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Your Questions About Bmw M6

March 10, 2013

George asks…

How comfortable is the bmw M6?

Also how comfortable are the back seats and how big are they.

Administrator answers:

The back seats are pretty comfortable. The back seats are bigger and have more room than a convertable 325I.

Sharon asks…

does a bmw m6 have the same amazing drivin experience as a m5?

BMW m5 and m6

Administrator answers:

Yes, it does. The 6 is essentailly the 2 door variant of the 5.

Laura asks…

What is the best way to make an m6 louder?

is there any settings you can set on the 2008 BMW m6? If not, what are some other good ways to do it?

Administrator answers:

Buy an aftermarket exhaust.

Mandy asks…

What are job opportunities for Master Technicians?

I know the BMW M6`s engines are hand crafted and so are Mercedes-Benz SL65`s engines. If you are a master technician in the US could you train to get a job to build monster machnies like them?I s that what they do?(im shure you would also have to be ASE certified)

Administrator answers:

BMW and Mercedes engines are built in Germany. In the USA, engines are built in factories on assembly lines, except for NASCAR engines. Most jobs are in maintenance and repair.

Are you a car enthusiast who already works on cars for fun? If so, then do get ASE certified. There are tons of good jobs for people whi can repair cars. If you want to build engines, start to hang out with the NASCAR people.

Mark asks…

What is a car you want to get later on, and what kind of car would you choose that is expensive?

Mine would be Bmw m6

By expensive I mean 200,000+
Mine would be Porsche Carerra GT, engine is sick..

Administrator answers:

Rolls Royce

Robert asks…

What do you do when you walk past a tramp in the street?

Almost everyday we walk past smelly tramps
i never see anyone give them money but they have bags full of pennys
and then i saw one in town today saying ” got any spare change mr” next thing i know he’s hops in BMW m6 and wizzles of… but what do you do?

abuse them lol?
give them money or food..ect

Administrator answers:

I actually interviewd a couple for a psychology assignment in my junior year in high school….they all had intresting stories about how and why they ended up where they are….almost all of em have to do with drugs and alcohol..but some said its the only way they can provide food for their kids…

James asks…

What is the best car i should use in Need For Speed Undercover?

I’m using bmw m6 now but it not so good.

Administrator answers:

The one thing i don’t like about this game is that you HAVE to get different cars. But, the porsche 911 gt2 is one of the best tier 2 cars to use until you have enough money for any tier one car. And if you don’t go spending your money, you can buy the bugati, it’s worth the money and will keep you at the top of your game until the end

Steven asks…

How is a ”Shiftable Automatic” Different from a ”Automatic” transmission?

Well i know that the shiftable automatic looks like a manual but what are the differences between the pedals of a automatic and a shiftable automatic? how do you reverse?

My uncles friend just bought a BMW M6 and my uncle said that his friend said it was a shiftable automatic…i had no clue what does was…i don’t know how to drive a manual it hard?

Administrator answers:

Regular automatic transmissions and “shiftable automatics” are basically the same. Both can shift by themselves. The difference with the “shiftable” models are that they have a manual “mode” in which you can shift gear sequentially up and down by yourself (rather than when the transmission wants to as with a regular automatic). This does not require knowing how to operate a manual transmission or work a clutch pedal. Many people who don’t know how to drive manuals – or who don’t want to – enjoy the more sporty experience of shifting themselves with the shiftable automatics.

Linda asks…

What is the best of these cars to get used?

I have a budget of about 80k, im looking at 2008 maserati gran turismo, 2006 bentley gtc, and a 2009 bmw m6. which is the best everyday driver?

Administrator answers:

DO NOT buy the Maserati. These are finicky, expensive cars, with hideous daily driving comfort and practicality. The Bentley is solid and reliable, and the only downside reviewers have noted is that it feels like a Volkswagen, which it mechanically is. For a daily drive, the Bentley is my vote, and it conveys an air of old-world sophistication. It comes with a smooth Audi-sourced engine and the incomparable DSG twin-clutch semi-auto gearbox However, since you seem to want a fast, luxurious GT-style car, the M6 is the best in that category. With precise German engineering and a monstrous twin-turbo V8, this car can blow any SL63 AMG out of the water. Unfortunatly, the M6 is based on the E60 chassis, and the M5 of the generation was somewhat of a disappointment to M-fans. Additionally, the BMW uses a bouncy single-clutch semi-auto gearbox, which makes ordinary driving a chore. Buy the Bentley

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