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Your Questions About Bmw M3

July 28, 2013

William asks…

how much does a 1994 bmw m3 cost from a scrap yard without an engine?

I’m wondering becausei want to get the BMW and put a ls1 engine in it. So how much does a 1994 bmw m3 cost from a scrap yard without an engine? Thanks

Administrator answers:

The cost of metal times the weight of the car traditionally. So about 140 x weight of car=price
although it may not be that way at all scrap yards, just my local one.

Ken asks…

How much miles per gallon does a BMW M3 get?

How much miles per gallon does a 2002-2006 BMW M3 get.

Administrator answers:

16/24 manual
16/23 automatic

John asks…

What car has faster acceleration and would be better to enter into races BMW M3 Coupe or a Camaro ?

Im thing about buying a Camaro or a Bmw M3 Coupe what car would be faster please explain

Administrator answers:

As someone with many years behind a drag race a highly modified camaro might win, but in a road race the M3 would make the camaro look like a yugo.

James asks…

Can you fit a roll cage/half point roll cage into a 2 door BMW M3 E46 and keep the back seats?

I was waondering if you can put a roll cage or half point roll cage into a BMW M3 E46 and keep the back seats just in case you want to drive a couple of your friends around, give them a lift and stuff? Is it possible? Thank You!
I would like detailed answers please! Much appreciated!
I would like detailed answers please! Much appreciated!

Administrator answers:

It is entirely possible to do this. The question is does this roll cage need to conform to any governing standards. Like to race on a given track. If so then it might not be, you need to consult with the track or racing autority as to how the cage must be mounted.

One other thing, if your car needs a cage, I doubt it should still be driven on the street, and likely you should have already pulled all 3 other seats to cut weight.

Robert asks…

What kind of Income do you need to make to afford a BMW M3?

Just wondering, what kind of income/salary do you need to buy a BMW M3

Administrator answers:

M3 would be a $60,000 – $70,000 car.(after options and tax)
Usually, to be safe you shouldn’t be spending half of your annual income on a car. But if you want to stretch and be stingy in other areas, you can purchase one for 2/3 of your income.
Leasing it would be better, if you can get tax cuts and want to change it in few years.

In general, I would say minimum $100,000. If you make $150,000, you can comfortably purchase it.

Lisa asks…

How can I tell what kind of corner lights I need for my 2003 BMW M3?

I have a 2003 BMW m3 and want to replace the headlight corners with black ones…do I need screw on type or snap on?

Administrator answers:

Is you car a facelift ?

Linda asks…

How much sperm do I have to donate to afford a 2011 BMW M3 Coupe?

Well i lost my job and my house got mortgaged but i have an idea for money making which is selling my sperm at the sperm bank because I need to afford a new 2011 BMW M3 Coupe but im running low on money how much would it take?

Administrator answers:

Shït, that’s the funniest thing I’ve seen today. Thanks for the laugh :)

Susan asks…

How do you feel about bmw m3 changes?

So apparently the new 2014 BMW M3 will first be realeased as 4 door automatic only!! Then once the 2 door is released it will be titled the M4! What is the cause of this odd disappointing change.

Administrator answers:

If that is true, I would hate it.

I like it when car companies and models stick to their roots.

Here are unfortunate things happening:

The Corvette was a high tech high quality car when it came out in the 50′s. Now it is a cheap plastic car with few luxury features.
Mazda is the brand all about driving and sportiness, yet the only sports car they make now is the MX-5 and Mazdaspeed models. Bring back the RX-7 and MX-6 MAZDA!.
Porsche is switching to electrical steering, larger cars, and they are making SUV’s and sedans. That is everything against what the company’s original goals were.
Honda had the guts to introduce a CRX successor and make it a slow HYBRID. CRZ. Even the new 2014-2015 NSX will be a hybrid.

I don’t know what companies are thinking.

Steven asks…

The new 2014 BMW M3 based on the new 3 series has what codename?

The new 2014 BMW M3 based on the new 3 series has what codename?

What I mean by that is what will be the code number for this new car.

1st generation was M3 e30, 2nd generation was M3 e36, 3rd was M3 e46, 4th was M3 e92…

What will the code be for the 5th generation?

Administrator answers:

F30 for the general 3 Series and F32 for the M3.

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