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Your Questions About Bmw M6

August 28, 2013

John asks…

My brother just got a 2013 bmw m6 and drives it like an old woman?

He just got his car 2 week ago it’s beautiful and from my understanding it’s a beast. I don’t know much about cars or horsepower or stuff like that but i think the new bmw m6‘s must be fast. He drives it like an old woman. He got that car because he loves the way it looks inside and out. I’ve been in car with him today for 1st time, a completely open road and he was going same as speed limit. That car is NOT meant for old lady driving is it? How do i convince him to try to really test what this car can do?

Administrator answers:

Well obviously he’s not an idiot like you. Firstly is new and shouldn’t be driven hard for a while, secondly why would you do something stupid like speeding?

I just hope he doesn’t listen to you.

Linda asks…

How do people reach high standard of life/lifestyle?

I was just thinking, how do people reach high lifestyle or high standard of life? (in other words have everything they want and when they want), and I don’t mean be able to buy house anywhere right now! But as in: being able to buy flowers for any girl they like, go to restaurant at any moment, drive cars with high consumption (like BMW M6), park whereever they want because they don’t care about the crappy fine they get and they can pay it no bother, not thinking or bothering for if you can afford to pay bills or so. How do they reach it?
is only way really get lucky, come up with unique idea, realize it, go viral and get ritch? (like Apple, Facebook, Twitter etc…) or is there other way?

Like the reason I am wondering about this is: Because I am getting my masters degree in computer science (soft. development, networking, mobile applications, web development). I live in Ireland but I don’t plan staying here unless I get a great job.
How much would my average salary be?
I am very good with software development already and web development (this can be proven by seeing at how many jobs I have right now, right now I work for two web development companies and developing Android app for radio station). So I don’t have problem proving myself.
So at the time I receive my masters degree I will:
Have MSc in Computer Science.
2-3 years Experience in Web Dev/Software Dev.
I will be 23 years of age. Any good perspectives out there? which country perhaps?

Thanks. Will choose best answer if it’s worthy.

Administrator answers:

The real way to live a life like you’ve described is to set your priorities and stick with them. You also have to learn to live within your means. If a BMW means everything to you, you’ll forego things like lavishing gifts and flowers on any girl that catches your eye or going out to eat at expensive restaurants. It’s what everyone does that ever achieves the things they want. And no matter how wealthy you become it would be stupid to break laws (no matter how small they are). We’re all held to laws.

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