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February 9, 2013

George asks…

What is a good present for a BMW E34 M5 owner?

My boyfriends birthday is coming up and he loves his m5. I’d really like to get him something nice for it without asking him. If you know any good websites with things like shift knobs, etc let me know. His car is also a euro spec as well. Thank you!

Administrator answers:

Get him a gift certificate for auto detailing/cleaning supplies from the website shown in the link below. There’s lots of great information on the site about mainintaining your car to look it’s best. I’ve learned a lot and bought a lot from this website. You cannot go wrong, he’ll really like it.

Hope this helps.

Paul asks…

How badly will my Mustang whip a BMW M5?

I have a 95 Mustang GT 5.0, American muscle! MY nieghbor got a 2007 BMW M5 an his son said it would beat my stang, YEAH RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!! Howbad will my mustang beat his just so I can back myself up!!!!

Administrator answers:

If you put the same amount of money into the mustang that they paid for the BMW, they would not have a chance. If your car is stock, you don’t stand a chance. They paid the money for factory to do the homeowork and put the power into it. As it stands, he will suck the paint right off of ya.

Ken asks…

What does a license plate “2 CEXI” on a BMW M5 say about me?

If you saw this license plate on a BMW M5 what would you think of the person

Administrator answers:

Actually to answer your question w/o disparaging remarks, I’d say that if you are a male, then it will likely be taken as an extreme negative. Many may be jealous that the guy drives an M5 and then to “rub it in” uses a vanity plate that proclaims he is “too sexy.” Putting on my Freudian hat, an M5 is a 4 door, so guy has a family or is in sales, but most wives would not approve of a husband running around in an M5 with a “too sexy” vanity plate… So, I’d guess he was divorced and maybe overcompensating. Furthermore, it would trigger negative thoughts that the guy is probably also pompous as well.

Now, if it’s a woman, then it’s a bit different. Many single women drive 4 door SUVs or 4 door cars, but a BMW M5 is probably 80% purchased by males. A “too sexy” license plate on a female’s M5 would probably cause a bunch of unwanted attention if the woman were actually attractive. In fact, I would think that the plate alone would increase your likelihood of being in an accident as male drivers that notice the plate speed up to “check out” the driver. Also, if you’re not extremely attractive, then you’re likely to also get the negative implications from other drivers that feel it’s their duty to tell you that your license plate doesn’t match your looks. Finally, when the car is parked, esp. Late at night, you might also attract stalkers or muggers waiting for a well-to-do woman with money and jewelry (not to mention the keys to the car).

One last thought, and this goes to the jealous crowd… An M5 with a vanity “2 CEXI” plate sitting in a parking lot might be a “key magnet” if you know what I mean.

Mandy asks…

How much is it cost for 134K 1997 BMW M5 ?

134K. Automatic, AC works great, sunroof is ok, radio with CD changer works, leather interiors clean. window is a little cracked , electric windows and seats work, slow sometime.

thanks for help!!!!

Administrator answers:

Kelley Blue book or NADA can give you approximate values.

They vary from location so I would input your information there as well.

It is also best to take a BMW of this class for a PrePurchaseInspection at a local reputable european/BMW repair shop for $50-100. This will help you get a fair assessment of the problems there may be now and in the near future.

Joseph asks…

Fair price for a 2002 BMW M5 with 54000 miles?

What is the fair price for a 2002 BMW M5 with 54000 miles on in (So. California car)? It is in very good (not “mint”) condition. This is a private sale.

Administrator answers:

I’ve been looking around for an older E39 M5 like yours and have seen them at around $30K to about $35K. Check out and and see what comparable M5′s are going for around your area.

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