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Your Questions About Bmw M6 Convertible

June 3, 2013

Robert asks…

This model year BMW has more letters in their car names than ever. Who can decode what those letters mean plz?

Example ixd

Administrator answers:

BMWs follow a certain nomenclature in the naming of many of their vehicles; a 3 digit number is followed by 1 or 2 letters. The first number is the series number. The next two numbers traditionally represent the engine displacement in cubic centimeters divided by 100.

The system of letters is as follows:

* d = diesel
* i = fuel-injected
* x = all wheel drive
* L = long wheel base
* C = coupe (no longer used)
* T = touring (wagon/estate)
* t = hatchback
* g = biogas
* s = sport package (Typically includes front sports seats, spoiler, aerodynamic body kit, upgraded rims, etc.)
* e = eta (essentially “economy” in English)
* es = eta sport
For example, a BMW 760Li is a fuel-injected 7 Series with a long wheel base and 6.0 litres of displacement.

However, there are exceptions. The 2007 BMW 328i is a 3 Series that has a 3.0 litre engine. The 2007 BMW 335i has that same 3.0 litre engine, however it is twin-turbocharged and not identified in the nomenclature.

The ‘M’ – for Motorsport – identifies the high-performance M vehicle of a particular series (e.g. M3, M5, M6, etc). For example, the M6 is the highest performing vehicle in the 6 Series lineup. Although ‘M’ cars should be separated into their respective series platforms, it is very common to see ‘M’ cars grouped together as its own series.

The ‘Z’ identifies a two seater roadster (e.g. Z1, Z3, Z4, etc). M varients of Z models have the M as a suffix or prefix, depending on country of sale. (e.g. ‘Z4 M’ / ‘M Roadster’ in Canada)

A capitalized ‘X’ may supersede the series number (e.g. X3 and X5) which refers to the Sports Activity Vehicle (SAV) lineup, all of which feature BMW’s xDrive.

Both X & Z vehicles will have ‘i’ or ‘si’ follow the engine displacement denoted in liters. The ‘si’ (e.g. X3 3.0si) identifies the vehicle as being equipped with the ‘sport package’ & is ‘fuel-injected’. X & Z vehicles only denoting ‘i’ (e.g. X3 3.0i) identifies the vehicle as ‘fuel-injected’ and no sport package.

Also, Station-wagons/Estates are traditionally given the “Touring” or “Sport Wagon” tagline, depending on country of sale.

***There is also convertible, which is a lower case “c” I believe, and “h” for hydrogen.

Sandra asks…

What kind of car do you drive?

Make, model, year, and name would be great. And why do you drive that car?

Administrator answers:

09′ bmw m6 convertible…

My home is paid for from bartending tips… Seriously…
I have the money for the payments, and i’m still young enough to not get the looks of a man in a mid life crises driving it… Lol

Chris asks…

My hubby were just about to purchase a BMW M6 Convertible when I found out I was pregnant…Please read on…?

We are thrilled, of course, but is this isn’t exactly a family car. What do you think? Should we continue with the purchase, or go with something different until the child is a bit older so we won’t have so many worries? Maybe go with an X3 or 550i Sedan?

Administrator answers:

EVERY BMW that anyone I know has had, always broke down or had some sort of problems. Nice cars, yeah, but a Mercedes or Lexus would be better. You could get a nicer car with all the extra money you would spend on getting in and out of the repair shop.

Betty asks…

help me decide between these cars for sweet 16?

seeing as how nobody can come up with cars on their own heres a list

my best friend turns 16 in june, her parents are getting her a car but they told her they arent.
they are gonna surprise her with the car.
but my parents are also getting her a car so its a double surprise
money is no problem
i know she doesnt want a benz or a lambo

heres 4 cars i found on a website but i cant decide which one is best for her

2011 aston martin dbs

2011 porsche carrera gt convertible

2011 audi r8

2011 bmw m6 convertible

pick one
if you can give me a reason why you picked it
thanks for your help

Administrator answers:

I think the porsche carrera gt convertible will be the best, it is stylish, probably the best looking and most teenagers like the convertible. The aston martin is also a good option as its a great looking car but I’d rather go for the convertible

Steven asks…

Should i spoil my wife so much?

My wife is 23 & i’m 29. We were married in June. We were on a two week honeymoon & i took off work for an extra week just to be home. Since going back we’ve really hit our mark. She’s a housewife by choice & i work in NYC. Our income is $650,000 yearly, mostly from investments i bought years ago. Anyway, i enjoy taking care of her. I’m up by 6am & she gets up by 9, by which time i’m at work already. She dusts & wherever & goes to the gym for an hour or two. She volunteers at our churches school in the after care program from 2:30-5:00. I get home at about 6:00 because i duck out early. When i’m there, dinners on the table & she has comfortable clothes ready for after i take a shower. I give her an allowance of $1,200 a week so she can buy her self clothes, groceries, & whatever she wants. I’m more than happy to load up her credit card so she can enjoy herself. Before we married i bought her a cherry red BMW M6 convertible. She started crying she was so happy. She’s no gold digger though. She’s very humble & conservative & she always tells me she doesn’t deserve the things i do for her. I grew up poor & now that i’m rich i love spoiling my woman. I want her to be the happiest person alive. My mom worked 2 jobs & was tired & sad most of the time. I don’t want that. So, do i spoil her too much or is it ok because we’re both adults?

Administrator answers:

You don’t spoil her! But don’t go more than that because then shell expect more and more then she WILL be spoiled….Unless you want to spoil her.

Nancy asks…

LGBTS:What type of car do you have?

if you dont have a car then, what type of car would you like to have?

Administrator answers:

I have a 09′ bmw m6 convertible… I got it last summer, it’s my dream car… My life is now complete… ;-)

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