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Your Questions About Bmw Motorcycles

February 17, 2013

Linda asks…

how can I remove a screw from the headlight of my bmw motorcycle?

I have a bmw motorcycle and headlight screw is stripped how can I get the screw off?

Administrator answers:

When you’ve exhausted all possible solutions, starting with a thin pilot hole, drill into the head of the screw.
Continue to increase the size of the drill bit, to the diameter of the screw’s threads.
The head of the screw will fall off.
Remove the remainder of the screw when the headlight is removed.

Sandy asks…

Who would be interested in riding the K1200GT Motorcycle to a BMW MOA Rally?

Looking for other BMW motorcycle riders from the mid-west who are planning to ride to any of the BMW MOA rallies this year.

Administrator answers:

I would, but I like the older K1200GT with the inline 4, not the new one with the transverse 4.

Chris asks…

what is a fair price for a 1958 r69 bmw motorcycle restored?

what would a fair price be for a 1958 r69 bmw motorcycle 61k miles. restored in 1987 ans has been in storage since. so it will need some work to get it running like new battery,plugs,carb

Administrator answers:

I don’t know the exact answer, but nice roller crank bikes have been bringing in the neighborhood of $10k or more; at least that’s what people are asking. A lot depends on whether the crank has been out to have the slingers cleaned. You don’t need a battery to run the bike; it has a magneto ignition. A better source on value and an excellent consultant on tech is Craig Vechorik:

Richard asks…

BMW motorcycle keeps trying to run even though I turn off the key. Can anyone advise?

It is a 1985 BMW K100RS. This is the first time this has ever happened since buying the bike some 15 years ago. It has about 65,000 miles on it.

I arrived to my job and turned the engine off by key–and the engine turn off switch–but it kept trying to keep the engine running; it was the sound you hear when you have started the engine but my mistake turned the key again and get that awful noise you get when the engine has already been running.

Administrator answers:

It sounds to me like your starter solenoid is stuck. Or something has shorted across the terminals to keep the starter motor running.this is kinda hard on the starter too. T^hey aren’t meant to run for long you probably couldn’t hear it while it was running. Check all of the wiring in the cranking circuit . Now that they have been heated up,some may be loose. Also check that the crimps on the wire connections have not been compromised,from the heat.How did you get it to stop? Check the start button to see if it is sticking,and the wiring to the button.they can get chafed and short out making the starter run also.

Mandy asks…

How much margin do BMW motorcycle dealers have to play with?

Looking at negotiating the best deal on a BMW F800ST, so interested in finding out how many percentage points the dealers make on list price.

Administrator answers:

Motorcycle dealers are way more secretive about what their bikes actually cost them. It’s not like with cars, where tons of people leak the info. So it’s much much harder to come up with margins. I also hear dealers have the option of getting paid on each vehicle they sell, or profit sharing with the manufacturer they sell for. So, I’m sure that plays a part in how they approach the sale.

Sandra asks…

What is the best place to take my BMW Motorcycle for service in BC?

I just moved to Port Moody (near Vancouver) and want to take my BMW R1200 in for spring service?

Administrator answers:

You can try calling the Motorcycle Services and Repair Shops listed at Vancouver Tops:

There are plenty of them.

Good luck !

John asks…

Where is the best place to order BMW motorcycle parts?

I need parts for my BMW F650. Where is the best place to order them? Also, if possible, a recommendation for a good mechanic just in case. Thanks!
besides dealer. Thx.
thanks for all your responses. oops, forgot to mention where i’m at… a mechanic in between San Francisco and Burlingame is ideal.

Administrator answers:

Parts-Vech, Boxer Works, Bob’s, Eurotech, EUBMW,Blue Moon, Re Psycle

Mechanic- need to know your location.

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