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Your Questions About Bmw M6

June 16, 2013

Ken asks…

What is the best GT car in the world?

Gran Turismo cars are cars which generally have two doors, have acceleration similar to sports cars; but have softer suspension, offering a more comfortable ride.

So what is the best GT car in the world? Some models that come to mind are: BMW M6, Mercedes CLKs and CLs, Audi S5, Bentley GT, and Jaguar XKR. I have a G35 coupe, a decent GT car, but it pales in comparision to the likes to an M6.

Administrator answers:

U know wat I think these following cars are the best and i’ve listed them in order of my preference :D i think i’m more hung over the fiat group lol these people know how to make real class apart cars look and performance wise. Frankly speaking i feel i just want to own each and everyone of the cars which look sexy and have good perofrmance lol atleast once i get to drive wud be like heaven lol
U can go thru these links and c the specifications i liked it and look wise yummmmm.


Nancy asks…

In your opinion, what is the most gorgeous NEW car around?

My choice is the BMW M6.
Dude, a Sinclair C5 isn’t really a car… It’s some mini-transportation thingy and it’s not even being sold anymore.
Charly, my ride’s personal…
People, take not of the question. I said most ‘gorgeous’, as in most good-looking in your opinion. Not your ‘favourite’!

Administrator answers:

I like the hybrid….

I’m only attracted to things that don’t support the war, terrorism or global warming…..

Bikes look pretty good to me too….. Oooooh…. Check out that Huffy! LOL

Carol asks…

What’s the nicest American car you can buy for long trips?

All the high performance luxury cars seem to be foreign (German in particular). I like the BMW M6 because it has adjustable suspension/horsepower/stability control for different environments, so there’s a nice balance between performance and comfort. I’d rather buy an American car though.

Administrator answers:

Cadillac DTS for sure. Powerfull, Smooth, and quiet. After driving the caddy I wouldnt want anything else ever again.

Betty asks…

Is there a car that can outperform the M6?

Is there a sub $100K coupe that can outperform the BMW M6?

Administrator answers:

Corvette, corvette z06, viper, nissan gtr… Just to name a few

Robert asks…

Why is my dad being so selfish?

I’m so mad! My dad refuses to buy me a new Mercedes S Class! I got a BMW M6 for my 16th birthday but I totaled it last week and my 17th birthday is in two weeks and I thought I’d be humble and only ask for a Mercedes for my birthday but he said he’ll only buy me a used one! Isn’t that ridiculous? How do I convince him that used cars are icky?

Administrator answers:

Im guessing this question is just being put up to provoke a few people into giving you hate messages, however if this info is true i will say only a few words…..spoilt bitch.

Mandy asks…

Could a front mounted engine be moved and remounted as a mid engine car?

I want to build a replica super car, for example a Lamborghini. Could I use a BMW‘s M6/M5 V10, and mount it in the back of a car? As far as the tranny, how would this work? Could it be done? I was planning on having a professional shop do it for me. I know this could be very expensive, but I don’t care, I want to know if this would work, thank you.

Administrator answers:

My only real concern would be getting 5 reverse gears and one forward. Now if you were inclined you could mount it to a VW bug transmission ( adapter plate and much machining to crank or input shaft of the trans) and get you wheels turning in the right direction. Not really on a “Super Car” parts list! Other option would be a front wheel drive super car….Silly really but it could be done with off the shelf parts. Just buy a Vette and spend a fortune on bolt-on components. Might not get yourself killed trying to reinvent the wheel! ZR-1′s are real super cars!

Lizzie asks…

What kind of car should i get (new or used)?

I have a 40,000 budget. Looking for performance based cars. Considering a new V8 Camaro or a Used BMW M6. Any other options that you might suggest?

Administrator answers:

With a new performance car, you know that the car has never been beaten… With a used car, you never know what the owner did with it… Another small piece of advice is too take them both on a test run… You might prefere the feeling a powerful V8 between your hands, or you might prefere the rafinement and balance that BMW’s have to offer…

Sandy asks…

will wheels off of a 2002 audi a4 fit a 97 subaru impreza?

they are bmw m6 replicas and im just wondering if they’ll fit the impreza as it has ten stud holes?

Administrator answers:


Donna asks…

Why the CABRIOLET models of BMW like M3 and M6 are a lot heavier than the COUPE?

For example M6 coupe weighs around 1.76 ton but M6 cabriolet around 2 ton.The same goes for the M3(coupe 1.6 ton cabriolet 1.87 ton)
What is the reason of this extra weight?

Administrator answers:

There is extra equipment in a convertible. You have the motor for the top, the storage area, and the top itself with its frame made for folding up. But the biggest contributor to the extra weight is in the extra bracing throughout the car. The roof is used a lot in the stiffness of the car. Since there is no roof, there is nothing to help assist in the strength of the chassis. Therefore, extra bracing is in the doors and other areas of the car to help make it stiffer. This is heavier than a standard roof itself, and still not as strong.

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