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Your Questions About Bmw M6

July 13, 2013

Michael asks…

I want to buy a new sports car, but i debating between porsche, bmw or lotus?

These are my requirements for the car.
1) I want a sports car, something that people dont see everyday. I would like it to have sports characteristics.
2)must have enough trunk space for a hockey bag
3) Needs to have a confortable interior, comfortable for long drives.
4) the car must be able to drive in winter–> i live in toronto canada. It needs to be a year round car.
5) If possible i would like it to be good on gas.

Now i have been debating between the lotus elise, porche boxster or cayman, or the BMW z4 or M6.

Thanks for all your help

Administrator answers:

I’d go for the Z4 Coupe. Not commonly seen, good trunk space (it’s a hatchback, basically), and a good performer.

The only caution is that no RWD car is going to be really effective in snow. “Fast” is also generally mutually exclusive with “fuel-efficient.” You may want to consider the Audi S4, which is plenty fast and is also AWD.

Joseph asks…

Whats the difference between the BMW 650 and the 650i?

My question is not only about the 650 model, i want to know the difference between a BMW with an ” i ” in its model name and the BMW without the ” i “

Administrator answers:

BMW 650i exists and the 650 does not.

BMWs follow a certain nomenclature in the naming of many of their vehicles; a 3 digit number is followed by 1 or 2 letters. The first number is the series number. The next two numbers traditionally represent the engine displacement in cubic centimeters divided by 100.

The system of letters is:

* d = diesel
* i = fuel-injected
* x = all wheel drive
* L = long wheel base
* C = coupe (no longer used)
* T = touring (wagon/estate)
* t = hatchback
* g = biogas
* s = sport package (typically includes front sports seats, spoiler, aerodynamic body kit, upgraded rims, etc.)
* e = eta (essentially “economy” in English)
* es = eta sport
* cs = sport coupe (a combination seen on early highend coupes like the E9, E24, and special Motorsport variants of the E31)

For example, a BMW 760Li is a fuel-injected 7 Series with a long wheel base and 6.0 litres of displacement.

However, there are exceptions. The 2007 BMW 328i is a 3 Series that has a 3.0 litre engine. The 2007 BMW 335i also has a 3.0 litre engine; however, it is twin-turbocharged, which is not identified by the nomenclature.

The ‘L’ signifies special luxury variants. Most notable being the L7 (most famous of which are E23 and E38 based) and L6 (E24 based). They traditionally featured extended leather as well as special interior appointments.

The ‘M’ – for Motorsport – identifies the high-performance M vehicle of a particular series (e.g. M3, M5, M6, etc). For example, the M6 is the highest performing vehicle in the 6 Series lineup. Although ‘M’ cars should be separated into their respective series platforms, it is very common to see ‘M’ cars grouped together as its own series.

The ‘Z’ identifies a two seater roadster (e.g. Z1, Z3, Z4, etc). M variants of Z models have the M as a suffix or prefix, depending on country of sale. (e.g. ‘Z4 M’ / ‘M Roadster’ in Canada)

A capitalized ‘X’ may supersede the series number (e.g. X3 and X5) which refers to the Sports Activity Vehicle (SAV) lineup, all of which feature BMW’s xDrive.

Both X & Z vehicles will have ‘i’ or ‘si’ follow the engine displacement denoted in litres. The ‘si’ (e.g. X3 3.0si) identifies the vehicle as being equipped with the ‘sport package’ & is ‘fuel-injected’. X & Z vehicles only denoting ‘i’ (e.g. X3 3.0i) identifies the vehicle as ‘fuel-injected’ and no sport package.

Also, station-wagons/estates are traditionally given the “Touring” or “Sport Wagon” tagline, depending on country of sale.

Steven asks…

what is the fastesy bmw and also the fastest mercedes benz wich would win?

how much hp!?what is the top speed what kind of bmw or benz is it?

Administrator answers:

The fastest BMW is the M6, with a 500 horsepower V-10. Unfortunately, all BMWs are speed-limited to 155 miles per hour, although the upcoming Z9 might not be.

The fastest Mercedes-Benz is the SLR McLaren, with a 629 horsepower V-12, capable of about 210 miles per hour.

In this case, the Mercedes-Benz wins with practically no effort, though, like BMW, nearly all of its other models are also speed-limited to 155 miles per hour.

If you have any more questions, please feel free to ask.

Sharon asks…

Are there any facts to back up that the Shelby Mustang Gt 500 is better than the M6?

Also if both the cars were in a race which one would win? If the mustang lost is there anything you can do to the car to beat the M6 in a race?
What places or stores can you go to so you can be able to improve its parts?

Administrator answers:

BMW has NOT contested the claim. What does that tell you? There is always more that can be done to get more horsepower out of an engine. The Shelby would indeed win. But the Shelby is a race car. It is built to be the king.

Lisa asks…

Can i lease a mercedes/bmw for a month?

i want to rent a mercedes E-class for a month is it possible?or a bmw m6

Administrator answers:

Yes, most major areas have several prestigious car rental agencies. Don’t expect it to be cheap though…

Chris asks…

What car(Infiniti, BMW or Lexus) would beat the new corvette in a street race?

What car(Infiniti, BMW or Lexus) would beat the new corvette in a street race?

Administrator answers:

If a corvette and any infiniti, bmw, lexus went for a drag race, the only cars that can beat a corvette would be.

BMW M5, BMW M6. BMW M3 (with turbos)
Lexus LFA, ISF (with turbos), if Lexus GSF came out.
Infiniti G37 (with turbos), Nissan GTR could beat it (probably)

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