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Your Questions About Bmw M6

August 15, 2013

Jenny asks…

which car from below is faster and is more a show off car than the others and you had to pick one?

Mercedes SL63 AMG, BMW M6, Corvette ZR1, Dodge Viper SRT10, Porsche 911 turbo cabriolet, Maserati Granturismo, Mercedes CL63, Audi R8, Nissan GTR R35, Aston Martin DB9

Administrator answers:

NOTHING can touch a Maserati for looks, sound, feel, respect or pure joy of driving except a Ferrari but you did not list it.

Linda asks…

What are the two really cool cars from Mission Impossible 4?

I know they are BMW‘s, but what model are they please?

Administrator answers:

One of them was an M6

the other is called the i8, its unreleased and technically a concept at this point. However, its expected to be released in 2013. Its electric

Laura asks…

Which vehicle is best on my list?

Here are my choices that i’ve narrowed down to:

(please choose which ONE vehicle is better than the rest and why)

BMW M3 coupe
Mercedes CL 63 amg
Mercedes SL 550
BMW M6 series coupe
Audi S5

Please refrain from choosing a car outside the list. Thank you.

Administrator answers:

M6. Hard pressed to find a better looking car.

Thomas asks…

which car would win in a race ?

My friends brother has an acura rsx type s with a vtech.. my dad has a bmw m6 with a throttle responce switch that increases it by 100 horsepower giving it 600 horsepower. while the rsx is not even 300 horsepower. he is convinced that the acursa rsx would beat my dads bmw m6. dont answer unless you actually know a thing or two about cars. thanks!

Administrator answers:

The RSX type S with its i-VTEC and all would be no match for the M6. It might be able to beat the M6 off the line because the M6 is a heftier car, but the RSX would lose quickly once the M6 starts rolling. The RSX type-S simply is not a match for a car costing almost 4 times as much. The price difference is justified by the fact that it oozes of racing heritage.

Charles asks…

How can I convince my Dad to get the new BMW M3 Convertible?

From what I’ve seen its an absolutely beautiful car. The new double clutch transmission is just stunning.

I typically have a large influence on what car my Dad gets, and I feel that this is definitely the car for him (price range is $80,000- $100,000). Do you agree? If not, what car should I take a look at? If so, what are some good selling points I can tell him?

Administrator answers:

If you are looking at M3 price range, I assume max $ spending is pretty flexible for you… So I’m sure your dad’s also think of AUDI RS, and Merc AMG. The BIGGEST selling point for BMW is that BMW M retains its value higher than Audi’s RS or Merc’s AMG. I currently have BMW M6 (2008), Mercedes SL55 AMG (2008), AUDI S8 (2009), and AUDI R8 (2009), and honestly, BMW is holding up its value the most… So this would DEFINITELY be a good selling point for anyone.
PLUS, BMW gets 4 yr or 50K full 5K mileage checkup as well as most covered warranty. This is also a big selling point. For a typical AMG or (R)S will cost you well over 1500 for check ups. So that’s also money saving!

Plus, AUDI breaks down quite often… Except R8… At least, my R8 hasn’t had any problem so far. My S8 has been going to the dealership every few weeks for a few adjustments and problems.. For 80~100K price range, the only AMG that your dad can get is either E class or CLS class AMG (C class AMG is just not worth the money). The brand new E is coming out this year and it’ll take awhile til AMG model comes out. The new CLS is comming out in about yr or so and that will drop the value of the current CLS models significantly so those aren’t really worth the money. I guess that’s also a good selling point.

Ken asks…

will bmw m6 rims fit a 2008 altima sedan?

I have a 2008 Altima sedan and wanna put some BMW M6 rims on it but dont know if they fit

Administrator answers:

Even if the bolt patern was the same, BMW is “special” and doesnt use lugnuts like every other car in the world, they have bolts that screw into the hub, rather than studs that pass through the wheel, and get lugnuts screwed onto them.

If you try to screw on a bmw reim with lugnuts, chances are the studs wont pass all the way through thebmw rim, AND if they did, the wheel wouldnt center properly becaue there is no self centering cone for the lugnuts to slide into.

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