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Your Questions About Bmw M5

July 18, 2012

Maria asks…

How much is it to insure a BMW M5 2009?

Im buying a bmw m5 in 2 months and i want to know whats the cheapest insurance company right now and how much do you think it would be? I tried quotes but they are pretty innacurate?

Administrator answers:

Hey it really is dependant on your age and insurance rating. If you are young and insure it will cost alot as it is a 2009 car thanks.

Thomas asks…

How To Rmove The Top Speed Limiter On A 2007 BMW M5 E60?

I have a BMW M5, and I want to remove the top speed limiter. Does anyone know of a (preferably cheaper) way of having it removed? I would love to see how really fast I could go bombing around in this sucker.

Administrator answers:

BMW says the E60 is limited at 155mph, I was able to hit 172mph with a stock ECU…. Have you achieved speeds that high yet? Maybe you do not need to chip the vehicle in order to “bomb this sucker”. I was able to hit 172mph on a closed airstrip, in my opinion though, driving in a straight line at high speeds in nowhere near as exciting as racing around turns on a track. On a racetrack, not drag/airstrip, I never needed to go faster than 160mph but had way more adrenaline than when I had hit 172mph.

If you must, browse
It is a online forum based community for everyone and anyone that does any modifications to their m5.

I think some people on the forum were able to chip their E60 for under $400, not through Dinan. People have hit +200mph with a stock E60, speed limiter removed.

Please keep the speeding on the racetrack and off public roads.

George asks…

What do you prefer a BMW M5 (2012) or the Mercedes – Benz E65 AMG?

I’am just asking the public. Not really any meaning just wanting to know what soem people out in the public prefer.

In my opinion i’d go for the BMW M5.

Administrator answers:

I would say the M5 simply because you can get it with a stick, and the AMG you cannot.

Lizzie asks…

what do I have to do to drive a BMW M5 E39 in the snow?

I plan on buying a BMW E39 M5, is it okay to drive it in the winter and what should i do to make it drivable in the snow

perhaps a bag of rocks in the trunk you let me know what you think

thank you

Administrator answers:

I’m sure you have performance tires on that car. Change them for all season or snow tires instead. And you can also buy snow chains. And yes adding weight in the trunk does help.

Charles asks…

Do they make the BMW M5 in automatic transmission?

I want to know about the models anywhere from 2000-2007? I can’t drive a manual transmission auto very well. Would I have to special order an M5 if I want it in automatic? I am willing to buy it used if I can find an automatic but should I even look for one? What do you know?
Thanks for your answers in advance.

Administrator answers:

The earlier of these dates is the E39 model. The all new E60 model became widely available in 2005.
The standard transmission from 2005 on is automatic in effect.
It has only accelerator and brake pedals – no pedal for the clutch. This transmission is called SMG.
There is a clutch but it is operated by a system controlled by the onboard computer. You select forward or reverse with a lever like auto cars have and press the accelerator, the car goes forwards or reverses, press harder it goes faster.
It is possible to take manual control and select any of the gears for yourself. However the car does not allow choices which would harm the engine or transmission. Manual gear changes can also be made from paddles next to the steering wheel.
The manual gearbox version of the current M5 is only available in the USA.

Jenny asks…

Where to find BMW M5 model car in RETAIL stores?

So my dad loves his 2008 BMW M5, and I am thinking about buying him a model for his desk at work. But the problem is that I can’t find a retail store like Michaels or Walmart that has that particular car. Do you guys know any stores that might have it? I live in the NH seacoast area, so there aren’t any huge malls or stuff that I can go to . But there is the good ol’ Fox Run.



Administrator answers:

If you go to your local BMW dealership you can buy a scale replica. They are not cheap some are as much as a down payment.

Susan asks…

How does a BMW M5 E60 SMG III transmission work?

I’m a little confused on how the m5 e60 transmission works. Is it where you need to be constantly shifting via paddle shifters or the gear selector but without a clutch? or is it like any other tiptronic where you can just slide it into manual mode from auto?

Administrator answers:

SMG is sequential manual gearbox. It is a manual transmission with a computer controlled clutch. From the drivers seat, it is just like tiptronic, with paddleshift on the steering wheel. But this transmission performs a million times better than that. It is just about as fast as any human can shift; formula 1 cars have been equipped with this technology for years. You can switch it into “automatic mode” but it isn’t as smooth as a normal automatic transmission. Because it is not anything like a normal automatic transmission.

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