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Your Questions About Bmw M3

May 23, 2013

Richard asks…

How long does a BMW M3 run for?

How long does a BMW M3 run for?I mean referring to miles and kilometers?and how many liters and cc?

Administrator answers:

Why is the sky blue?
That is a very big questions, if you are talking about how long it runs with a full tank of fuel? Well, it can carry about 55 liters and it does 20mpg, so you can now work it out.

The engine capacity is 3246cc and pushes out 338bhp with 365Nm of torque.
In terms of the M3′s life span, well, that depends on how its been looked after and how often its been serviced. BMW recommend it gets serviced evey 7000 miles??!?!?!?! So if you can find one with full service history……….GRAB the keys and force the cash into his hands!!

John asks…

How Much Would It Cost To Make E36 BMW M3 From An Automatic Tranny To A Manual Tranny?

I’m looking to swap my ’95 BMW M3 automatic transmission into a manual transmission and I’m wondering how much it would cost me to have that done.

Administrator answers:

You will spend less, not only in money, but also in Time and future headaches/repairs if you just buy a Manual E36 M3.

Honestly, you can probably buy a used E46 M3 for about the same money and increase your HP about 90hp and have a car that’s 10 times that of the e36 right out of the box!

Susan asks…

What kind of HID Kit do i need for my 97 BMW M3?

im planning to buy one, i just dont know what kind of HIDs fits my 97 bmw m3.

Administrator answers:

For your car the bulbs you need. The low beams are a 9006 and your high beams are a 9005. They are very similar connections though. If you want to get a fog light conversion you will need h1′s for your car. There are lots of different temperatures ranging from 3000k- 30,000 kelvin. Go to these guys where I bought my kit … They seem to have everything

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