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June 15, 2013

Michael asks…

How much does it cost to do a full tune up on a 2000 bmw 328ci?

How much will the BMW dealership charge to do a full tune up on a 2000 bmw 328ci? And what is included in the full tune up? Thanks!

Administrator answers:

There really isn’t a “tune up” so to speak.

However, you can request the dealer to perform an “Inspection II” which is the most complete “service” done by BMW dealers typically at every 60,000 miles or 48 months.

Items covered:

Note: Inspection II is an expensive service, can cost up to $900. But it varies from dealer to dealer.

Nancy asks…

How much I could negotiate down if I want a 2005 bmw 330ci?

Im planning to buy a used bmw. The kbb is marked as 28000 to 30000. I saw one for around 28000 at dealship, what the bottom line could be? Is it possible to get it for 26000 out of door?

Administrator answers:

Yes it may be possible to do that.
UNDERSTAND do not go into the dealership talking kbb especially if you have a trade because we dont use kbb unless a customer wants to then we also use kbb to value their trade which usallay means it gets cut in half.
Just tell the salesman that you want that car and have 26k to spend out the door if they balk get up and walk.they will call you back trust me

James asks…

What is the average yearly maintenance cost for a Lexus or BMW?

Any Lexus or BMW owners who can tell me how much they spend per year on maintenance costs? I can’t decide which brand to buy out of the 2. This is a huge factor.

Also I plan to buy certified pre owned if it makes a difference…
I’m looking at Lexus 250h or a hybrid… BMW 325i or the M series.

Administrator answers:

BMW is offering maintenance on new BMW’s, but I’m not sure about their certifieds. The Maintenace is supposed to be all routine up to 50k miles I think.

George asks…

What is the best aftermarket stereo to put in a 02 BMW 3 series?

Was wondering about possible aftermarket stereos to install in an 02 BMW 325 that just doesn’t look totally out of place with the rest of the car something that flows with the layout of the dash and all. Thanks
not needing something with gps or dvd playback something basic simple but could play iphone or ipod and just goes the the layout. Something inexpensive.

Administrator answers:

The best cd players that have amazing sound quality and are the only ones Id buy are the following in order from favorite to least:


JVC is my favorite because the options it has, and trust me, it sounds incredible!

Oh btw dont buy sony car audio…its tempting I know, sony is a good brand, but their car audio is junk, take my advise. Good luck!

Lisa asks…

How do I manually lower a power top on a 2000 bmw z3?

I have a 2000 bmw z3 2.8 and it has a power top that is currently not working for some reason. Does anyone know how I can manually lower the top? Thanks a lot for any help I can get.

Administrator answers:

It’s easy. Open the trunk and reach behind the left (driver’s side) trim panel. The hydraulic motor and pump are located there (sort of under the radio antenna). On top of the pump, there is a “T” shaped handle, maybe an inch long. Unscrew that handle about 2 turns. The convertible top should now operate just like a manual top.

If you can’t feel the handle, you might have to pull the trim panel out slightly and look, using a flashlight to see it.

Sandy asks…

How long will a new 2009 BMW 335i last before you have to replace parts?

My friends have been trying to talk me out of a BMW. People say that BMW‘s are bad because when they break down it is very expensive to fix.

So I was wondering, how reliable is a brand new BMW or more specifically how reliable is a brand new BMW 335i?

Is it as bad as everyone makes it?

Administrator answers:

If the car is maintained then no worries. The engine is bullet proof.

Robert asks…

How do you pull out BMW 325i engine oil cover?

I was trying to check the engine level of my BMW but couldn’t open the cover. I tried pulling up, twisting then pulling up, and then finally tried to pull up harder. Not one of them worked!

How do I actually open it?

Administrator answers:

You check the oil level by pulling out the dipstick. The oil fill cap usually twists of in a counter clockwise direction.

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