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Your Questions About Bmw M6 Convertible

August 13, 2013

Steven asks…

What car would u buy from about 100,000-180,000$?

it needs to be fast, good looking, elegant, and if possinle a convertible..

Administrator answers:

Don’t get all idealistic here people, it’s a hypothetical question!
BMW M6, or I would take an Aston Martin DB9, roadster if you want a convertible. They are much cheaper than $180,000 too.
For closer to $180K, I would go for a used Gallardo Spyder: even some Murcielagos are going for under $200K now!

Mark asks…

which bmw is the best looking?

also pls include if you prefer coupe to convertible for your choice.

Administrator answers:

2010 M6 coupe!

Thomas asks…

2009 M6 convertible hardtop?

I have been thinking about picking up a new M6 convertible for a daily driver, but they only have the soft top available for it. I am curious if there is anyone out here that has found an aftermarket hardtop for one?

I’m not worried about the price as i just want one that looks “factory”. I live in the PNW and there is a lot of rain during the winters so a soft top can be a pain to deal with when it comes to waterproofing, condensation after a year or two, etc…

Thank you
i checked out the M3, but i’m 6’8″ and it wasnt that comfortable for me.

I have a bentley GTC right now, but i want something that isnt quite so flashy….hence the M6…..

Administrator answers:

I have a Continental GT also (except I have the coupe and with the Speed trim) and I agree, it’s quite flashy, so that was one of the main reasons why I bought my M5. But no, as far as I have heard there is no retractable hard top for any 6 Series, but there never was one for the 3 either until they recently came out with it, so since the 6 is relatively new compared to the 3 when they come out with the new body styles in 2010 one with a hardtop could be introduced, so you could just wait and see. And I’ve sat in both the M3 and the M6 and I’m a lot shorter than you so it might just be that, but I found there wasn’t a whole lot of an increase in headroom from the 3 to the 6, that’s just what I thought. Oh, and the BMW’s soft tops are pretty hardy in terms of weathering, I think it would seriously take a lot of rain to screw them up

Sandy asks…

LGBT: What’s your # 1 fav thing in the world ?

Honestly I love the iPod out of all material things. And I love soap and shampoo too!
What’s your 1 fav thing?
Oh and I love animals!
@ katlyin.. well that is a lot of info!
Lol lovewire :)

Administrator answers:

I just got a 64bit ipod… Mmmm…. And it’s already 90%full with over 6000 songs on it… ;-)

i have an 09′ bmw m6 convertible that i’m very happy with…
My boyfriend is a close second… ;-)

Sharon asks…

Could someone please tell me the value of BMW’s from their least expensive model till their highest?

Administrator answers:

The only difference between most models is the horsepower so the higher the number the more the horsepower, the bigger the car, the more it cost.
128i- 29,400
135i- 35,850
128i Convertible- 34,000
135i Convertible- 40,150
328i- 33,600
335i- 40,300
328i Coupe-36,500
328 xDrive coupe-38,400
335i Coupe- 42,200
335i xdrive Coupe, 44,100
328i Convertible- 44,550
335 Convertible-50,700
528xi- 48,100
535i- 51,100
535xi- 53,400
550- 60,400
650i- 75,200
650i Convertible- 85,300
750i- 80,300
750Li- 84,200

X3 3.0i- 39,700
X5 3.0- 47,500
X5 4.8-56,200
X5d (diesel)- 51,200
X6 3.5- 55,900
X6 5.0- 66,650

Z4 3.0- 45,750
Z4 3.5- 51,650

M (Same car but faster)-
M3- 54,850
M3 Coupe- 57,850
M3 Convertible- 66,500
M6- 102,100
M6 Convertible- 107,900
All amounts in US Dollars.

Richard asks…

2008 BMW 3 series convertible or Audi A4 cabriolet (convertible)?

I’ve narrowed my purchase to these two cars. Both come with sport and premium packages. Although the BMW is much more, cost is no concern. The only other thing to note is the Audi is a soft top, while the BMW is a hard top. Anybody have any experience with these cars? Which should I buy?

Administrator answers:

3 series will be a smoother, more exciting ride than the Audi.
However, Audi is more reliable and has better interiors.
Buy the BMW but you shall consider getting an Audi A4 sedan or something like an Infiniti G35.
Save up for a 6-Series.

650i is great, M6 is better, then there’s Alphine.

I drive an Audi and they are very good.
Better ride than BMW

but compare BMW and Audi.
Think about it, then get the BMW

You didn’t mention engine choices so you are not a PETROLHEAD, maybe a girl cause you want a CONVERTIBLE instead buy a SEDAN, SUV or a COUPE!!

Lizzie asks…

WHY the hell do people keep saying convertibles are girly cars?

Is the Lamborghini Aventador roadster girly?
Is the Mercedes SLS roadster girly?
Is the BMW M6 cabriolet girly?
Is the Porsche 911 Turbo cabriolet girly?
Is the Ferrari 458 Spider girly?
Is the Gallardo Spyder girly?
Is the Phantom Drop-head girly?
is the Bugatti Grand Sport girly?
Is the Bentley Continental GT convertible girly?
Is the Aston Martin Vantage roadster girly?
Is the Porsche Speedster girly?
If you’re talking about a pink VW Beetle convertible with Barbies, than maybe yes, but WHY THE HELL do so many people keep generalizing???

Administrator answers:

Cause they don’t have one.

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