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Your Questions About Bmw Parts

November 10, 2012

Mandy asks…

The parts of bmw or benz is the most expensive in india?

The parts of bmw or benz is the most expensive in india?

Administrator answers:


Charles asks…

How much are replacement parts for BMW 3 Series models like 316? Wear and Tear items?

I have a BMW 316i (1995) which has done 95k

As i bought it from a trader I got 6 months warranty, but this is for mechanical problems only, not ‘wear and tear’ items (i think that means things like brake pads, suspension etc.

Does anyone have any idea on how much parts cost to replace these so I have a general idea of what to expect if the poop hits the fan?

An indication of associated labour costs would also be great


Administrator answers:

You can use aftermarket parts and get them fitted at any garage or use a friend who is mechanically gifted and bung him a few quid.

Helen asks…

Upgrading standard BMW parts with optional extras ?

I have recently bought a BMW 320 CD ES Coupe 2005. It doesnt have 2 of the optional extras i wanted. Climate and cruise control. I have seen the units on the internet to buy but am unsure about fitting them. Is it a case of swapping them over or is there more to it then that?

Administrator answers:

Fitting climate control will probably be £1,000+, but I’m fairly sure getting cruise control fitted could be done for a few hundred quid. Personally I think cruise control is totally useless in the UK anyway.

Mark asks…

Whats the newest year bmw parts that will interchange with a 1998 bmw 525i?

That kinda doesn’t make sense to me but hopefully it will to you.

What i’m looking at doing is buying newer clearer bmw tail lights for my 525i. I think 2003 is the last year that makes the same body style. But idk?

Can you help me?
Hey thankyou eagleco94, thats excatly What I want. nice clean look. thankyou very much.:)

Administrator answers:

2003 is a crossover year to the next model (E60/61). Your car is an E39. As long as the BMW taillights are for an E39 you should be all set.

Check these out:

But remember that these may be illegal in your state because there is no red reflector in them.

Susan asks…

Where can I buy bmw car parts?

I have a 325i BMW and I would like to purchase rotors and brakes for the car. Where in Miami, Fl can I purchase car parts for bmw‘s besides bmw dealerships?

Administrator answers:

Any auto parts store, NAPA is best.

William asks…

What is the best place pricewise to get bmw parts?

Administrator answers:

Try if your in the US. He also will answer questions if you need help. The owner is a tech so knows cars very well.

Paul asks…

How much more expensive are parts for a 2006 bmw 325i compared to says other vehicles like honda or trucks?

How much more expensive are parts for a bmw 325i compared to say honda or GMC tahoe? ie, brakes, servicing, oil change?

Administrator answers:

Vs Honda, shockingly more.

Even VW owners in the US are shocked @ $500. Routine brake maint.

BMW’s strategy is if people are willing to spend so much more to buy a BMW over a Honda, they’l also accept the much higher maint & repair costs.

I guess VW’s MO is reverse psychology: sell em a car w/ no “luxury” aura, and charge em luxury car maint fees and they’l think their VWs are luxury-like.

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