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Your Questions About Bmw M6 Price

May 23, 2013

Richard asks…

What’s the difference between BMW M3, M5, M6?

I have always wondered? which one is the most expensive and whats the difference

Administrator answers:

The M3 is based off BMW’s 3 series. The M5 is based off their 5 series, and M6 is based off their 6 series. They are all high performing models of the cars they’re based off of. The M3 is smaller, nimbler, and cheaper (in terms of price). Consequently, at 414 horsepower it has the least power of the three. The M5 is bigger than the M3, and unlike the M3 (which is a coupe), the M5 is a sedan. Due to its size, it’s not as nimble as the M3, but it’s still very agile when compared to its competitors. The M6 is the coupe version of the M5. It’s still bigger than the M3. The M6 is the heaviest, and its well known for its huge weight, which affects its handling characteristics. Both the M5 and the M6 have 560 horsepower.

Go to their website for more of the basic information

Search the three up on Youtube and watch professional reviews to get a little more insight on them. Forums help too.

Mary asks…

Does bmw supercharge or turbo their cars?

I noticed that none of the M cars by bmw have a turbo or supercharger. At least they dont say that on the website. My friend keeps bragging how most american sports cars would dust the M5 and M6. How much would it cost to supercharge or put a turbo if possible. Would there be a huge difference in HP?

Administrator answers:

BMW turbocharges some of thier cars. The M series are not turbo’d though, basically because they do not need it. The M3 has a great V-8 motor that produces more power than the 335i which is twin turbocharged. The M5 offers a 5.0Liter V-10 motor, with 500 horses!!

The BMW’s that are turbocharged that I know of off the top of my head are, the 135i, 335i, and 535i all of which share the same 3.0L striaght 6 twin turbocharged motor. This motor has won a ton of awards and is arguably the best motor ever built. It is a twin turbo set up, with 1 large turbo and 1 small turbo, the 2nd one is used to eliminate turbo lag.

The BMW M5 is a very powerful sport sedan. It goes from 0-60mph in 4.8 seconds, which is very quick, but some $80K american sports cars could probably beat that, but that is not the point. The BMW is built to provide the ultimate luxury driving experience with performance to boot. So although your friend may find a few american cars in that price range that are a little faster, they will most likely not be as comfortable and have as many luxuries as the Bimmer.

The only american car I can think of that rivals the M5 in performance and luxury is the Cadillac CTS-V.

Charles asks…

Which is best Aston Martin V8 vantage or Porsche 997 C2S or porsche 977 C4S ?

those cars are roughly in the same price range, if you have any other recommendations , fell free to post it !

Administrator answers:

Best is subjective, if you don’t trust the engine in the wrong place it rules out the Porsche.

The Aston is sexier, and more likely to be admired, and has a better image.

Day to day the four wheel drive Porsche is going to be the best under any conditions in any weather.

The Nissan GTR deserves a looking at – technically great, no looker, as does the supercharged Jag XKR vs the Aston Martin

Audi R8, BMW M6

Helen asks…

What is the safest car out on the market?

- What is the most stylish car?
-no price limit

Administrator answers:

Safest car hands down is any kind of Volvo.

Stylish for an affordable car it would be a Saturn Sky.

Without a price limit, maybe a mercedes SL500 or BMW M6

Sandy asks…

why are Mercedes so much more then BMW?

I was looking up some of the cars for Mercedes- Benz and then BMW and some of the models for Mercedes-Benz are double BMW.

Mercedes- S65 Amg- 212,000 BMW 760 LI- 140,200
Mercedes cl 65 amg- 213,200 BMW m6- 106,000
Mercedes Benz sl65 amg- 212,400 BMW m6 convertible 113,100
MB also has Maybach and SLS amg that are a lot too.

i think that Mercedes-Benz has 25 models over 100,000 and BMW has like 5. Why are Mercedes-Benz and BMW close in comparison all the time by people?

Administrator answers:

Performance wise the cars are close. Price wise they are each focusing on different pricing models and business plans.

Linda asks…

which car should i buy?

audi A6

im looking for a 4 door sedan like the ones above and also looking for smooth and comfortable for long rides… please feel free to recommend another 4 door sedan… price must be under $100,000
i meant BMW m3 sedan not m6

Administrator answers:

If you want a 4 door sedan, you are probably looking to carry more than just 2 passengers. The BMW M3 Is an optimal car if you want performance, but if you would want your passengers in the back seat to have any knee-room at all, don’t get it, especially for long trips. The Audi A6, is a much better SEDAN (space) than the BMW, but sacrifices on performance compared to the BMW. By looking at the BMW M3, you’re probably someone who wants something good looking, and fast. Instead of getting the A6, maybe look at the more performance tuned, S6. But instead of getting both of those. If you want something for a long trip, you may want to look at a full-size sedan. It may cost you more, but the people you’re carrying will thank you for it later. Some examples include the BMW 7-series, the Mercedes S-class, or the
Newly Redesigned Jaguar XJ or Audi A8. All 4 have head turning designs,and are crazy fast. If not, you could always go with the BMW M5, or the Mercedes E-Class AMG performance line. However, if you are just going to carry yourself and occasionally someone else, you may want to look at the E-Class coupe, the Audi S5 or even the BMW 6-series. It really depends on what your priorities are. A good place to go is this website.


I hope I helped!

John asks…

Which car do you like better?

For the following cars, price is NOT an object. Please choose one of the 3 cars below which you like better, or what you think is the best:

-2008 Honda Accord coupe
-2007 BMW M6
-2008 Honda Civic Si coupe

Administrator answers:

My uncle works for BMW and they let him drive whatever he wants. He’s got an M6 right now, and the other day he took us for a ride in it. It’s like a Six Flags ride. It’s the most amazing car I have ever been in. It just costs more than 100 grand!

Betty asks…

Why does the Le Mans Quattro cost only 100-150k?

Many cars in its performance cost 3 times as much.
Many cars with similar performance cost 3 times as much.
617 bhp exotic

Administrator answers:

The R8 was designed to take on the 997 Porsche 911 Carrera 4S and to provide Audi fans with a supercar, much like with the RS6 and RS4. The R8 is similar in performance to cars like Aston Martin’s V8 Vantage, Porsche’s 911, and BMW’s M6. These cars are also in the same price range. Ever since Audi’s acquisition of Lamborghini in 1998, it has been suspected that Audi would build something like a Gallardo. Although the R8 is roughly half the price of a Gallardo and and about a third the price of a Murcielago, it is similar in performance to the Gallardo but does not perform as well as the later. A V-10 version, dubbed the R10 is due out in a couple of years; this car will probably cost about the same as its cousin, the Gallardo, and should be somewhat better-performing.

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