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Your Questions About Bmw M5

August 7, 2013

Daniel asks…

How much would a person pay for car insurance?

Let’s say I buy a BMW M5 made from the year 2006, how much would I pay for the insurance? Also, let’s say it’s a new car, too…
If you just buy a brand new car, how much do you pay every month? (I’m doing a research… so, please help me)
If different companies have different standards, then can you just tell me what you drive (the year it was made) and how much do you pay the insurance… I’m just doing a little research, and I’m not buying car… yet.

Administrator answers:

That’s hard to know because all insurance companies have different standards,call your local insurance companies and they can give you a free quota or whatever you call em.

Steven asks…

I want something nice and fast and ive got a price cap of 26000?

Ive looked in to buying things like BMW, Lexus, Mercedes-Benz, and other car makes. I really want a BMW M5 or a Lexus IS F. Things im looking for is a 5.0 V8 engine or V10. Leather seats and a sunroof and in dash navigation tho I can live without in dash it is very nice to have. I just really need a point in the right direction. Any suggestions are welcome thank you again for the help!

Administrator answers:

I would go buy a brand new nissan altima they have a 6 cylinder with 276 horsepower get the sport suspensiion and the manual 6 spped and a few other options packages for about 25 grand and go buy a an aftermarket gps and have it installed for the other grand.

Nancy asks…

Why is it that almost identical cars vary in price so much?

just like the: BMW M5 ($240 000) and the Holden Club Sport (Monaro) ($70 000)
If you look at there stats they are the exact same car.

Administrator answers:

Er…not really.

The Beemer is a precision built, limited edition sedan that is technically superior to the Holden in every way.

Buy both new and run them hard for 5 years, the Beemer will be going strong but the Holden will almost certainly have had at least some problems during that time.

It’s all about quality control, build standards and sophistication of components.

(Mind you, I’d take the Monaro!!)

Joseph asks…

should i get a twin turbo or super for m5?

I have a 07′ bmw m5 and want a better 0-60 time. What would be a better choice for an m5? why?

Administrator answers:

JATO rocket assist..

Lizzie asks…

Whats the fastest standard production estate car available to the public?

I want a car that i can take the kids to school in, do loads and loads of shopping with wife and have enough room for it, but i also want to be able to burn off all the boy racers down the seafront with there silly little corsas or gti or turbo somethings

Would it be like an Audi RS6 or BMW M5 or maybe even some Merc SL something?


Administrator answers:

Yup, Audi RS 6 Quattro. Avante 0-60 in 4.5 seconds.

V10 twin turbo 580PS @ 6,250rpm, 650Nm. I may be wrong, but I think it’s the Lambo engine.

Thomas asks…

Is There Any game for the Playstion 3 That Theres An M5?

Is there any game in for the playstion 3 that theres a vehicle clled BMW M5?

Administrator answers:

Sony owns the Gran Turismo franchise and they had the M5 on PS2s Gran Turismo 4 so I imagine they’ll have it in GT5 Prologue as well…

I did a little fact checking and found this Yahoo Answer from a few weeks ago..


Also, Need For Speed, Pro Street has a few BMW M3s..


Helen asks…

What would you do with your boyfriend if?

I’m dating this very handsome guy nice and polite but I discover he has a foot fetish. He likes to massage my callous soles, caress them as well, he always wants me to drive his BMW M5 all the time barefoot or flip flops. I really care form him but is this to much what would you do. Especially the one where he put his face against my soles that I think is to far advice please!

Administrator answers:

He isn’t doing anything harmful there are certainly worse things but if it bothers you that much you should talk to him about it. We all have different likes and dislikes and can’t really control what those are.

Susan asks…

What large luxury cars do 0-60 in under 6 seconds?

Needs to be family size and 4 doors a must. Also to make it harder, would like auto transition.
Jaguar S-Type 4.2 R Supercharged is 400bhp and is automatic so that top of the list at the moment
BMW M5 (96-03) is good but only manual
Oh and better still, keep it under 10k :-)

Administrator answers:

Kia Rio

Old Mercedes on a salvage title

Anything made by Yugo

Ken asks…

need someones help whats the difference between these cars?

hey my pops is buying me a bmw m3 right? and he owns a bmw m5, and my sister owns a bmw 540i whats the difference between the 3 cars. ok first the m3vsm5, which is better and m5 vs 540i ,answer those 2 questions for me,thnx =)
do u think the m3 has more potential than the m5 to become faster?

Administrator answers:

M-5 is a bigger chassis and is better than 540i M-5 has larger rims bigger wider tires better suspension. All above are available with V-8 engines and your M-3 has a in line 6 engine that is not slow by any measure. Go on line “Nuremberg ring taxi” Video there will show you just what the M-3 ring taxi can do. Hey Very nice dad! Attend a performance driving school please! The Drivers Edge dot com. Or a Road course drivers school near you.

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