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Your Questions About Bmw Motorcycles

May 18, 2013

Michael asks…

Someone told me that BMW motorcycles can go 150,000+ miles. Is this true?

I’m looking to buy a 1988 800cc motorcycle in mint condition, with 45,000 miles on it (he said he’ll have it tuned up and have the transmission fixed — and probably will ask $3000).

Administrator answers:

Short answer: yes. I currently own 4 BMWs: 1973 R600 (German police bike purchased at auction, started at 80k, now over 170k – driven primarily in Germany), 1983 R80S (started at 2k in Tuscon, now 156k – driven primarily in western US), 1991 R100GS Paris-Dakar (started at 120mi in Minneapolis, now 148k – driven primarily between Alaska and Central America) and curently driving a 1981 R80RT (purchased in Poland with 86k and now at 136k – driven long and hard throughout Europe). I would guess that the transmission repair (common for that series) is a bearing that wears out around 80 to 100k). If the bike has been standing for a longer period of time, expect to replace or tighten several of the seals (i.e fork, shift lever shaft, rear drive unit, push rod tubes, etc.)… None of these are major investments and may begin to fail (slowly… I.e. With some warning) one at at time but still worth the investment. I prefer classic Beemers (for obvious reasons), don’t sell them and don’t care for the newer models.

Laura asks…

Motorcycle turns over but will not start. Next day try to start and it starts and then sputters and dies Help?

BMW motorcycle just died in driveway. Tries to turn over but then won’t. The next morning tried to start again and it did but then a minute later it sputterd and died and won’t start again.

Administrator answers:

To get a useful answer you will need to provide the year and model of your BMW motorcycle. BMW made and still makes a wide range of models from the classic air cooled “boxer” to the 3 cylinder water cooled “K” bike or flying brick to the new single 650 and the vertical twin motor as well. Bing carbs? Del Ortos? Fuel injected? You see, you did not provide sufficient information.

Ken asks…

What motorcycle is Milla Jovovich riding in Resident Evil 3 Extinction?

I know its a BMW motorcycle but I wonder what the Year/model is, so curious o.O

Administrator answers:

BMW K1200R.

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