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Your Questions About Bmw M6 For Sale

April 11, 2013

Helen asks…

How hard is it to get a car from China to the US?

I’ve seen these questions before on Yahoo answers but they all had some sort of Chinese car they wanted to get over here. The car in my question is a BMW M6, bought for over 4 times the MSRP over here. The car is not mine, but rather a wealthy real estate prospector that’s coming over the US for possible home sales. I’m sure for the most part that money will not be an issue for him but are there any legalities that must be gone ever? The car is just your average M6 so I don’t think there has to be modifications to it for it to be street-legal in the states.

Administrator answers:

It would be wiser to just sell the BMW in China and buy a US model when he gets here. Between shipping, customs and rework it is just now cost effective. There is a good chance that it could be sold used in China at a price that would more then pay for a brand new one here.

Linda asks…

How much should I ask for my 2008 BMW 650 when selling (Not in KBB!)?

I am getting ready to sell my 2008 BMW 650 and I’m not sure where I should start my asking price at. For some reason they don’t have the 2008 models on Kelley Blue Book.

I bought the car brand new for $82,000, and I know I can get at least $60,000 out of it, but I was just wondering if I could get a little more. I’ve done a little research for used cars for sale in my area, and there is not a single ’08 650 for sale–not in the paper, Auto Trader or even Craigslist, so I guess I have the advantage here.

Here’s a little more about it…

-20,000 miles (15 months of ownership, 1 driver–F, 25)
-Sport Package (19″ M6 wheels)
-Black w/ black leather
-Tinted windows
-Automatic transmission w/ sport & manual options, including paddle shifters
-Equipped with Sirius & ipod hookup

The car is obviously in excellent overall condition inside and out. So I’m basically just looking for the highest (reasonable) price I should start it at.


Administrator answers:

Yeah, you sure have the advantage here.

Buy & sell $60,000-$70,000+ cars off craigslist……yeah right.

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