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Your Questions About Bmw M6 Price

February 23, 2013

Steven asks…

Which one should I buy BMW M6 or Benz Cl550(not AMG!)?

they are both the same price.
I’m 26 years old and please say why.
Thanks for your time!!!!

Administrator answers:

Hi, I would go with the BMW M6. The M6 is faster, with a 500hp engine and has nice interior, but the CL550 has a more luxury cabin. The CL550 has a 382hp(not 320 like someone stated) which is enough to propel the car fast. If you want a really fast car, and performance is more important, go with the M6 simply. If you want a real luxury car, that shows higher class, wealth, and power, get the CL550. You could also look at the CLK63 amg, the convertible is about 100k with options and all, just like the CL and 6 series. If you dont know about that car it has 507hp and is just as fast as the M6, but i personally think the M6 looks better. I wouldnt go with the CL because it seems too “old man” and high class, which is not my style, im young and want the most powerful car on the block, and flashy. The CL looks better to me personally though. I own a E63amg and love the car, i would have choosen a m6 over that, but i also have a 911turbo! You want the M6.

Maria asks…

BMW M6, SL 63 AMG or Audi R8?

I previously asked about the M3 and the C63 AMG because i wanted to get opinions from everybody. One of them might be my future cars, and Im a great fan of M3 and ive preferred it the most, but its not easy saying no to an AMG lol….now choose between the M6, SL63 AMG or the R8? Let’s exclude the price. What’s your choice? if you can, try to give an explanation, although i know people tend to be lazy and simply say the name. Thanx

Administrator answers:

M6 because I know the history of the //M badge, and the quality that comes with it. Performance is amazing, and it comes with something that puts it in a different league than the Merc: a manual transmission. Right there is the reason I’ll never own a Merc, they won’t build a proper sports car. If I’m spending big bucks on a car, it better be in manual. The great thing about the Merc is, anyone can get in it, and drive quickly and flawlessly. It takes the fun out of driving if all you do is stamp the skinny pedal to the floor. The R8 is a very close second, but I’m biased towards the better looking M6!

Sandra asks…

What cars have a VERY good horsepower-price ratio?

For example the BMW M6 has 507HP, but is FAAAR to overpriced; Honda Civic Si has 201hp, but, since I am buying a used car, it is not too expensive, used, on the market.

Something in the middle, or any other suggestions, please.

Thanks in advance.

Administrator answers:

Mitsibushi evo is really fast car and cheap. Check it out. Horsepower really dosent mean anything. More of the weight of the car

Donna asks…

Is the BMW M6 BMW’s super car?

well it has a decent super car price ($105000) and a 500 hp engine. I think so but it officially their super car?

Administrator answers:

It is actually the M1 because that was the first M and was the flagship car because it was a supercar

John asks…

Would you rather buy an aston martin v8 vantage or bmw m6. HELP!?

So after a year or two of hard work, I am finally able to afford one of these cars. The models im looking at are under 100 grand, same year, same price. Which car would you chose?? Please give reasons as to why, im driving a honda civic at the moment and no one knows i have money (:. Im graduating this year, so i wanna leave with bang. Kids at my school call me poor and make fun of me, but i just work hard and save money.

Thanks guys!

Administrator answers:

Visit good general information and break down of the super car the Aston Martin DB9. I love this car!

Donald asks…

how much does a 2004 bmw 645ci cost? not the m6!!! the 645ci!??

avarage price?
!!! sorryy! how much does it cost in the united states i mean!>>????

Administrator answers:

Roughly in the neighborhood of $50,000 depending on features, mileage, and where (what city, state, country, etc.) you will be purchasing the car.
If you know the details about a particular car that you want, you can go to the Kelley Blue Book site and look up the values for any vehicle you want:
The Edmunds site is also a great resources for car values:

Jenny asks…

What is your top 5 dream cars considering the price?

Mine is:

Ferrari F430
Lamborghini Gallardo
Mercedes SL 55
Audi R8

Administrator answers:

Porsche Turbo
Mercedes SL 55 (have this, love it)
Aston Martin
Bentley coupe (blue, please)
The ’98 Ferrari Spyder is the most beautiful speeding sculpture

Why do we have to stop at 5 :-(

XLNT question-very provocative

Susan asks…

if price is not a problem, which one of these car would you pick and why?

1. Porsche 911 GT3 RS
2. Nissan GTR
3. BMW M6
4. Audi R8
5. Mercedes SL 65

Administrator answers:

Nissian GTR for sure. Nissians last way longer then any of the other ones, they are badass and sexy.

Lisa asks…

How is a corvette compared to other sport coupes?

I wanted to buy a corvette, base model, maybe even the z06. Some of the other cars I was looking at were the BMW m6 and the Nissan GTR, but if anyone has experience, could you please compare them, I am not looking to spend too much, keep the cars in the corvette price range. I am just looking for a fast, good car that will accelerate fast and make good turns. Also could someone tell me the reliability with the cars.

Administrator answers:

Well now (compared to your other choices)I’d pick up a used 06 z06 corvette for $40k and buy a twin turbo kit from sts turbo for a fair price or…….. If you were considering the price on a new zr1 I think your dollar would stretch further at lingenfelter + you get a 3yr warranty and would kill any street car

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