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Your Questions About Bmw M5

April 18, 2013

Mark asks…

Which would win in a race- BMW M5 or a Hyundai Equus with a V8 engine?

My friend is being a total bitch and making fun of me, because her parents have BMWs. There not even new. There 2004s. My dad has a brand new Hyundai Equus and it has a V8 engine. Who would win in a race?

Administrator answers:

The joke’s on her, BMW M-cars are BRUTAL to maintain, slurp down fuel, and in those years, weren’t very attractive. They do however feature very advanced drivetrains, and potent engines. The hyundai runs to 60 mph in about 6.4 seconds, while the BMW hits it at 4.0 seconds. While the equus is a fine car, it’s emphasis is more on luxury than performance, while the BMW’s are designed and built by the motorsport division of the company. While your friend may be a jerk, she is right, the beamer would mop the floor with the hyundai in a race.

Sandy asks…

What does the license plate “2 CEXI” on a BMW M5 say about me?

If you saw this license plate on a BMW M5 what would you think of the person

Administrator answers:

I’d think you were funny with a good sense of humor and (hopefully) the license plate was true

Donna asks…

What is the difference or similarities between BMW M and BMW Alpina?

I need a high performance car. What is the difference between BMW M5 and BMW Alpina B5?

Administrator answers:

Unlike BMW M’s own M5 which has a naturally aspirated 5.0L V10, the Alpina B5 uses a supercharged 4.4L V8 which produces similar horsepower but has far greater torque.

Sorry, I don’t know too much about alpina.

Laura asks…

What kind of Doors should i get for my BMW?

I have a BMW m5 and was wondering to put in new doors. my choices are Suicide doors Butterfly doors and gull wing doors what type of door should i get?

Administrator answers:

Why change it? Are you wanting to destroy the value of the car? Create more wind noise? Loose lateral stiffness and structural rigidity? If those are your goals then any of those attrocious options will do that.

Or have a little class and keep them as they were made. I think the designers and engineers at BMW know a little more about the car’s integirty than you.

Richard asks…

Can I import a slightly different European version of a car (for example a diesel BMW) to America?

I realize there are emissions/safety restrictions on cars and that’s why you can’t bring in a Peugeot 206 or a Lada, but would there be any problem bringing in a car that is simply a slightly different version of a car that already sell in the US. For example, would it be possible to bring in an Audi RS4 or BMW M5 wagon, even though only the sedan versions are available in the US? What about a manual transmission Mercedes?

Administrator answers:

Why on earth do so many americans think that Safety and Pollution restrictions in Europe are LESS strict that in the USA when in the fact the European Laws are the strictest in the WORLD?…

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