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Your Questions About Bmw M6 Price

August 25, 2013

Daniel asks…

which is the better vehicle to lease/purchase/finance…?

The reason i said lease/puchase/finance… is because whatever it is you do with the vehicle you drive.

Which is the better vehicle between the following if you live alone and have money and not much expenses. You don’t even pay the bills in your apartment because you’re nearly ever home

Here’s a list (remember let’s say you can afford any):

2009 Mercedes benz CL 6.3 AMG
2009 Mercedes benz CL 550 with AMG package
2009 BMW M6 Coupe
Infinite G37 coupe
Honda accord coupe

I know they are all not in the same class. Also it can be any other 2 door sports coupe you can think of which goes as high as the MB CL6.3 price range.

So, if you had the choice and you had about a month, which would you choose? I already picked my choice that i’m picking up from dealership in 1 week and 6 days but i’m curious of all those which ONE would you choose?

Administrator answers:

Just to let you know, the Benz is called the “CL63 AMG.” “6.3″ is the engine size, but the “point” isn’t said in the name.
Of those I’d take either the M6 or the CL63 AMG. I like the look of the CL63 better, but I think the M6 may be faster.
In that situation, I might just get a Corvette Z06 and fix it up…
What I would prefer, though, is the ’09 Cadillac CTS-V, because it’s faster than all of the cars you named, it has four seats and four doors (making it more practical than a coupe), and it’s much cheaper than the other choices.
To think of my own coupe choice in that price range is difficult, because I’d want either a sedan or a supercar (much more than $100,000). Even the Audi R8, which I like, is around $50k more than the CL63 AMG.

Oh, and if you don’t mind telling, which one did you choose?

Donna asks…

Best Sports Car For Under $90,000?

I have been looking around for a new performance car and haven’t come across any that fill my wants/needs yet. My price limit is $90,000 and the car can be new or used. The MUST HAVES include: 4 seats, 2 doors, over 450 hp, and an automatic transmission (can have paddle shifters). The cars that have most caught my eye are the BMW M6 and the Nissan GT-R. Does anyone have any high performance cars that fit my description? Any thoughts and opinions are greatly appreciated, and thank you for your time!

Administrator answers:

Mazda Miata

Sharon asks…

What sedan/saloon/coupe car to buy for everyday use? (Luxury)?

I’m looking for a car with an OUTSTANDING scores with these features:

= BUILD QUALITY (I really love leather and materials better than leather)
= COMFORT (the headroom, legroom for seats)
= ENTERTAINMENT (specially the sounds, hotspot inside the car, screens inside the car)
= PERFORMANCE (Great for everyday use, I don’t need any sporty stuff and speed)
= HANDLING (Easy to drive)

It should be a luxury car. I don’t care about the brand. I just need it for everyday use. I need a manual driving one. NOT AUTOMATIC. I don’t like the Press-on start engine. I don’t need the navigators or help for driving stuff. But I need iPod chargers or chargers for gadgets. More like of an executive-luxury car. I don’t care about the price. I don’t like sporty-looking cars too (Cars like Lamborghini models). (BMW M6 looks nice for me–the exeterior)

Thanks. C:

Administrator answers:

I’ve always been impressed with the Infiniti G37. And they make a Sport version that has a 6-speed.

I would also recommend the Cadillac CTS but they’ve dramatically cut down the availability of manual transmission cars.

If price is no object, and you are looking for head-turning ability… Maybe the Jaguar XK. Or a Maserati Quattroporte. A good compromise would be a Porsche Cayenne turbo. Very livable day-to-day, not necessarily beautiful but they are awesome cars.

But I would buy the Infiniti with my own money. It’s on my short list for car shopping next year.

Helen asks…

I just got a ’08 Porsche 911, but I’m thinking of trading in for a BMW 650/M6?

Since golf clubs don’t fit into the 911, I’m thinking of trading in for a BMW 650/M6. I’ve been a long time Porsche 911 owners since 2001, and a black Corvette. Once in a while during 2 hours+ drives, I get tired of the cramped 2 seater that has tiny trunk space, and yet ended up getting another 911 this year. I test drove the BMW 6 series and M6 prior to the Porsche purchase, and loved the ride and spacious interior and trunk space. But it’s still a common BMW. People tell me that BMW 650 or M6 is no match with the brand name Porsche 911. 5 years ago, I ended up getting the Vette and 911 at the same time when I got tired of driving a 4 door Mercedes E class sedan for about 10 years. ’08 Porsche 911 or BMW 650 or M6? It’s a tough one.

Administrator answers:

Of the two I would take the M6. I’m not sure which 911 you have but the only one that is faster is the turbo’s and GT2 or GT3. The others are all slower or tie the M6 although the slowest is still 5 secs. The cheapest is the GT3 that is $107500 USD. The M6 runs to 60mph in 4.5 sec and starts at $100000 USD. The 911 starts at $73000 USD. Of the 911′s that are slower the most expensive is $97000 USD. So price wise again it depends of which 911 you have. The M6 is more luxurious and roomier. It also handles better b/c BMW’s are all nearly 50/50 weight distribution while the 911 is 38.2/61.8.

All these prices are based on new vehicles for newest model year out.

Also I’d really consider the M5 which has the same powerplant as the M6 but is a 5 series sedan and lots more room.

Even and M3 would be good but not as roomy. But still as quick being only .3 sec slower.

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