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Your Questions About Bmw M6 Price

July 24, 2013

Lizzie asks…

Should I buy this a set of BMW 19″ M3 Wheels?

the price is around $2000( out of the door), the wheels had been used then repainted to black. i see no scratches on the wheels and the surface looks pretty smooth in black. Should i get it?

Administrator answers:

Nope, way to much…. U can find such package on craigslist for even half that… Get the bmw m6 original or replicas depending on your budget… Those rims are gorgeous especially 19in… Check it out. Looks great on ANY bmw, especially e46

Donald asks…

What car would you have for $100k?

I mean a deam car, yes really the point of a car is to go from A to B. But having something more is nice too….so which of these cars would you rather have?

And Why?

BMW M6, Mercedes SL, CLK 55 AMG, CLS, Lotus Elise, Maserati Gransport, Chevy Corvette, Dodge Viper, Aston Martin Vantage, Porsche 911, Audi RS4 (R8 is more than 100k), or maybe even the no longer produced Acura NSX

Administrator answers:

Porsche 997 Turbo it’s wat i want omg it’sone of the fastest cars and the lightest of all a sports car and a beauty it’s super S*X lol no wonder i am hooked up with this one and the more and more these people come up with innovative ideas it gets all the more better and faster :D sleek and simply divine car If u just need to check out the specifications of this beauty u need to look this up and no wonder u’d be absolutely zonked by it. I am a speed lover and the faster it gets the better but all in all i also look for looks when I drive people shud admire my taste and also the cars super duper performance.

Just recently i saw a show on the BBC and they compared 3 cars, BMW, Aston Martin and Porshe now the winner obviously was Porsche coz of the speed and the lightness and the looks well chk it out the one car I surely wud love to get my hands on is this one

And the price for just the basic one is 97,840 pounds now thats a huge amount of money lol it’s basic cars price no accessories as yet omg where do i go hunt for this much amount of money lol I need to plan a looting session hehehehe……..anything for this beauty lol ;-)

Sandra asks…

what is the faster bmw car built ever???

what is the bmw car model that have the maximum speed on autobahns???

Administrator answers:

It is the BMW M6.
It has a DOHC 40 valve V10 engine outputting 500 HP.
Accelerates to 60 mph in just 4.1 seconds, the fastest BMW ever builted.
The BMW M5 sports the same engine but gets to 60 mph 1/10 of a second later, at 4.2 seconds.
It’s just out for sell now in the US and Europe at $106,390 (US price).

Michael asks…

Which car would you choose?

1. 2006 BMW M6 30K miles

2. 2006 BMW M5 24K Miles

Both same price. Which would you choose and why? Also is 30K miles alot for these cars?

Administrator answers:

30k miles is not a lot for either car.

If they were the exact same price I would get the M6 because technically it’s a more expensive car, and very unique. However, personally I like the aspects of a 4 door car and the M5 in my vision is more of a family sports car. The M6 is just a sports car.

But like I said, the 6 is more valuable!

Jenny asks…

Best 4 Seater Sports Car Under $50K?

I have been looking for a new car recently, and realized it is hard to find a 4 seater sports car in my price range. The only car I have really found is a used BMW M6, but I was wondering if anyone else has any opinions on what I should get? It can be a 4 or 2 door, but must have 4 seats. It must also be relatively new (2006 & up) and preferably over 400hp. All answers are appreciated and thanks for your time!

Administrator answers:

You can find used M3′s in those model years for that price range. Personally I think the M3 is much more of a sports car than the M6. There’s also Lexus IS-F, recent Mustang GT (not really a sports car but it’s over 400hp, very fun to drive).

Maria asks…

What is the average price for a BMW?

Administrator answers:

It depends on which bimmer you want. New or used? These are new car prices. The following are the “starting at” prices for the different series bimmers and don’t include any options and all those other charges you get stuck with.

3 series $30,900-$44,900
5 series $42,500-$57,400
6 series $71,800-$78,800
7 series $71,800-$118,900
X3 SAV $36,800
X5 SAV $42,500-$71,100
Z4 $34,800-$41,800
M series $48,900-$81,200 (doesn’t include M6)

Lisa asks…

BMW M3 E92 top speed?

What’s the top speed of this cars
mitsubishi lancer evolution viii mr
mitsubishi lancer evolution ix mr
2006 -2007 subaru impreza wrx sti
BMW M3 E92
BMW M6 E63

Administrator answers:

All limited to around 150. You can buy some of them delimited for a price.

Donna asks…

Trying to buy a car i need some advice?

12,500 is my max what mileage should i be looking at and year to get a good deal…i dont want a cavilier i would like to have a nice car with decent gas mileage

Administrator answers:

Don’t get ripped off, have a mechanic check out the car before you buy it, go to an auction with somebody for a large selection and cheaper prices, use kellys blue book to find out an estimated price on a car.

Some nice cars you might:
nissan maxima, altima
honda accord, civic
lexus gs, es, is, ls
acura tl, tsx
audi a4, a5 a6, a8, s4, s5
bmw 3, 5, 6, 6 series, x3, x5, x6, m3, m5, m6
mitsubishi galant, lancer, evolution
mercedes, c, e, s, cl, cls, sl class
toyota corolla, camry,
chevy malibu, impala, camaro
ford mustang, focus, fusion

my favorites: lexus gs 300 or 350, misubishi evolution, Audi a5, bmw m3, mercedes S500

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