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Your Questions About Bmw Dallas

March 12, 2013

John asks…

Mercedes G500 or BMW 335i?

Okay so my last question had to do with the same thing only the G500 was a Rover Sport. Still having the same issue love the rugged look of the G500 but hate the gas mileage. With the 335i I love the sporty side of it and the twin turbos and the gas mileage is great, im a Junior in high school that lives in Dallas what car would you suggest?

Administrator answers:

The 335i definitely! Better handling, and amazing power!

Mary asks…

1999 BMW Ticking noise from engine?

Bought this car few days ago. Everything great when I bought it. I drove it to Dallas (about 250mi). I had to stop in the middle to get some food. I turned the car down, go to the gas station and grab few food. Back to my car, turned the car on and suddenly the oil indicator (yellow) pop up about 20 second and it goes down. Then I continue to drive to Dallas without problem until I arrived at my destination and try to park the car. I heard a ticking noise from the engine near the driver seat ( in idle position). I drive the car and the ticking noise went faster as I accelerate. I thought it might be the oil. The next day I bring the car to a dealer. They changed the oil but the ticking noise still there. They told me that it might be the power steering pump. There’s green liquid in it and they suspect previous owner put wrong liquid in it. They ask me to flush and refill it. but personally I don’t think it’s from power steering. Anyone know whats the problem? I Appreciate your help!
sound like this:

Administrator answers:

What you need to do is to isolate the noise to a particular component. The classic way to do this is with a very long screwdriver, but you can also use a three-foot length of garden hose.

Put one end of the garden hose on the component that you want to check, and put the other end in your ear. When you put the hose on the component that is making the noise, you’ll hear that noise echoed more loudly in the hose.

Use this technique to check the valves (put the hose on top of the intake manifold), the power steering pump, the A/C compressor, the alternator, and any other belt-driven accessories on the car. You’ll know when you hit the right one – the change in the tone of the sound is quite distinctive.

The bad news is that your noise sounds very much like valve noise. If this engine has adjustable valves, you might be able to get away with a valve adjustment. If not, you’re probably looking at having the valve lifters replaced.

If you got any kind of warranty from the place that sold you the car, GO BACK immediately. If not, take it to the best mechanic you can find, and be prepared to find out why “BMW” stands for “Break My Wallet” :-)

Mark asks…

which is best to live part 2 austin vs dallas vs houston?

okay i love all the answers i was getting in part one but i think you guys need more info about me… i am 30yrs old married with 2 kids i was born and raised in california LA area so im on the makeup nice designer wearing likes bmw‘s side of things… i live in atlanta,, i hate it because it too country for me .. my hubby is from the ATL and wont move to CALI so thats why we are moving to texas… Austin remined me of CALI so much!!! so im looking for the best city in texas that comes the closest to CALIfornia… i m not into the cowboy thing.. i want people who love gucci, nice clothes has some style about thems selves we will buy a home around the 300,000 range.. for example in austin i love round rock, houston i like katy and sugarland.. so with alll that help!!! please dont think im stuck up im not i just like nice things and i work hard to get them!!! thanks a bunch… oh and i love mexican food and seafood… i ate at two places in austins razuo’s it was very good… atlanta has no clue wha t mexican food is!!! and people atlanta has the most unfriendly people!!! very racist and peoples teeth are missing all throughout the town.. i need to live in a well manicured areea. altanta is a hot mess.. and 3/4 of atlanta doesnt even have side walks… if any of you have heard of rancho cucamonga CAlifornia this is the type of area i like and again like the areas well the dell childrens center is in austin… sorry so long just wanted everyone to get my type of environment im used to.. this yahoo question stuff is so addicting

Administrator answers:

Everywhere in TX is nice to live really except San Antonio. If your into the whole city stuff, I would say Houston or Dallas. Austin, isn’t a major metropolitan city.
If you go with Houston, there’s Katy, Sugarland, Friendswood, Webster, Kemah, League City, etc…
Both Houston and Dallas, have some of the largest shopping malls in the country, with a lot of high class areas (no matter what city, there is going to be bad parts of town) Dallas has Mexican, and Houston has Mexican and Seafood. (But keep in mind Tex-Mex is a little different from Baja.) And, I think that is all you mentioned.
Hope I helped!

Maria asks…

Why is it that some undocumented citizens (in this case) Latin American come off as rich?!?

I live in Texas and this can be seen in Dallas and Houston. In Houston there are people that my friends and I know for a fact are undocumented yet they are out driving New Mercedes, BMW and Cadillacs. They are also wearing high end brand names. Yes we know some of them work as Coyotes and bring people here to the US illegaly for about $5,000 a person, but not all of them are doing this! We have never seen where they live, some do own a home on a fake name and like 15 people live in one, so thats where it doesnt make sense. They obviously dont have paperwork to buy a house, and the cars they get are most probably used and were sold by American owners. Does anyone have any REAL input, especially if you live in Texas or California?!?

Administrator answers:

You must live around drug dealers or something, because all the illegals i have known are poor as heck, or just getting by.

Sandra asks…

should i ro shouldnt i move away for school??

ok my sister from dallas is moving back here with her family(who i love)…there is a college here with the grad program i like…the school i want to go to is in the city but a private college(very expensive)…i would have to work full time then as a teacher…i would have to buy a cheap/used car..if i stayed here all bills would be payed and i could get a bmw. what would u do??

Administrator answers:

I’d go to the best school with the best professors where I think I’d be happiest.

Grad school is all about being poor and sacrificing material comforts for intellectual things that you love.

All of my friends drive crappy cars, have multiple jobs and debts, and are happy in grad school.

A BMW will eventually get too many miles and die. An education is forever.

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