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Your Questions About Bmw M6 Price

April 24, 2013

John asks…

What is a good price for a decent first car?

Everyone tells me to stay below the $5000 mark, but I would be willing to put off buying a car for awhile if it meant I got one I wouldn’t have to replace in, say, 2-3 years. I’m going to university after the summer and I would like one by then. The max I think I’d be willing to pay is $9000, and I’d rather stay around $6000.

To give an idea of what I like, I like sedans and coupes, no hatchbacks, SUVs, cargo cars, pick-ups, nothing. Possibly cabriolets but not necessary. My dream cars are the Audi R8, BMW M3, Nissan GT-R 2008 model, GT500 KR 2008, Audi S5, BMW M6, Saab 9-5 Aero, just to give a general idea of the combination of classy performance cars and sport cars I like.

I would really like my first car to be a Subaru WRX or WRX STi, and I’m wondering what sort of price should I be looking for on that? I don’t really mind older cars, as I’m going to be replacing it after probably my basic years of university, but I would like it to last a decent while. I’m wondering what are reasonable price tags for a WRX, or a late 90s Honda Civic or something? Also, what should I look for as a max amount of miles? I’m hoping to not buy anything from earlier than say, 1995. Any advice would be appreciated.

To sum up, my main questions are:
1. What would a decent price tag be on an earlier model WRX STi or just WRX?
2. What would a decent price tag be on a mid-to-late 90s Honda Civic or similar (Corolla, Sentra, etc)
4. What is the max mileage I should be willing to accept?
5. Should I buy through a dealer or just private individuals [in my area]?
6. How old is too old?
7. Does it really matter if the title is rebuilt or whatever as long as the damage has been fixed/is only cosmetic?
8. Should I look into repo cars?

Thanks in advance for answers to all/any of these questions. :)
Thanks everyone for your help so far, especially “hamn”!!

I know Hondas are reliable, we used to have both a Civic and an Accord… great cars. But where I’m from (Portland, OR) they run expensive cuz EVERYONE wants one because they get such good mileage and stuffs.

I found this car:

What do you guys think? It seems like a good deal to me.

Also when buying from private people, how can I be sure that the car won’t be a dud? I can obviously drive it and so on, but if I were to lift up the hood and stare at it I honestly wouldn’t be able to tell if anything was about to break.

Administrator answers:

I think your 6,000 range is reasonable.

1. WRX STi’s will run you about 10k-20k used with average mileage and a clean title.

2. Late 90′s sentra will run you 2-4k, Corolla 2-5k, and Civic 2-5k. Personally if your going with either, a 2002 Honda Civic coupe would be great- sporty, fun to drive, can be found for about 6-7k, and are really reliable.

3. Mileage ranges from how old the car is.
Low milage= 10,000 miles x how many years old
Mid/Regular mileage=15,000 miles x how many years old

Mileage is irrelevant if it wasn’t maintained, so check for that too.

4. Buying through a dealer would be more expensive, so as long asyou get your car checked out by a mechanic, you should go for a private seller- less money for more car.

5. I’d say if your planning to keep th ecar for a couple of years, try to stay newer than 1998- older than that can question reliability and safety.

6. YES. It really matters- some cars that get into car accidents never drive the same afterwards- and sometimes random stuff falls off, depending on how well the job was done. If your buying a salvage title/crashed car, make sure it wasn’t flooded, and had no frame damage.

8. Repo cars are iffy- most people didn’t have money to pay the car, which means they didn’t have money to maintain it. It really depends on how good of a car you find.

Good luck!


Stay away from SAAB’s- they are infamous for their many mechanical and electrical problems, which is why the car is so unpopular.

If you want something reliable, but cheaper than the honda, check out the Ford Focus. Despite ford’s not so great name, the Focus is quite reliable if taken care of, and it’s about 1/3rd cheaper than the Civic. Other models: Mazda 3, Mazda Protage, Nissan Altima, Toyota Celica.

You can tell if a cars a “dud” if you bring a mechanic with you. Yes, it’ll cost about 50 dollars, but if he catches a major problem, he can save you thousands.

I say look and test drive cars, then call a mechanic specializing in the car make, and ask him to take a look at it, then buy it :) .

Ruth asks…

What is the price of …………?

