are good with your hands and have common scene you should have no problem. After getting out and getting into a shop it will take one to two years to get up to speed. You may pick it up faster of slower depending on your skill level. To be honest I would not recommend doing it. It has done good for me but in the past few years things got bad.BMW technical support is a joke now and most of the problems you will see are software related so it sucks trying to figure out whats going on. They don’t give you the info you need nor do they want to pay you for the work you do. Most shops you will work for you will be payed on whats called flat rate. What that means is you get payed for the work you do rather than how long you are there. I have had cars that have taken 6 hours to diagnose and get payed one hour for it. It can go the other way to. I know tricks that help me get a 6 hour job done in one hour. There is way to game the system from being creative to out right cheating. I pride myself on being a honest mechanic. Allot of it comes down to the quality of the person that is responsible for paying for the work you do. The last place I worked out warranty administrator was by far the stupidest person i have ever meet in my life. Her name was Lois. Anyway if you have a good one you can make a good living. You always want them to like you. Thats where i messed up. I don’t get along well with people like her. I no longer work at a dealer but last year i made about $75k. Not bad for a high school dropout. The problem now is you would have a hard time finding a job. Theres allot of mechanics out there that don’t have jobs. BMW has been pumping out a few hundred tech a year for the last 12 years or so. Also you have to think that things are slow now at the dealer, there not selling cars like the past. At my dealer sales where down about 30%. BMWs have a 4 year 50k mile warranty to a 6 year 100k warranty. That means you will see the car for that long, If there is 30% less cars sold thats 30% less cars that need service. If your the new guy you will be on the bottom of the latter when it comes to work and getting the jobs that pay well. Also don’t count on getting into the STEP program. They have closed a few of the STEP program facility’s so theres not as many seats. You have to do an interview to get in and you only have one shot, at least in my time you did. Over all this can be a good path to go but its hard on your body, you deal with allot of nasty chemicals and BMW customers can be um interesting. If your smart enough and you like BMWs i would say go to college and get a good job so you can buy a BMW. If you like working on cars and you like BMWs i think the last thing you want to do is be a mechanic. Like i said it can be a great living and has done me well but i wish i would have done something else. But im glad i did it.

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