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Your Questions About Bmw Parts

November 2, 2012

Daniel asks…

Anyone know of a good online BMW parts supplier?

Anyone know of some online bmw parts suppliers they like? I use bluaparts for my Audi. Someone like them?

Administrator answers:

For performance parts, try companies like and Both are run by respected BMW racing teams.

For maintenance parts, try and (and to a lesser extent, are both dealer-alternatives, but their product selection, while broad, is not at the sharpest prices.

Charles asks…

where can i find used bmw body parts in detroit, mi?

i just bought a 91 bmw 325i. it needs a rear bumper, right fender, and a left taillight, as well as a few other things. i’ve called 10 or more junk yards with no luck. if anyone knows a place that carries used bmw parts in the detroit area it would help me out a lot. thanks in advance.

Administrator answers:

There is a place on Gratiot Ave. I don’t know the name of it, but everyone around knows where it is.

Nancy asks…

What is a good website to get 2009 BMW parts? (grilles, black/white roundels) i just want a BMW outlet store!!?

Im just looking for a good website to find after market parts for my 2009 E90 328i BMW sedan

Administrator answers:

My one and only BMW store is Bavarian Auto.

Helen asks…

Where can i buy BMW parts in UK?

Hey where can i find decent parts for a BMW funduro 1997 in the UK? I’m in Bristol, is there any local shops nearby maybe a bike breakers, or is there a bike breakers i can order parts online from? Be best if the parts are cheaper and decent parts.

Administrator answers:

Have you considered your local BMW dealer for BMW parts? You know, the one in Arnos Vale.

Or is that too obvious?

Paul asks…

What year/model BMW parts are interchangeable with a 2001 BMW 325i ?

Need to replace a tail light bulb carrier.

Administrator answers:

I agree with the first answerer.
Sorry to be the killjoy who would say that not all E46 rear light bulb carriers are the same.
From 9/01 up uses a different carrier. Before 9/01 is another type. They are very similar but not the same. See BMW EPC/ETK for the doubting Thomases.
Just to prove this point with a tiny but significant aspect, some bulb carriers have the provision for the tab with which to add an additional grounding wire, and some do not.

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