1- Ford Fusion
2- Ford Fiesta Diesel
3- Ford Fiesta Special ZXi Leather
4- BMW M6

Administrator answers:

The price of new car listed below are lifted from

1. Ford Fusion Hatchback…£13,681 – £16,238
2.3. Ford Fiesta Hatchback…£11,536 – £16,289
4. BMW M6 Coupe…£55,280 – £86,790

Charles asks…

Luxury sedans: Audi S8 vs BMW 750Li vs Merc S500 AMG vs Maserati Quattroporte vs Lexus LS 600?

prices, fors and againsts for eacj
BQ V8 vs V10 what u prefer
BQ: S500 AMG vs Lexus LS 600?
BQ: What car do u drive?
BQ: BMW M6 vs SL500
I just wanna know, cause I have a BMW X6 TC 4.4, S65 AMG, CL65 AMG, Hummer H2 T (bought today),
my mum has a 750LI 2009), I saw an Audi today= so nice
Maserati – for me not cool
Lexus = vomitting
so I say S500>750LI>S8>Maserati>Lexus

Administrator answers:

With a V10 you’re just begging your mechanic to gouge you every time you need an oil change, they’re not as prevelent as a V8 and not as many mechanics will be familiar with them, no matter how much manufacturer certification he/she has.

S500 vs. Lexus….the S500 wins, German power over Japanese refinement, but that’s just me.

I don’t drive any of these…but wish I could.

That new M6 is badass…I’d love to drive one. BMW to me is the leader in Sports/Luxury Sedan technology. Mercedes seems a bit too old school to me and their design isn’t very exciting. Lexus seems good if you’re in your 30′s trying to impress your neighbors, BMW’s are classic, and cutting edge, they say you like to drive, not try to impress someone….the other cars you mentioned, The Mas…beuatiful car…but it’ll be a hassle every time you need an oil change….others to consider….the new Porsche Panamera…beautiful sedan, and power in droves….Porsche vs. BMW….tough call.

Daniel asks…

Car Price Check Please helpppppp!!!!?

BMW 645 With M6 Body kit
146,000 KMS
Please anyone know its price?
And is it worth 20,000 dollars?

Administrator answers:

Kelly Blue Book and NADA are good sources for the idea of how much a car is worth. Also search your local area for similar cars with similar miles/features. Honestly that will be your best bet.

Nancy asks…

Does anyone have any information on the BMW m5?

Does anyone know will it will come out and the price for it?
I know that the B7 came out, but not the m5 and m6.

Im interested in the m5 if the price is reasonable, if it’s too much then I’m gonna settle for the m3, such a beautiful beast :)

Administrator answers:

They M5 should start more in the upper 70′s to 80′s to perch itself atop the expansive 5 series model lineup. It wouldn’t be a stretch to see 90′s to maybe 100k when fully equipped.

Remember the 650xi convertible is already over 100k.

Helen asks…

bmw which one would you choose?

to me both cars seem the same, the only difference I can see is the price and one looks sportier than the other, but which would YOU choose and WHY?




Administrator answers:

The first link shows the M6 which is considerably more sporty and has a 500 bhp v-10 engine. The MRSP for this car is 109,000 USD

The second link merely shows the plain 6 series with 360 bhp and a price of 75,000 USD.

If it were up to me I would choose the 6 because it is so much less expensive, but is still sporty and fast. I would rather spend the 34,000 dollar difference on something else. Not to mention that the M6 requires loads of money to maintain.

Mandy asks…

What car should I buy?

I’m deciding between a 09 shelby gt500 with 3000 miles and a 08 bmw m6 with 27000 miles. If I buy the gt500 I’m going to replace the stock supercharger with a stage 3 kenne bell supercharger in it, aftermarket suspension, aftermarket intake, aftermarket exhaust, new headers, and a custom ecu tune. After all of this it ends up being around the same price as the M6, and should produce around 800-1000 engine hp, and 650-800rwhp. The M6 will be tuned with the following: eisenmann meisterschaft gt exhaust, carbon fiber dinan intakes, supersprint headers, evosport pulley,Kelleners sport camshafts, and a ecu tune. Whats the better car to buy? which one will I have more fun in? The M6 or the gt500? I will go out on track days… I know the gt500 has a rear live axle and will have trouble putting down all that power, but hopefully a suspension upgrade should improve the handling.

Administrator answers:

Out of those two I’d have the ‘Stang.
The BMW is ugly on a stick, I don’t care how fast it goes.

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