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Your Questions About Bmw Motorcycles

May 29, 2013

Sandra asks…

What are/(is) the procedure(s) in legalizing a motorcycle?

A relative of mine wants to build me a BMW motorcycle, which I am planning on keeping. I would like to know where should I start for the paperwork at the DMW? What would the DMW be asking from me when I start the paperwork (obviously for my M1 license, bt besides that)? Will the DMW be asking where the motorcycle was built?
P.S.: the reason I’m accepting the motorcycle is because it is an “oldie” an R60; not to mention it will cost me close to peanuts.:)

Administrator answers:

The DMV looks for a paper trail when it comes to the ownership of a vehicle or bike. So if your friend doesn’t have the title or deed to the bike, it’s a minor problem. If he does have it, then he just signs it over to you, and then you get it licensed and titled to you once it’s road worthy.

If no one has the title, the DMV might do a title search for it, using the engine #. If nothing comes up, then you just say it’s been abandoned, and you’re fixing it up. Then they start a new title for you. They’re not interested WHERE it’s built, but HOW. To make sure that it’s got all proper safety equipment such as headlight, tail light, signal lights, working speedometer. And of course, whether your personal drivers license allows you to ride motorcycles.

Daniel asks…

Where can I get free motorcycle service manuals?

HI All,

I need to try to find a service manual for my 1983 BMW MOTORCYCLE online. Can someone help me out on this? A PDF would be great and save me a ton of work. Thanks in advance!

Administrator answers:

If google and manufacturer website are of no help then ask a search agency like – They find you every manual. The service is not for free, but often worthy (you only pay if they find what you are asking for).

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