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Your Questions About Bmw Motorcycles

August 9, 2013

Ruth asks…

Where can I buy an ex-police motorcycle at auction in Brisbane or Gold Coast?

I live in Northern NSW and want to buy an ex-police BMW motorcycle.
Whom can I contact to find out where and when they are sold – presumably at auction?
What’s the procedure?

Administrator answers:

Give Pickles Auction house a ring or email them. They generally handle Queensland Government fleet auctions (which police vehicles are sold at). They generally don’t advertise that it’s “ex-police” merely that it’s ex-Government but it’s obvious if it’s an ex-police vehicle.

As an aside, does QldPol still have BMW’s? I’m pretty sure that like NSW they’ve gone to Yamaha FJR’s over the past few years….

Laura asks…

Can I sue my ex for arrearages in spousal support and medical reimbursement?

Does anyone know if I can take my ex to court for these arrearages? He is also big time behind in child support but Friend of the Court is moving so slow that it’s now at the $10,000 mark. In the meantime my ex has purchased a nice little Mazda RX7, and has a collectors BMW motorcycle!!! Can I attach them? Can I attach his bank accounts?

Administrator answers:

My ex husband was ordered to pay child support through the state Child Support Enforcement Division or CSED. All I had to do was apply for them to collect the support. I provided a certified copy of the child support order and then they took it from there. They executed his wages and then when he decided to become “self employed” and not pay, they could garnish his bank accounts as well. Got his attention real fast. Better yet, it was of no cost to me.

I was also eligible to apply for a free review through and administrative law judge and the district court where our divorce was finalized, every three years. And, if either of us have our incomes changed by 30%, we can also have a review done for free.

Having worked as a debt collector, you do have to get a judgment before you attach anything, and then the judgment is only good for the arrears that he is behind at the time the order is entered, plus court and collection fees, usually. You do have to ask for that, though. Also, attaching vehicles is a pain in the hiney. Much much better to attach bank accounts and then put liens on real property.

Sandy asks…

Can I buy the aluminum case on a pair of Jesse Side Bags?

OK. I know nothing about motorcycles and/or cars. But I was backing out of my driveway and scuffed the side of my dad’s side bags that are attached to his 650CS BMW motorcycle. It is pretty hard to tell, only he and I can really see it since we know, but I feel awful about it and was wondering, since the actual bags are made of plastic and are lined with aluminium on the outside if I can just buy a new alumnum casing to attach to it. I’m trying to suprise him and was wondering if anyone who has had a similar situation can tell me if that is even possible and where I can purchase it. Thanks!

Administrator answers:

I think the plastic you refer to on the Jesse bags is an actual powder coating, and is part of the bag. Jesse bags run about $1200 for a pair. You may be able to inquire with Jesse luggage about recoating to see if they can make it look new again.

Ken asks…

can i fit a smaller ah battery tomy motorcycle?

I have a r80 bmw motorcycle which i want to race, it has a 12 volt 30 ah battery which is very large and heavy to reduce weight can i fit a smaller ah battery i.e a 15 ah battery which can be half the size. thanks steve.

Administrator answers:

That would not be a good idea, dropping the AH would decrease your overall amperage to ignition, and when your racing you will be most likely be running a high octane therefore you need all the spark you can get. Honestly even if you aren’t racing that’s a bad idea you want all the ah you can get. Id recommend other ways of shedding time off your lap.

Lizzie asks…

Where are BWMs that are sold in the US made? Cars and Motorcylces?

I’ve been thinking of buying a used BMW motorcycle (late 90s early 00s K1100 probably). Does anybody know where these motorcycles are made.

Also am thinking of buying a 335i. Any idea where those are manufactured (primarily)?


Administrator answers:

BMW bikes are produced in Germany at the bike plant in Berlin.

The Z and X models of cars are produced in Spartanburg, SC, the power plants are shipped in from Germany. The remaining models of cars are produced in either Dingolfing or Muenchen (Munich).

Michael asks…

What is the color code or paint code for a silver BMW F650?

So i have a Silver BMW motorcycle modle F650 and i need to paint a small part of it so can someone please tell me what the color code is.

Administrator answers:

The Iceberg Silver (metallic) which was used on the F650GS has Paint Code M926, and Scheme Code 925.

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