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Your Questions About Bmw M6 Convertible

March 27, 2013

Laura asks…

Which car makes you feel coolest when you drive down the street?

Administrator answers:

Well i’m not old enough to drive but I would like to drive one of these.

Porsche Carrera GT
BMW M6 Coupe or Convertible
Cadillac XLR-V
Mercedes Benz SL65 AMG
Volkswagen Eos
Pontiac G6 Convertible
Mercedes Benz S65 AMG

Mainly any hardtop convertible or exotic car.

Steven asks…

My mom is looking at a car to buy?

We were looking at the 2007 bmw m6 Cabriolet and was wondering what is this car like as a daily driver? Also would it be alright to drive in the winter? I know its RWD but it looks like its a pretty heavy car.

Administrator answers:

It is a pretty heavy car due to it’s size plus convertibles are heavy cars) and that’s part of the reason the gas mileage suffers. The other reason is that this car is insanely powerful…. Almost 500 horsepower!! She’s worried about it as a daily driver? This car screams speeding tickets!! It’s not really an all season car with the high performance tires these come with, but they rock on drive pavement. It does have traction control but the tires aren’t four season tires. Still, this car will throw you back in your seat if you get aggressive with it. Not a car for the weak at heart. This is a true German muscle car.

John asks…

Are Fords and Mercurys reliable cars?

My ’02 Mountaineer just threw a rod at 112K miles. It needs a new engine which will cost more or about the same than what the car is worth. I love that car but I am afraid I have lost faith in the reliability of the brand. Has Ford gotten more or less reliable over the years? I feel like cars should last more than 112k miles these days, especially when the car is maintained as it should be. Am I making a mistake if I buy another Ford?

Administrator answers:

I have a 99′ cougar V6 with about the same miles on it… It has been my second car for 5 years now. I bought it new when the model was new,,, it had several “bugs” that were taken care of under warranty… And other than that it likes to go through alternators… It’s on it’s third now… Other than that it’s been a good car.
I have kids lining up for it as it looks showroom new and is quite flashy for a first car… I don’t wanna sell it! I soldmy 05′ charger that had PLENTY of issues…
I bought my dream car over the summer ;-) a new bmw m6 convertible… Varrroooommm!! ;-)

Maria asks…

How Do You Classify A BMW ?

hi so i was wondering how u would classify a bmw with the numbers and symbols
Aha what about the other letters like “x” or “L” ???
like in the bmw 745 Li ??? any info on that ???

Administrator answers:

BMWs follow a certain nomenclature in the naming of their vehicles; usually a 3 digit number is followed by 1 or 2 letters. The first number represents the series number. The next two numbers traditionally represent the engine displacement in cubic centimeters divided by 100.

The system of letters can be used in combination, and is as follows:

* i = fuel-injected
* d = diesel†
* h = hydrogen
* g = compressed natural gas/CNG
* e = eta (efficient economy, from the Greek letter ‘?’)
* x = BMW xDrive all wheel drive
* L = long wheelbase
* C = coupe
* c = cabriolet (convertible)
* T = touring (wagon/estate)
* t = hatchback
* s = sport††

† historic nomenclature indicating “td” refers to “Turbo Diesel”, not a diesel hatchback or touring model (524td, 525td)

†† typically includes sport seats, spoiler, aerodynamic body kit, upgraded rims, etc.; “s” on the E36 3-series identified coupe models (318iS, 323iS, 325iS, 328iS)

For example, a BMW 760Li is a fuel-injected 7 Series with a long wheel base and 6.0 litres of displacement.

However, there are exceptions. The 2007 BMW 328i is a 3 Series that has a 3.0 litre engine. The 2007 BMW 335i also has a 3.0 litre engine; however it is twin-turbocharged, which is not identified by the nomenclature.

The ‘M’ – for Motorsport – identifies the vehicle as a high-performance model of a particular series (e.g. M3, M5, M6, etc). For example, the M6 is the highest performing vehicle in the 6 Series lineup. Although ‘M’ cars should be separated into their respective series platforms, it is very common to see ‘M’ cars grouped together as its own series.

When ‘L’ supersedes the series number (e.g. L6, L7, etc) it identifies the vehicle as a special luxury variant, featuring extended leather and special interior appointments. The L7 is based on the E23 and E38, and the L6 is based on the E24.

When ‘X’ is capitalized and supersedes the series number (e.g. X3, X5, etc.) it identifies the vehicle as one of BMW’s Sports Activity Vehicles (SAV), featuring BMW’s xDrive.

The ‘Z’ identifies the vehicle as a two seat roadster (e.g. Z1, Z3, Z4, etc). ‘M’ variants of ‘Z’ models have the ‘M’ as a suffix or prefix, depending on country of sale (e.g. ‘Z4 M’ is ‘M Roadster’ in Canada).

Both X & Z vehicles will have ‘i’ or ‘si’ following the engine displacement number (denoted in litres). The ‘si’ (e.g. X3 3.0si) identifies the vehicle as being equipped with the ‘sport package’ & is ‘fuel-injected’. X & Z vehicles only denoting ‘i’ (e.g. X3 3.0i) identifies the vehicle as ‘fuel-injected’ and no sport package.

Sharon asks…

I am writing a book What car would a single woman with a rich sugar daddy drive ?

what car do you think ????

Administrator answers:

Pretty much any of the coupe or convertible models from the “expensive” brands.
For one with poor taste they would think a Nissan 350Z is the best thing on four wheels.
But for a classy one maybe a M-B CLK, BMW M6 or I do like the Audi TT convertible suggestion above.

Don’t forget the license plate is IM KEPT

Best of luck with your book.

Nancy asks…

Which car would you rather have out of the below?

Mercedes CL550
Maserati Granturismo S
BMW M6 Convertible
Dodge Viper SRT10
Audi R8 V8
Jaguar XKR Convertible

Administrator answers:


Charles asks…

what is the most expensive bmw convertible? I want to put all the upgrades into it. ?

Administrator answers:

Order up all the options for the M6 convertible, and you’ll have an auto with a $117,120 price tag.

David asks…

Why do gay men drive nice cars?

Whenever I’m around West Hollywood I would see gay men driving really nice cars. Mostly cars with nice paint jobs, clean, new, and from expensive companies like Mercedes. Usually when I’m around less gay-friendly area, I would see older cars with poor paint jobs and poor maintenance. Why is it like that?

Administrator answers:

Most gay people do not have 6 kids at home that they have to clothe and feed…
They have more money for important things, like a bmw m6 convertible for example…
;-) vaaaarooommmm!!!!!

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