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August 26, 2013

Lizzie asks…

How do I clean foggy BMW headlight covers that looks like oxidation has taken hold?

My headlight covers on my 2000 BMW 528I are no longer crystal clear but are now cloudy looking.

Any tips on how to make them clear again would be greatly appreciated.

Administrator answers:

The auto parts stores sell kits to take care of that issue. It’s easy. Basically, you will just be polishing them.

Maria asks…

What engine would give my bmw e12 the most performace?

Looking to upgrade the engine in my 1980 bmw 528i. Ive looked around and it seems like the m30 is usually what people put in but my dad thinks i should put in an m50. I just want an easy upgrade without a lot of hassle and modifying of anything.

Administrator answers:

Yeah I’m with the other answer. You could fit any e36 inline 6 engine. M50, M52, S52, S54. All of them are easy to modify, my 1998 328iS has a M52 and it’s easy to work on the car…

Helen asks…

How long in terms of mileage can an autogear box on a BMW lasts before it needs replacing or overhaul?

I am planning on buying a used BMW 318i automatic (the shape from mid 1999). I have seen a lot of cheap ones but with high mileage (100k +). I just wondered how many more miles before the autogear box packs up or needs serious attention. Thanks.

Administrator answers:

You can make it to 300K or more if properly maintained.

Otherwise, that would be a function of how well the previous owner took care of the auto tranny. You may get lucky and the tranny will last a while or the transmission may die after 2,000 miles. Have a mechanic take a good luck at things.

I had a 1993 318i (stick) that I paid $3,800 and had 186,000 miles. I got 23,000 miles out of the car before I had to swap the engine and put in a new clutch. If not for going broke, I would have replaced the alternator and probably get at least 50-100,000 miles out of it. BMW’s are expensive to maintain and I cringe at high mileage cars BUT if one has cash in the bank and doesn’t want a car payment – these cars are fun to drive.

Robert asks…

What are the mercedes classes to a lexus and bmw ?

For example the BMW 7 series is to a Lexus LS Class, or Lexus GS model is to BMW 5 series.
Or the Lexus LS is to an Audi A8. Well If you guys can help that would be great.

Administrator answers:

Benz S class ~ 7 Series BMW ~ Lexus LS


Benz E class ~ 5 Series BMW ~ Lexus GS


Benz C class ~ 3 Series BMW ~ Lexus IS

These are the closest match that there could be. There can not be a direct comparison between the brands though.

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