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Your Questions About Bmw M6

August 4, 2013

Linda asks…

What are some cool 4-seater convertibles for 2011 and forth? And 50s to 70s muscle cars?

I’m talking Camaros, Mustangs, BMWs, etc. I really like American cars because they are affordable. But German cars like the BMW M3 and M6 are cool and unaffordable. What about the older 50s to 70s muscle cars? Like the Chevrolet Chevelle SS. Tell me about all those muscle cars and how much they cost if they are in good condition. Here is a list: Pontiac, Plymouth, etc.

Administrator answers:

Buick GS 400, about 1969. Earlier 60′s GTO Convertible.

Susan asks…

SERIOUS EXPERIENCED ANSWERS PLEASE: Does the Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT) of BMW have a clutch pedal?

An ordinary manual transmission car has 3 pedals: gas, brake, and clutch. How about the DCT? Does the DCT only have gas and brake? Does it have paddle shifters? Please answer all questions and how do you drive it? Is the procedure just like the SMG in the BMW M5 and M6?

Administrator answers:

From a driving perspective yes it’s the same as the M5 and M6 with SMG as there is no clutch pedal. The biggest difference is the uninterupted flow of power.
The M DCT with Drivelogic combines two gearbox
components in one common housing with the same compact dimensions as a conventional manual gearbox. The “heart” of the new M double-clutch transmission in technical terms is formed by the two oil-cooled wet clutches.
One of the two clutches is for the even (2, 4, 6), the other for the uneven (1, 3, 5, 7) gears and, in addition, for the reverse gear. While driving, one of the two clutches is always closed, the other is open.
When accelerating – and when shifting down – the clutches are activated in an alternating process, one after the other. When shifting gears, the first clutch opens just as the second clutch is closing. This ensures an absolutely smooth and comfortable and at the same time an incomparably
fast gearshift without the slightest interruption in the flow of power.
This interaction of two clutches ensures a super fast rate of gear change in particular because the transmission control unit pre-selects the next gear with the transmission ratio matched ideally to engine and road speed and keeps this
gear waiting for immediate operation.
So when you’re accelerating, say, in third gear, an immediate flow of power is ensured by the appropriate clutch and the gearbox component controlling the uneven gears.
While all this is happening, the gearbox segment responsible for the even gears shifts to the gear required, in this case to fourth gear. The only operation required for this purpose is to close the clutch for fourth gear, at the same time opening the clutch for third gear, the power of the engine then being transmitted through the new gear with its different ratio to the wheels.
This entire process takes only a few milliseconds, meaning that in the time a skilled driver takes to press down the clutch pedal the DCT has easily completed the entire process of shifting gears, continuing to accelerate in the next gear higher up.
There are also 11 programs of driving styles ranging from auto comfort to super sport.

Oh – and of course launch control! Houston – we have lift off…. :)

Nancy asks…

Who owns a BMW M3, M5 or M6? How old are you and what kind of job do you do?

Hey. I just wanted some motivation. I want a BMW M3 for my first car, or even a BMW 3 series. what is your age? How great are they, and do they burn wholes through our wallets?

Administrator answers:

I’m 23 and I have a 95 M3. I started with a 2000 Mazda Protege then had a 2003 Acura RSX then a 95 325is. I still have the Mazda.

Do not start with the M. Please, do yourself and the car a favor and wait a little. Even if you have a starter car for only a year you will see great improvements in your driving.

I hate to see people getting hurt in cars they may not be ready for. The M3 is definitely one you can get in big trouble with. Depending on the model M3 you get you get varying degrees of snap over-steer that can be the end of you and the car if not controlled properly.

I also hate seeing a car that will go many, many, more miles getting damaged or destroyed by someone. These are performance tuned machines, you will have maintain them like one.

Also, if you go with an older M like mine, if you hit anything, or anything hits you, you car is totalled. No questions. It’s done. No insurance will pay to fix these cars because the value of the car is less than $10k. Repair costs tend to climb very quickly with body work.

Mary asks…

What are some foreign muscle cars that are affordable?

Something by BMW, Peugeot, VW, Alfa Romeo, etc.
I’m basically looking for a European equivalent of a Mustang, Camaro, or Challenger.

Administrator answers:

Audi RS4, S5

BMW M3, M5, M6

VW, Peugeot and Alfa Romeo do not make fast stock cars.

And nothing beats American Muscle.

William asks…

What year were paddle shifters an available on the non M 6 series BMW?

What year could could you get a BMW 6 series with paddle shifters without buying the M6? Were they ever available on the non-M series?

Administrator answers:

On 5 series, at least, you get paddle shifters if you opted for the sports transmission. It must be the same for 6 series. Also i believe this option became available in 2007 (2008 model year).

Thomas asks…

can I put the BMW rims on Infiniti?

I want to something similar or exact BMW M6 rims on my infiniti G35x 2007. Is it possible to put the wheels on i mean would they fit? don’t talk about wheels being expensive or something I just want wheels that are kind of that style like deep from the center.

Administrator answers:

No offense but that so stupid. If you want BMW rims you should have just opted for the BMW instead of the Infiniti. I love the Infiniti G-line but its just retarted to put design Q’s from another manufacturer onto an Infiniti G35 sedan, they are two completly different cars, exactly which one do you believe you own? Besides the BMW rims would look wierd on the Infiniti, you might aswell custom make the Rims to your liking if price is not a factor. Infiniti has sport rims available through thier dealer they just dont use those as options for the G37 sedan or coupe, they have an entire catalogue of their own, you can customize your Infiniti to revolve around the Infiniti design not BMW’s. And to answer your question, No i dont think it is a direct retro fit for the Infiniti G-series

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