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Your Questions About Bmw M6 Price

August 8, 2013

Mandy asks…

what car is best up to $100,000 ?

im questioning what car to get up to a price range of 100,000. Im leasing it so i want something special. ive looking at the audi s8 bmw x6 m m6, m5 everything just confused lol. someone help me ? details are good too !

Administrator answers:

-Go to a BMW dealership and test drive the M5 and M6, then go the a Porsche dealership and test anything you like, from a 911 to a Cayene S or Panamera. I’m sure after driving the cars you will find something you like.

Carol asks…

First car for my daughter’s 16 birthday?

Hi guys,

My husband and I want to surprise our daughter with a car for her sweet sixteenth.
We’d be so grateful if you could give us some suggestions of possible cars.
Do you think a smaller car would be the best to start of with? She test drove my Porsche Cayenne and my husband’s Aston Martin DBS, and no doubt they were both way too big for her.
We want to make sure she is happy with the car but it will certainly will not be anywhere close to the price of the cars above.
The most important thing is that the car is suitable for a teenager and good to drive.
I am open to any suggestions as I am not familiar with car brands myself, however, I think mini coopers or golf tgi’s are very cute and suitable for a first car whereas my husband thinks she would be happier with a car like the BMW m6 (which I find is much too pricey).

Thank you very much!

Administrator answers:

It sounds like price is not necessarily a major issue for you. Even with that said a BMW M6 is not an appropriate vehicle for a new driver. Too expensive to maintain and insure, not to mention the initial drive out cost. Obviously your want your daughter of have drive a extremely safe and reliable vehicle. Here are the top safety picks for 2012 by vehicle class.


Both the Mini Cooper and the VW GTI are good vehicles, though a bit small. You may wish to consider more of a mid-sized vehicle such as a Lexus ES or IS, Infiniti G series, or Acura TSX. Or for a bit less you can still get a top quality automobile with the Nissan Altima, Honda Accord, or Audi A3.

Donna asks…

Can someone please tell me the 2009 GT-R’s compitition and tell me what car is better?

Administrator answers:

Porsche 911 Turbo is its main competitor. Nissan bought a 911 Turbo so they could test the car and make the GT-R just as fast or faster.

Both the 911 Turbo and GTR have twin turbo 6 cylinder engines with AWD and 480HP. Both go from 0-60mph in under 4 seconds. Both go over 190mph. Porsche is 1mph faster, but Nissan accelerates 0.2 seconds quicker to 60mph from a standstill.

Other competitors are the 480HP Ferrari F430, 500+HP Lamborghini Gallardo, Audi R8, Maserati Gran Turismo S, Aston Martin V8 Vantage and DB9, BMW M6, and upcoming Lexus LF-A and Delayed Future Acura NSX.

The Nissan is better in terms of price.
The Porsche is better in terms of reliability and excitement. For example, the GTR has has lots of transmission problems with launch control.

Charles asks…

which of these cars is best value? and pros and cons plz?


$270 000
2,447 kms blue 2006


$495 000

15 825 kms Grey Dark

Aston Martin DB9

$299 900

2007 8957kms


2007 5800 kms

Bentley Arnage T
$222 777 2003 28 000 KMS

Bentley contintental GT

2007 19,000kms $299 900
Ferrari 360 Modena
$199,999 2003 14505 kms ( Black shuld be red

Ferrari 599 Fiorano 7060kms $489,000, 2007, red

Ferrari F430 spider
2007, $445,000 6351 KMS GREY

coming 458 and California

Ferrari 612 SCAGLIETTI

$329,000 2006 20 000KMS

best choice price 360

overall 599 or F430

prices 360>599>612>F430

Bentley Continental Flying Spur

$245 000
2006 21000KMS

$189 888
2007 11,368 KMS

2003 $179 900 24,000KMS convertible

SL65 AMG $249 900

22,244 KMS 2005

CLK 63 AMG Black series 2008
$239 999 7012kms

$169 900 CLK63 AMG

6000kms convertible 2007
Rolls Royce Phantom
$595,000 13,900KMS 2005
Maserati Quattroporte
2007 1665kms $199,999

Administrator answers:

You sound like a 15 year old that just got their first music contract. All nice cars me personally without looking up the cars just going off the names..
I skip on the mercedes.. I skip on the m6.. I skip on the maserati.. Skip on the aston martin.. Skip on vantage because im sure i’ve seen one in magazine but don’t remember what it looks like..

The rest are hard to choose between

the rest honestly I would be happy with any. Me personally now I get one of the lamborghinis
or the Phantom.. They put some sick engine in the Phantom like a 16 cylinder I want to say

I don’t like ferraris because too many people are too stupid to know what model you are driving. Admittedly though I have always been a lamborghini guy though

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